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Dennis Quaid Responds To ‘Disappointment’ Over COVID PSA, ‘It Was In No Way Political’

Denis Quaid is responding to the backlash after a story reported that he took part in an ad for the White House and Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response.

According to Politico, Quaid and gospel singer Cece Winans both appear in the $300 million ad campaign which will promote a “defeat despair” message ahead of Election Day.

Quaid was slammed with criticism for supporting Trump, who has not handled the pandemic seriously, but Quaid has hit back at the article, pointing out that the PSA is “not political.”

In a video posted on Saturday afternoon, Quaid said he is feeling the “disappointment about a PSA and interview that I did with Dr. Anthony Fauci”, adding “nothing could be further than the truth” that it as an “endorsement of Donald Trump.”


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