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Two men arrested over Thalawathugoda car theft

COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka Police arrested two people for stealing a car from Thalawathugoda.Sri Lanka Police said that the stolen car, two mobile phones, several SIM cards, and a device used to activate cars were seized from the possession of the suspects.They are both aged 32, and 39 years from Thihagoda, and Kaduwela, said Sri Lanka Police.The car in question was stolen on Saturday (27), added Sri Lanka Police.According to reports, a sophisticated device had been used to activate the car, to allow the two men to steal it. 

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Increase in social media profiles being hacked - - India - Pakistan
Increase in social media profiles being hacked
COLOMBO (News 1st); In recent days there has been an increase in social media profiles being hacked or prominent figures being impersonated on social media.News 1st reached out to Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, but we're yet to receive a response.Danu Innasithamby is one prominent figure who found multiple fake profiles created using his pictures. Danu Innasithamby said his immediate profile picture and last four to five posts were used in the fake accounts, which led to people believing that it was him.Messages are sent to others from these fake profiles requesting money or to click on a link.Innasithamby said it is concerning because people he has a relationship with may think it is a request from him, while the older generation may be unaware of hacking or other related issues on social media. The official page of former MP Hirunika Premachandra's was also hacked. The former MP said after retrieving her account she found out that a group of people from a foreign country monitored the audience and the growth of accounts of high-ranked profiles in South Asian countries like India and Pakistan.She said after social media accounts are hacked it is sold to a company or a person. Meta has been taking down hundreds of fake accounts globally, which were used to spread political propaganda. News 1st also spoke to an expert on the matter regarding measures social media users can take to secure their social media accounts and avoid being hacked.When creating a social media profile users are advised to make the profile themselves, and avoid sharing the password and other personal details with a third party.Using two-factor authentication is another way users can secure their profiles.
Lucky indeed: Dog left paralyzed after being hit by train in Philadelphia finds forever home - - city Philadelphia
Lucky indeed: Dog left paralyzed after being hit by train in Philadelphia finds forever home
PHILADELPHIA - A dog found abandoned and partially paralyzed after being found on SEPTA tracks in Philadelphia has finally found a forever home. The nonprofit organization Philly Rescue Angles made a public cry for help after the dog was found in December. "Someone has literally dumped this poor dog on the train tracks, he has been laying here for two days," the organization said. "He has literally been laying his body down and the train has been going over him." Lucky's spinal cord injury left him unable to use his back legs and an influx of donations helped the organization fund surgery and rehabilitation. RELATED COVERAGEAfter surgery, Lucky began recovery at a foster home as applications to adopt him piled up. Months later, one of the women who helped save his life welcomed him into her family. According to Philly Rescue Angels, the organization received hundreds of applications to adopt him when he was first posted, but once his spinal cord injury was revealed, many people backed out. "This was a long process, but we know Lucky was ghosted by these people for a reason, because now he is where he belongs," the group said on Instagram. The organization says it will continue to financially support Lucky for the rest of his life as he needs monthly medical care, prescriptions and items to help his mobility. A wishlist has been created to help his new family.