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Stacey terrified as pregnant child Lily endures health scare in EastEnders

Lillia Turner) was pregnant, after she collapsed from carbon monoxide poisoning during the New Year’s Day edition of EastEnders. It took a while for Lily to get used to the idea that she was going to be a mum, with the possibility of having an abortion coming up several times. However, she eventually made the decision to keep the baby.

Now, Stacey is set to be frightened all over again as Lily suffers a health scare, leaving all of the Slaters, especially Stacey, concerned. Lily is out on the market when she draws the attention of Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), who is still grieving for the loss of her own daughter, Peach. Whitney is terrified when she realises that Lily is having a health scare, and accompanies her back to the Slater house.

Given her recent tragic circumstances, Whitney is desperate to keep Lily’s baby safe, and goes over the top with trying to protect her. This causes a row with fraught Stacey, who already has an awful lot on her plate. The Slaters have been struggling with the cost of living crisis, and matriarch Stacey has been left to sort out all of the problems their money issues have caused.

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Jagmeet Singh - Grocery CEOs defend ‘reasonable profitability’ in grilling over soaring food costs - - Canada
Grocery CEOs defend ‘reasonable profitability’ in grilling over soaring food costs
inflation and are doing everything they can to keep prices low for Canadians, pinning the blame on suppliers and the global market.But many MPs on the House of Commons agriculture committee were not buying what the CEOs were selling, repeatedly asking the executives to square rising profits with grocery costs that are forcing families to make hard choices at the checkout aisle.“How much profit is too much profit?” asked NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, who has made food inflation and alleged “greedflation” by grocers a top issue for his party.“Is there no limit to how much profit you can make on the backs of Canadians that are struggling because they can’t afford their groceries?”“Reasonable profitability is an important part of operating a successful business,” said Loblaw Companies CEO Galen Weston Jr., who stated several times during his testimony that his company makes $1 in profit for every $25 sold.Singh, who’s not a regular member of the committee, advertised his showdown with Weston in a slate of social-media posts ahead of the meeting.Weston appeared alongside Metro Inc. CEO Eric La Fleche and Michael Medline, CEO of Empire Co., which operates chains including Sobeys, Safeway and FreshCo.All three companies and their executives have been increasingly under scrutiny for the prices of the food on their shelves.While headline inflation has shown signs of cooling in recent months, prices for food purchased from the grocery store were again up 11.4 per cent in January, according to Statistics Canada.An analysis from Dalhousie University’s Agri-Food Analytics Lab published in November found all three top grocers beat their five-year averages for profit in the first half of 2022, with Loblaw beating its previous best results
The best, worst states in America for early education in 2022: report - - New York - state West Virginia - state California - state Nevada - city Washington, area District Of Columbia - area District Of Columbia - state New Jersey - state Vermont - Washington, area District Of Columbia - state Maryland - state Oregon - state Arkansas - state Alaska - city Indianapolis, state Indiana - state Indiana - state Iowa - state New Hampshire - state Hawaii - state Montana - state Oklahoma - state Wyoming - state Alabama - state Nebraska - state Rhode Island - city Little Rock, state Arkansas - state South Dakota - state Idaho
The best, worst states in America for early education in 2022: report
early childhood education, the quality of early education, resources and economic support.PARENTS AND TEACHERS SEEK OUT RETAILER BACK-TO-SCHOOL SALES AMID HIGH INFLATIONWalletHub also ranked states based on specific metrics within those categories. For example, Washington, D.C. was found to have the highest share of 3- and 4-year-olds enrolled in pre-K, pre-K special education and Head Start, while Nevada had the lowest share.THE MOST EDUCATED METRO AREAS IN AMERICA IN 2022: REPORTThree states – New Jersey, Hawaii and Oregon – plus Washington, D.C., tied for the highest total reported spending per child enrolled in preschool. Six states – New Hampshire, Wyoming, South Dakota, Indiana, Idaho and Montana – tied for the lowest total reported spending per child enrolled in preschool, according to the report. DESPITE HIGH INFLATION, BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPENDING PROJECTED TO HIT $37BWalletHub also found that six states, including New York, Alaska, Oklahoma, California, Oregon and Iowa, tied for the state with the highest monthly child care co-payment fees as a percentage of family income, while Hawaii was found to have the lowest. To see the overall list, here are the states – including Washington, D.C. – with the best and worst early education systems in 2022, according to WalletHub. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREFILE - Skyline of Little Rock with Arkansas River, Arkansas.
Jagmeet Singh - Jagmeet Singh says grocery chains are ‘profiteering’ amid inflation. Is it true? - - Canada - Ukraine
Jagmeet Singh says grocery chains are ‘profiteering’ amid inflation. Is it true?
Jagmeet Singh is calling out Canada’s major grocery chains for making record profits amid soaring inflation, which he calls “profiteering.”Speaking to Global News Radio 640 host Greg Brady Tuesday, Singh accused corporate grocers of “gouging” Canadians with marked-up food prices while still reporting higher profits, which he says doesn’t add up.“If you’re increasing prices to offset increased costs, they would have the same level of profit,” he said. “But we’re seeing a significant increase in their profits.“It shows that they’re just gouging Canadians at this difficult time.” Global food, fuel prices won’t ease until 2024 due to Ukraine war: World Bank On Wednesday, Singh called for an “excess profits tax” on major grocery chains and oil and gas companies, expanding the Liberals’ plan to place a higher 18 per cent tax on bank profits exceeding $1 billion.The NDP say the revenue collected from their proposed tax would help raise the annual GST tax credit and Canada Child Benefit by $500 each per year.“Why is it that wealthy companies get to make more, and families have to suffer, and why do governments allow that to happen?” he asked.“The whole point of government is to level that, to ensure companies aren’t gouging or exploiting a difficult time.”A look at the latest earnings reports from the three major grocery chains — Loblaw, Empire Co.