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'Is that the Stanley Cup?' Iconic trophy accidentally delivered to wrong house

DENVER - Every player on the Stanley Cup-winning team gets to have the cup for a day. This year, it's all the players on the Colorado Avalanche.But when it was Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog's turn, the cup took a detour.The iconic trophy was delivered to a random person in the same neighborhood where Landeskog lives, who has an address that's similar to the Avalanche captain's."And a fella comes to the door," homeowner Kit Karbler recalled.

"He's got long, kinda gray hair, parted, and he's very friendly: 'Hi. How are ya?'  And I'm, like, 'Hi.' And he's, he comes right in.

And they're lookin,' the truck is backed up, and they're lookin' to bring in the trophy."Video from Karbler’s home security system showed his surprise: "Is that the Stanley Cup?""He opened it up, all the way, and said, 'Go ahead.'  I lifted it up. I couldn't believe how heavy it was.

 I ran my fingers over the engraving."Although Karbler took a photo of the cup, he says he didn't think, at the time, to take a picture of himself with the championship trophy.Gabriel Landeskog of the Colorado Avalanche lifts the Stanley Cup on-stage during the Colorado Avalanche Victory Parade and Rally at Civic Center Park on June 30, 2022 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) The cup, meanwhile, was on full display during Thursday’s parade to celebrate the championship in Denver – safely in the proper hands.RELATED: Tampa 'victim' of Tom Brady's house mixup still cheering him onThe Avalanche topped the two-time defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning earlier this week."I knew we had Avalanche players that lived in the neighborhood, but I didn't know how close," Karbler added.FOX 31 in Denver contributed to this report. 

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