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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker break silence on his 'life-threatening' health woes

Travis' daughter Alabama, 16, previously took to TikTok to urge fans to “send their prayers” amid the crisis.On Wednesday, she wrote alongside an emotional emoji: “Please say a prayer”, showing a picture of herself holding her dad’s hand in the hospital. Travis’ eldest child Landon, 18, performed on stage alongside Machine Gun Kelly in New York City just hours after his dad’s medical emergency. Landon had reposted images and footage from the gig to his Instagram stories, but did not share anything regarding Travis’ health. The musician hadn't addressed the incident publicly until last night, but tweeted hours before his hospital dash: “God save me”. Travis and Kourtney married in May this year, during a ceremony in Portofino, Italy. They were surrounded by their family and friends, including Kourtney’s children, Mason 12, Penelope, nine, and seven-year-old Reign – who she shares with former partner Scott Disick. The star's famous sisters and mum Kris Jenner were also in attendance.

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Charley Webb - Emmerdale's Charley Webb details health woes as she hides under blanket during heatwave - - Britain
Emmerdale's Charley Webb details health woes as she hides under blanket during heatwave
Emmerdale’s Charley Webb took to Instagram today to share her health struggles with her 568,000 followers.The actress admitted she was “feeling ill” as she cuddled up under a blanket despite the current heatwave affecting the UK.This morning Charley, 34, shared a picture of just her leg nestling under a thick blanket while she sat outside in the sunshine. The temperature at that time was marked at 22 degrees celsius, which many people would consider “shorts weather”.However, Charley wasn’t feeling quite so warm in the sunshine, as she opened up about her health.“There’s worse places to be ill,” she told her fans.“I’m 100% sure I’m the only person on the planet with a blanket right now.”Later today, Charley updated her followers with another post confirming she had moved inside.“So happy to be in bed,” Charley captioned another picture of her legs as she rested.She also included a poll for her followers to find out who else liked going to bed early.“Earlier the better for me,” she wrote. “Are you an early night or a night owl?”Charley’s post comes after the soap star discussed her ongoing health issues with her followers two Sundays ago.Taking to social media, the mum-of-three posted an image of herself lying back, with one arm over her face.She captioned the photo: "Migraine hell today.
‘I’m drugged up to the eyebrows!’ Sheila Hancock on health woes amid painful flare-ups - - Britain - Ukraine
‘I’m drugged up to the eyebrows!’ Sheila Hancock on health woes amid painful flare-ups
Radio Times.She added: "I have occasional flare-ups of pain but I force myself to rise above it.”In spite of her age and tendency to suffer bouts of pain, Sheila still enjoys regular gym visits, which are often twice a week.She has become the poster woman for those who want to remain extra fit in older age, with the 2017 film Edie having introduced the nation to a fiercely determined octogenarian widow with the ambition of climbing a mountain.It was for that role that she felt motivated to get into tip-top shape - and she hasn't looked back since.Continuing on her adventuring theme, she has also presented the Channel 4 series Great Canal Journeys.The role saw herself and co-host Gyles Brandreth team up to explore the best of Britain and Europe's waterways.Sheila has explained that she feels many people in older age are only "half-living" - and that, in contrast, she wants to enjoy each day to the full.With the help of a gluten-free vegan diet, she is trying to achieve good health and longevity.She has been described by those who speak to her as "sprightly".However, she is channelling some of that age-defying energy into challenging the wrongs of the world, as her book Old Rage demonstrates.Slamming politics as "sleazy", she has declared that the British government has "failed" its people.Other issues at the top of her grievances list include Brexit, the environment and the NHS.Meanwhile she is also working to help establish a support network for Ukrainian refugees, proving that making a positive impact on the world is still possible at any age.The full interview with Dame Sheila Hancock ran in last week's Radio Times.
