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Steve Keeley - Frank Vanore - Police: Boy, 14, turns himself in for shooting at 15th Street SEPTA station - - city Center
Police: Boy, 14, turns himself in for shooting at 15th Street SEPTA station
PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia police say a teenager has turned himself in for the shooting of a man at the 15th Street Station. FOX 29's Steve Keeley obtained photos of the alleged suspect from law enforcement sources. This person, pictured in two different outfits, is wanted in connection with a shooting at the 15th Street SEPTA Station, sources tell FOX 29.  According to police, the shooting occurred on Thursday at the 15th Street Station in Center City around 12:30 p.m. Authorities say a 19-year-old man was shot in the chest, stomach and hand before he was taken to Jefferson Hospital and placed in critical condition. SEPTA officials say the victim and the shooter spoke with a third person after exiting a train before the shooting began.Charles Lawson, SEPTA's Acting Police Chief, says the victim and another man got off an eastbound Market-Frankford Line train at the 15th Street Station. According to Lawson, the two got into a verbal disagreement with a third person resulting in the victim and the suspect both pulling out guns. Police say the suspect shot the victim and ran out of the station. Sources tell FOX 29 that the shooter was seen in distinctive yellow sneakers. On Friday, police announced that a 14-year-old turned himself in to police. The firearm used in the shooting is still missing and charges are pending, police say. Philadelphia Chief Inspector Frank Vanore says there was a 15-year-old was with the suspect at the time, but they do not believe he is involved and he is not expected to be charged. Surveillance video obtained by police showed him in the act, according to police. "Yes, I watched the video," Vanore said.