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Wolf sues to stop GOP-backed amendments on abortion, voting

HARRISBURG - Pennsylvania's Democratic governor sued the state Legislature on Thursday over a package of proposed constitutional amendments that Republican lawmakers are pursuing, including one that would say the state constitution does not guarantee any rights relating to abortion or public funding of abortions.The lawsuit filed in the state Supreme Court argues that the proposed abortion amendment would violate privacy protections. Wolf wants the high court to throw out the amendments, declaring that they are not constitutionally valid.The lawmakers are attempting to circumnavigate Wolf’s power to veto legislation he does not support.Wolf claims that bundling the abortion amendment together with four others in a bill that passed the General Assembly earlier this month as budget sessions were wrapping up runs afoul of a constitutional rule against passing legislation that addresses multiple, unrelated topics.MORE ON ROE V. WADEWolf in a statement said the abortion-related amendment was part of GOP lawmakers' effort to "dismantle access to abortion and implement a radical agenda."The other four amendments would require voter ID, have gubernatorial candidates choose their own running mates, empower lawmakers to cancel regulations without facing a governor’s veto and establish election audits.

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Revoke Emergency, Bar Association tells Acting President - - Sri Lanka
Revoke Emergency, Bar Association tells Acting President
COLOMBO (News 1st); The Bar Association of Sri Lanka calls upon the Acting President to forthwith revoke the proclamation declaring a State of Emergency, and to ensure that the fundamental rights of the people such as the freedom of expression including the freedom of speech and publication and the freedom of peaceful assembly which are all aspects of the sovereignty of the people are respected and protected and not violated by the State or its agents.The BASL is of the view that at a time when the election to the office of President has been scheduled in Parliament, the Emergency Regulations must not be used to suppress any legitimate expression of opinion on the election of the President nor to suppress any dissent or disagreement on a particular candidate.The BASL also notes that in terms of the law any attempt to unduly influence a Member of Parliament or bribing a Member of Parliament in respect of his vote is a specific offence under the law. Any attempt to use any threat, undue influence, coercion or bribe to influence such vote will be illegal and should not be condoned.However, it must also be noted that whilst undue influence or threats are prohibited, the law does not preclude a member of the public from expressing his or her view on the election or the choice of a particular candidate or the relative merits or demerits of a candidate at the election.The BASL is firmly of the view that the right to protest and the right to dissent are important aspects of the fundamental rights of the people including the freedom of expression and the freedom of peaceful assembly.