Shirley Ballas - Strictly judge Shirley Ballas, 61, bids 'difficult farewell' as she issues health update - - city London
Strictly judge Shirley Ballas, 61, bids 'difficult farewell' as she issues health update
Shirley Ballas, 61, has bid a “difficult” farewell to Jason Vale, who also goes by ‘The Juice Master’, after he helped her work through her “health situation”.The Strictly Come Dancing judge gave fans an update on her health on her Instagram story today.  Shirley took to Instagram to share her experience at the Juice Master Retreats in view of her 235,000 followers. “Saying goodbye to this beautiful soul was difficult,” she captioned a picture of herself and Jason smiling as they posed with pretend Strictly judging paddles. “But I feel he’s helped my health situation 100 percent."She then went on to express her “huge gratitude” for Jason and Juice Master Retreats. Juice Master Retreats are Jason’s yoga and fitness retreats, helping guests to relax, recharge and rejuvenate over seven days. Jason is a best-selling author of 16 books on health, addiction and the health practice of juicing.Earlier on, Shirley shared a video to her Instagram story, where she gushed about what a wonderful week she had experienced at the retreat.“So, seven days completed here at the Juicy Oasis with Jason Vale,” she said.“I have to say goodbye now - beautiful view. “Wish I was staying another week but, hey ho,” she continued. “Feeling great - what an experience!”She also shared a clip of herself and Jason dancing with the rest of the group at the retreat with the caption: “What a week Jason Vale you have those moves.” (sic)Shirley’s news that her health situation is much improved comes after her announcement earlier this year that she had to go to the doctors about her shoulder following a cancer scare.In February, she took to social media to reveal that she had to take a day off from the Strictly tour to visit a hospital in London. Last year,
Charley Webb - Matthew Wolfenden - 'Truly disgusting' Emmerdale's Charley Webb addresses health 'hell' as she asks for advice -
'Truly disgusting' Emmerdale's Charley Webb addresses health 'hell' as she asks for advice
Emmerdale star Charley Webb has been flooded with support on Instagram after sharing her health "hell" with her fans.The TV star, who played Debbie Dingle in the ITV soap, told how she had been suffering from migraines, which she branded "disgusting" after sharing that they leave her "vomiting".In view of her 564,000 followers, the mum of three told how she had been suffering with the migraine.In the snap, Charley appeared in a light grey jumper as she lay back with one arm partially covering her face.The star asked her fans for their advice on dealing with the health issue.Charley wrote: "Migraine hell today."Does anyone else suffer with vision migraines?It's where you get some sort of bright light/flashing [lightning] type of thing in your eye followed by the migraine."They make me vomit as well."They are truly disgusting," she added.Soon enough, the star was inundated with messages from her followers offering their suggestions on how to deal with migraines.Many included over the counter painkillers, cold compresses and sleeping it off.It comes days after Charley told how she had been "left drained" by a family issue involving her youngest son, Ace.The star said her son Ace, who she shares with Ememrdale co-star Matthew Wolfenden, was keeping her up all night with a cough.She wrote: “This will be me all day. “Ace was awake from 1-4 this morning.
Ruth Langsford - Eamonn Holmes - Lisa Snowdon - Carol Vorderman - Ruth Langsford reacts as husband Eamonn Holmes shares bizarre photo amid health woes - - China - state Indiana
Ruth Langsford reacts as husband Eamonn Holmes shares bizarre photo amid health woes
Eamonn Holmes, 62, took to Instagram yesterday to make a joke over his latest health woes.The GB News presenter left many with a few giggles, including his wife, Loose Women's Ruth Langsford, 62.Eamonn took to Instagram in view of his 756,000 followers to share a snap of his back as he underwent cupping therapy.The presenter can be seen covered in wooden cups as they suctioned onto his back.Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine, which originated in China, in which a local suction is created on the skin with the application of heated cups.The treatment is said to help decrease pain and inflammation, increase blood flow, reduce stress and even help things like skin issues or cellulite.A post shared by Eamonn Holmes OBE (@eamonnholmes)He captioned the post: "My osteo James has just gone home. How am I supposed to get into bed now?????"Many social media users, including Eamonn's wife Ruth took to the comments to joke with the presenter.Along with two laughing emojis, Ruth commented: "My ninja turtle!"While Carol Vorderman said: "That actually looks HORRIFIC."Lisa Snowdon continued: "Ruth will be playing the peace pipes on your back."Social media user Annielou175 jokes: "Flipping heck!! You look like a hedgehog."Lane_nic added: "At least Ruth will get a good night's sleep as you won’t be snoring on your back."The presenter has been very open about his recent health woes, telling of his battle with chronic pain last year after a dislocated pelvis led to three slipped discs.Eamonn said in a recent interview how swearing has helped him deal with the agony of his chronic back pain.Writing in Best magazine, he said: "Swearing has got a bad reputation – which I personally think it doesn't deserve.
