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Louise Thompson reveals she has lupus as she suffers nasty rash and shares health update

Chelsea star has been open about her health struggles after she and Ryan Libbey welcomed their son Leo last year.Louise had shared a photo of a nasty rash on her face, saying she felt like her immune system was ‘attacking her’.Posting an update on Instagram, she said: ‘Thanks for all your kind messages yesterday. A lot of you messaged me mentioning lupus and the (private) doctor I saw yesterday took one look at me and said, ”yeah, lupus big time.”‘So I’m hoping to follow up with someone more specialist.

It’s frustrating because I’ve suggested lupus to the NHS and my gastro team at Chelwest before and they haven’t wanted to follow up at all.’Lupus is an autoimmune disease, meaning the body’s natural defence system (immune system) attacks healthy parts of the body. Louise went on to post a photo of an ambulance that had driven past her, saying she felt ‘energised’ and ‘like a total badass’ after what she’s been through.‘Have gone from never being in an ambulance before to being in one four times in the last 2 years. Let’s hope it never happens again,’ she added.The former Made in Chelsea star has spoken candidly about the physical and mental impact of the traumatic birth of her son, Leo, nine months ago, including her PTSD. Last month, the 32-year-old let out her frustrations to her followers about the lengthy hospital wait times, as she opted to go private for a scan.  In a series of posts, Louise shared updates about her symptoms including ‘pretty bad’ cramping and revealed she’s hasn’t had a period for 10 months. The reality star took a selfie in a black hoodie with minimal make up, as she sat in the back of the taxi on the way to a clinic. Louise Thompson shares health issues update: 'Sometimes I can't believe this is

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Binky Felstead gives relieved health update on baby son Wolfie after he suffers dangerous allergic reaction - - city Chelsea
Binky Felstead gives relieved health update on baby son Wolfie after he suffers dangerous allergic reaction
Binky Felstead has shared a positive update on the health of her baby son after he was rushed to hospital this week.The Made In Chelsea star, 32, went through a parent’s worst fear this week as her one-year-old son, Wolfie, suffered a severe allergic reaction.Little Wolfie, who Binky shares with husband Max Darnton, went into anaphylactic shock after eating hummus, which the reality star believes was caused by sesame present in the dip.Her baby was rushed to hospital via ambulance, with Binky later thanking paramedics for their quick actions in providing a potentially life-saving adrenaline shot to her sick child.‘He started to get incredibly uncomfortable and was continuously rubbing his face and getting upset,’ she wrote on social media after the scare.‘He went bright red all over his face & hands and white little spots appeared shortly before his eye, lips & tongue started to swell.’Thankfully, after a quick trip to hospital – sirens blazing, which Wolfie loved – and being monitored for several hours, Wolfie is now home and back to his old self.TV star Binky shared a series of snaps of her son looking happy and healthy, grinning for the camera, writing on Instagram: ‘Thank you,’ with a praying emoji.‘He’s back to his usual “nutty self”,’ she said, adding: ‘bad joke!’She thanked everyone who had contacted her with referrals or recommendations after Wolfie’s scare, saying she was ‘really learning so much.’She urged anyone else in their situation: ‘If in doubt [definitely]y call 999 or 111 ( I was apprehensive at first not wanting to waste anyones time & not knowing the full extent of what was going on).‘But thank god we did, as it escalated so quickly, timing to get him medical help was crucial (sic).’Binky promised
Louise Thompson - Louise Thompson shares frightening health scare on holiday after heavy bleeding sent her into ‘deep panic mode’ - - Britain - city Athens
Louise Thompson shares frightening health scare on holiday after heavy bleeding sent her into ‘deep panic mode’
Chelsea star Louise Thompson has offered an insight into a ‘very scary situation’ after she started bleeding on holiday.The former reality TV star, 32, was enjoying baby son Leo-Hunter’s first trip abroad when she went into ‘deep panic mode.’Louise was holidaying with her family in Mykonos when the issue arose, relating to an existing medical condition she suffers from called ulcerative colitis (UC).The condition is an incurable autoimmune condition which causes someone’s colon to become inflamed and bleed after small ulcers develop.According to the NHS, UC affects around 146,000 people in the UK.Louise took to her Instagram story to give her fans and update, writing: ‘Radio silence yesterday because I had a very scary UC situation where I started bleeding A LOT without any muscular contractions and it sent me into deep panic mode.’She added that she finds ‘excessive bleeding pretty triggering’ after a traumatic birth of her son.‘Couldn’t get to grips with the idea of a 1 hour air ambulance to Athens if things got bad so I booked a flight to come home – but after a chat with a wonderful gastro I’ve decided to stay,’ she added.Louise then shared a second photo to show she was eating a ‘colitis friendly breakfast’ of eggs, salmon, white bread and melon.The influencer has been open about her condition in the past in a bid to raise awareness, previously explaining that her ‘goal’ is to be ‘in remission’ she she ‘doesn’t have any symptoms.’‘You have it for life and there’s no cure, but you have periods of remission and then you also have flare ups,’ she explained.‘With regards to day-to-day life, when I’m in remission I don’t have any symptoms – so that’s the goal.‘You want to manage your body so you can get to that place and