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Matthew Platkin - New Jersey files suit to force pollution cleanup at 8 sites - - Usa - state New Jersey - city Washington - city Newark, state New Jersey - Jersey - city Camden
New Jersey files suit to force pollution cleanup at 8 sites
JERSEY CITY, NJ - FEBRUARY 25: Views of the future Skyway Park, a former illegal dumping ground for toxic waste that city officials plan on transforming into a memorial park for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have died from the COVID-19 p TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey announced eight new lawsuits and other action against what it says are companies and individuals who've failed to clean up pollutants at sites across the state, the attorney general and top environmental official said Thursday.The suits are aimed at forcing the remediation of pollutants such as gasoline and other chemicals that seeped into the ground, Attorney General Matthew Platkin and Environmental Protection Commissioner Shawn LaTourette said in a statement.The sites include former gas stations, chemical manufacturers and automotive mechanics across the state, from Camden and Washington Township in southern New Jersey to Newark and West Milford in the north."Through these actions, we are sending a clear message: whether you pollute our air, our soil, or our water, we will hold you accountable. Our communities deserve no less," Platkin said in a statement.Alongside the lawsuits, brought in state Superior Court, the officials said they issued a directive to a former industrial manufacturer located in Newark requiring it clean up volatile chemicals that seeped into the ground.The lawsuits come as part of the state's efforts under Democratic Gov.
LA police chase: Puppy recovered after being thrown out of moving car - - Los Angeles - city Los Angeles - county Los Angeles - county Westchester - city Inglewood
LA police chase: Puppy recovered after being thrown out of moving car
LOS ANGELES - A puppy was safely recovered after being thrown out of a moving vehicle during a wild 2-hour pursuit through parts of Los Angeles County Friday afternoon.  The pursuit began around noon in the area of 99th Street and Avalon Boulevard in South Los Angeles. The suspect, in a Chevy Avalanche, was wanted for attempted murder and carjacking.  A suspect wanted for attempted murder led officers with the Los Angeles Police Department on a two-hour pursuit Friday afternoon that spanned across LA County, at one point ditching one vehicle and getting into another.WATCH THE FULL PURSUIT HERE SkyFOX was live over the chase as the vehicle sped through parts of Inglewood and Westchester, on both sides of the Los Angeles International Airport. During the chase, the suspect's vehicle hit another car and shortly thereafter the driver ditched the Chevy truck and got into the back of another vehicle, that appeared to be waiting for him. RELATED: Suspect hits vehicle, jumps into another during wild 2-hour pursuitThe chase continued at high speeds on surface streets in Willowbrook before the driver in the second vehicle led authorities back to the South LA area. In the area of 56th Street and Figueroa St, someone from inside the vehicle tossed a puppy out of the car. The puppy was placed inside a designer handbag.
Karen Hepp - Local cancer survivor raising funds to find less toxic cancer treatments after experiencing heart failure - - county Chester
Local cancer survivor raising funds to find less toxic cancer treatments after experiencing heart failure
Chester County teen Matthew Hauser survived cancer, but chemotherapy treatments have damaged his heart.  (Bill Hauser)PHILADELPHIA - A local teen who survived cancer is now raising funds to help other patients avoid devastating outcomes after treatment. Matthew Hauser of Chester County was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, when he was two years old. Chemotherapy treatments helped him beat cancer, but they also caused damage to his heart. Matthew had no problems keeping up with his family's active lifestyle until the summer of 2022, when he began to experience heart failure. Doctors put in a heart pump to help, but later said the teen would need a heart transplant. Despite his personal battles, Matthew is on a mission to help others. The teen is one of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Student Visionaries of the Year for the Greater Philadelphia area. He aims to raise $200,000 to create less toxic treatments for childhood cancer. Matthew and his dad joined Good Day Philadelphia to discuss his mission. He told FOX 29's Karen Hepp that his goal is to find therapies that will allow cancer patients "live a safer and more normal and controlled life" FOX 29's Karen Hepp speaks with Matthew Hauser, a local cancer survivor who is suffering from heart failure as a result of cancer treatment. The teen is now raising money to help find less toxic therapies to treat childhood cancer.Hauser's fundraiser ends on Thursday night at 7 p.m.