Homes Under the Hammer's Martin Roberts shares career update after near-fatal health scare -
Homes Under the Hammer's Martin Roberts shares career update after near-fatal health scare
Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martin Roberts has issued an important career update since his terrifying health scare left him close to death last month. After being rushed into hospital last month, the star has confirmed his future on the popular BBC show.Martin, 58, told his 20,700 Instagram followers this afternoon: “So I’ve got some news and it’s actually pretty amazing news.“Today is a very special day and it’s quite an emotional day to be honest.“Because I’ve spoken to the doctors and they’ve said as long as I take it easy - which isn’t necessarily that easy for me but I’ve got to…“As long as I take it easy, I’m ok to start work.So I’m back today filming Homes Under The Hammer.”More to follow…“I’m in the valleys of Wales and I never thought I would be so happy to see a two-up two-down terrace,” he continued, kissing the wall of a house.“I have missed this so much and yeah, it’s amazing to be back.”He then pointed to his multi-coloured floral shirt with clashing patterns.Martin went on: “So you might notice this shirt, it’s a little bit OTT but it’s a bit of a sartorial celebration.   “It’s also the nearest thing I’ve got to a bunch of flowers which I’m going to dedicate to you, if you just sent messages of your support and all of your good wishes.“This is a shirt for you and so at some point in the future you’ll see this on Homes Under the Hammer," he added.The star continued: “And people might make silly comments about me wearing this ridiculously OTT shirt, but you’ll know it’s because it was a little nod to all the kindness I’ve received over the last few weeks.“So thank you again and here I am.
'Not good' BBC's Simon Reeve gives health update on his 'exotic illness' to worried fans -
'Not good' BBC's Simon Reeve gives health update on his 'exotic illness' to worried fans
kavwire joked: "I thought you were pregnant at first …great news.”sierra_eco_bravo_alfa encouraged: “Keep on walking mate!”It is believed that the adventurer and documentary filmmaker picked up the exotic illness during one of his work trips, but he has not yet specified what the illness is.Last year, Simon revealed how he had managed to defy the odds after fertility doctors told him and his wife Anya that they had little to no chance of ever having children.The TV presenter and adventurer knew that he had always wanted to be a father, and thought of the role as his life's purpose.When he met and first started dating his wife, they were both in their early thirties, and Simon knew that if they were going to have children, it needed to be soon.However, once they started trying, he soon realised that conceiving a child was going to be a much harder task than he initially expected.After months of trying to conceive a baby naturally, Simon and Anya knew that something wasn’t quite right.Simon was left horrified when an expert told him that he was "basically infertile".Recalling the moment his world crumbled before him, Simon told his wife that if he couldn’t have children, he was "likely to go mad".“I would not be able to have children. It was the starkest of messages: I could hardly take it in,” Simon wrote.“She told me I had loads of sperm but their morphology was terrible.
Celine Dion in emotional apology after 'frustrating' health woes force her to cancel tour - - Britain - Ukraine
Celine Dion in emotional apology after 'frustrating' health woes force her to cancel tour
However, she has now revealed that the much-anticipated shows will not be happening for almost another year after she was forced to reschedule them for March and April 2023.This is the second time that her UK tour dates have had to be cancelled, with the coronavirus pandemic wrecking her plans the first time around.Revealing that she is on medication for agonising muscle pain, she told Instagrammers: "The good news is that I am doing a little bit better, but it is going very slow and it’s very frustrating for me.“I’m getting treatment from my doctors and taking medication but I’m still experiencing some spasms and it’s taking a lot longer for me to recover than I had hoped."Thanking fans for being there for her, the Think Twice singer explained: "I need to be in top shape when I’m on stage."I honestly can’t wait, but I’m just not there yet."I’m just telling you how I feel and I want you to know I’m sorry for this news."I know you have all waited so long for the concerts and I appreciate your loyalty."The emotional star acknowledged that fans would be "fed up" with "waiting so long" and feeling as "frustrated" as she was."All I can say is that I’m doing my very best to get back to the level that I need to be so that I can give 100 percent at my shows, because that is what you deserve," she pledged."Thank you so much for the messages of love and support that you always send to my social media, it means a lot to me."She added: “I also want to say that, like all of you, I stand with the people of Ukraine and I hope and pray that this war ends soon."Sending you all my love and prayers for peace.
'Heartbroken' Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan forced to skip premiere due to health concerns - - New York
'Heartbroken' Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan forced to skip premiere due to health concerns
Bridgerton.The actress is "heartbroken" as she has had to miss tonight's premiere of the Netflix drama series after getting "struck down with Miss Rona".Nicola shared a stunning picture of herself with a full face of makeup in a bathrobe.The actress looked great with her red lip, head towel, and matching bath robe.She appeared to be wearing her silver jewellery for the proposed event as well as having her nails painted.Nicola captioned the post in view of her 1.3 million Instagram followers: "My Bridgerton Premiere look- a little different than expected.A post shared by Nicola Coughlan (@nicolacoughlan)"So I’ve been struck down with Miss Rona and I’m missing our first premiere."Heartbroken is an understatement but sending so much love to my gorgeous cast mates who I hope have the best night."Also ‘infectious virus but make it fashion’ look by @aimeecroysdillwearing @tasaki_intl and @tekla Nails @michelleclassnails Makeup by me using @patmcgrathreal of course." (sic)Many co-stars and social media users alike took to the comments to share their regret over Nicola's sad news.Newcomer Charitha Chandran said: "We'll miss you so much my lovely."Presenter Clara Amfo added: "Sending all the love, eff this stupid virus!" (sic)Social media user Kassidyaverill commented: "I love that you still got all dolled up to be in the premiere spirit."You are lovely and I cannot wait to see you continue to bring this character to life."The actress spoke in a recent interview with The New York Times about her worry for her future on the show.Nicola recalled when she found out about the job, she said: "I should have been like, 'This is amazing'."Instead, I was like, 'This is fishy.
Alesha Dixon - Vernon Kay - ‘So sorry!’ Zoe Ball inundated with support over health news as she’s forced to miss shows -
‘So sorry!’ Zoe Ball inundated with support over health news as she’s forced to miss shows
BBC Radio Two show this morning before announcing she also has to skip presenting Comic Relief as well.This comes as the presenter shared a health update that she’s tested positive for Covid.Zoe posted the news on social media this morning, before she was inundated with well wishes.She also explained she will be replaced by Alesha Dixon who will present a double shift on the show tonight.Gary Davies sat in for her on her morning radio show.She wrote on Instagram: “Pook ! fell at last hurdle and have had positive lat flows this am.“Noooooooo - gorgeous @aleshaofficial is going to work the double shift tonight on @ComicRelief, i owe you lady love. (sic)“Good luck to A, Lenny, David, @mcguinness.paddy, @ajodudu, @vernonkay, and the @comicrelief gang, so many brilliant treats in store tonight.“I'll be watching & supporting from bed (probably in full make up, outfit, heels and all) might invite @joeldommett over #sickbay.”Following the news, the star was inundated with support from her friends and followers.Singer Jessie Ware wrote: “Argh rest up zoe! X”While The Repair Show star Steve Fletcher penned: “So sorry!!”Several fans also shared their support for the star on Instagram.Sarum_sister penned: “Oh nooooooo was so looking forward to seeing you on Comic relief tonight….
Graziano Di-Prima - Strictly's Graziano di Prima inundated with support from fans amid Covid concerns - - Italy
Strictly's Graziano di Prima inundated with support from fans amid Covid concerns
Strictly Come Dancing star Graziano di Prima has taken to Instagram after being inundated with messages of support from fans who thought he had Covid.The Italian dance star, 27, previously revealed that he was feeling unwell, which led to concerned fans worrying that he was suffering from coronavirus.Earlier in the day, Graziano took to Instagram to reveal that he was heading to the gym.Taking a quick video of himself in a mirror, the dance pro filmed in black and white as he prepared to work out.In view of his 161,000 followers, he captioned the story: "Let's do this!"The next story showed a flushed-looking Graziano as he pouted for his socials.He penned: "Gym + sauna = Feeling worse than before," alongside a crying emoji.His snap seemed to have sparked concern from his followers who thought he may be suffering from Covid.Appearing in his stories, the Strictly star clarified whether he was suffering from the virus.Graziano said: "Hey guys, I'm receiving so many messages like, 'Do you have Covid?' and stuff."No, I'm just tired!" he laughed."No Covid, no Covid, luckily," he signed off.His post comes days after his Strictly co-star Oti Mabuse bid him an emotional farewell following her exit from the BBC show last month.The dance professional, 31, spoke affectionately of their bond, a week after she confirmed that she was leaving the popular BBC show after seven years as a dancer.Oti's goodbye comes as Graziano reposted a message from a fan account.After a fan expressed their upset at not seeing the duo dance together again, Graziano shared the post, adding: "Awww @otimabuse."Responding to the post that had been shared by the Italian dance pro, Oti wrote: "You'll always have a very special unique place in my
Joan Collins - Liz Hurley - Elizabeth Hurley - 'Became a slug' Liz Hurley, 56, shares health update after 'lying on sofa' for two months - - Austria
'Became a slug' Liz Hurley, 56, shares health update after 'lying on sofa' for two months
Liz Hurley, 56, tore the ligaments in her left ankle while she was filming in the Caribbean at Christmas time last year.The model has taken to Instagram to share a health update after becoming a "slug" due to the painful injury.Liz has shared a health update from a medical health resort in Austria.She posted a series of two pictures from the picturesque location, along with a lengthy message about her injury.The model penned in view of her 2.3 million followers: "I tore the ligaments in my left ankle whilst filming in the Caribbean in November."Lying on the sofa for two months, followed by a month of limping around in an air boot, meant that I basically became a slug.A post shared by Elizabeth Hurley (@elizabethhurley1)"I don’t weigh myself but my jeans were objecting violently to being done up so something had to be done."Still not really able to put much pressure on my foot, meaning not much exercise, and a new movie looming, I decided to return to @vivamayrmariawoerth - a wellness spa in Austria."I’m here now and shall report back!"Many social media users took to the comments to share their thoughts on Liz's health issues over recent months and offer support.Thejonnymack said: "Hoping that you get some much needed rest and relaxation."Best of luck on the new projects."Mikeelmimage added: "You look amazing; enjoy your stay! Can't wait to see the result."Wintersallan74 commented: "Get well soon and take it easy with the ankle."Looks beautiful where you are xx."Liz was spotted out and about with her son Damian last week as she attended Joan Collins 88th birthday bash.She looked sensational in a plunging red gown, showing off her assets and enviable waist.The dress featured sequin detailing on its halterneck, with cut out
James Jordan - 'Not quite herself' James Jordan breaks silence on daughter's health after hospital dash - - Jordan
'Not quite herself' James Jordan breaks silence on daughter's health after hospital dash
Strictly Come Dancing professional James Jordan, 43, has shared an update on his young daughter, Ella, after she was rushed to hospital earlier this month. Ella, who is almost two-years-old, was diagnosed with a slight heart murmur and had suffered an allergic reaction around the same time.In a clip shared to his 241,000 Instagram followers, James revealed how Ella’s recovery is going.He said: “Hi guys it’s been a while since I’ve been on here because, as you know, Ella’s been quite poorly.“She is now probably back to about 80 percent I’d say, she’s not quite herself.“We are still doing some more tests and things, but she is much, much better.”James then turned the camera round and showed Ella sitting calmly watching the television.The dancer gestured for little Ella to come and say hello and give him a cuddle.Taking his daughter into his arms James asked her: “Do you feel better now? Are you ok? Were you sick before?”The adorable tot replied with “yes” before wandering over to her toys and picking up a pair of plastic golf clubs.James said: “As you can see, at least she’s playing now, do you want to play golf with Daddy?”James and wife Ola previously addressed their ordeal in their Hello! Magazine column.Ola recalled: "She was coughing to a point where she'd wake up at 1am, but she'd be coughing so bad it would make her throw up."She was throwing up with her eyes closed.
Dancing On Ice's Alex Murphy speaks out on health scare after noticing lump on breast - - Usa
Dancing On Ice's Alex Murphy speaks out on health scare after noticing lump on breast
Dancing On Ice's Alex Murphy, 32, once suffered a cancer scare after noticing she had a lump on her breast.The professional skater opened up on the terrifying experience today during an Instagram Q&A on her Stories.Alex was asked by a fan what health scare she suffered and she took the opportunity to reply in a lengthy post.She penned: "Everything is all good now."I found a lump on my boob, was referred to a specialist, and I had to have a series of mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies."It came back benign so I'm in the clear.“I’ve been referred for some generic counselling because of my family history, so hopefully that will all come back clear as well.“I shared it on Facebook only because I was getting so much [faeces emoji] about how my content had stopped and how Paul and I had ‘definitely split up’ etc.” (sic)She went on: "It was horrible, but I think we're through the worst of it now.“I’m recovering from the biopsy fine, and I'm just mentally tired but I'm more than OK."In view of her 192,000 followers, Alex urged other women to perform self-breast exams.She concluded: “So ladies if you actually read to the end of this… check your boobs.”Alex became the winner of Dancing on Ice 2020 alongside Joe Swash after replacing Alex Schauman.She gained notoriety thanks to her performances on Dancing On Ice and her own YouTube series Celebs Go Skating.The American skater previously confessed she would also “love” to compete in Strictly Come Dancing.Alex admitted she is already “ahead of the game” with her extensive dance experience after years of performing on ice.In an interview with last year, Alex said: “I’d love to do Strictly because I'm so competitive.
Shirley Ballas - Strictly's Shirley Ballas shares sad update with fans after detailing health woes -
Strictly's Shirley Ballas shares sad update with fans after detailing health woes
Shirley Ballas, 61, has been the head judge on Strictly Come Dancing since the departure of Len Goodman in 2017.The ballroom dancer shared on Instagram that she had "one of those days", amid her recent health issues.Shirley took to Instagram yesterday evening, sharing an update to a story in view of her 238,000 followers.In her story she penned: "One of those days today."How was your day?"Along with the message she posted an enlarged sad face emoji.Shirley has since deleted the Instagram story.Elsewhere, Shirley has previously shared how she had to go to the doctors about her shoulder earlier this month, following her cancer scare in June of last year.She posted on Instagram on February 1 to thank her friend Karen Hilton for driving her to the hospital on her day off from the Strictly tour.She wrote: "A huge thank you to @Karenmarcus1960 for always being there for me."Day off from the Strictly tour, drive back to London, trip to the hospital are my shoulders." (sic)"Huge gratitude now on my way back to North Sheffield," she continued. (sic)"Thank you Karen, you are the best caring person." (sic)Last year, Shirley shared the news that she had endured a cancer scare after discovering a lump on her shoulder.Speaking on GB News last June, she described her "worrying" health issues as she revealed that she was also suffering from COVID-19 at the same time.She said: "I got the Covid virus and then they found a ganglion cyst or a tumour in my shoulder."I am going backwards and forwards to the hospital all the time."I feel I seem to be getting sicker by the minute.
Rylan Clark - 'Hit me like a baseball bat' Rylan Clark opens up on split from husband amid health battle -
'Hit me like a baseball bat' Rylan Clark opens up on split from husband amid health battle
BBC Radio 2 presenter admitted that the breakup “hit him round the face” as he “never thought’ he would experience something like it.Speaking on his podcast Ry-Union, the Strictly: It Takes Two host confessed the split was “really hard to deal with”.He explained: “I’ve never in my life thought that I would go through a crisis like that."But I did, ultimately, and it literally hit me round the face like a baseball bat, because I always thought I was too strong for it."Like, I’m never going to let anything like that happen to me, but then it does and it’s really, really hard to deal with.”Earlier this month, Rylan sparked concerns over his health after being rushed to hospital over a bout of ill health.The reason for his hospitalisation was not confirmed, but he previously told his fans he had come down with the flu and was bedridden for a few days.Due to his health issue, Rylan could be set to miss his Rylan On Saturday radio show for the second week in a row.He has been temporarily replaced on the BBC Radio 2 show by presenter OJ Borg.It has not yet been confirmed whether Rylan will be well enough to host the show this weekend.But yesterday the TV star shared a new update to let fans know he will be “back soon”.In an Instagram post, Rylan gave his 1.5 million followers an insight into how he is keeping his spirits up while he receives treatment.He uploaded a picture of a huge jar filled with Kinder Happy Hippos with a tower of boxes of the popular chocolate visible in the background.The snap also showed a pile of Nutella and breadsticks.Rylan captioned the post: “Whenever I feel ill I turn into such a child.“Resting up be back sooooooon.” (sic)Fans promptly took to the post’s comments section to send Rylan their
Cindy Crawford - 'Taken a long time' Martine McCutcheon admits her diet helps her cope with health battle -
'Taken a long time' Martine McCutcheon admits her diet helps her cope with health battle
EastEnders actress, 45, had an honest chat with OK! Magazine about how she copes with her fibromyalgia diagnosis. In the interview, she spoke about how she preferred not to discuss her weight but did reveal that the 80/20 rule diet is the diet which “works for me”.The Love Actually star also shared that a cold shower helps ease her fibromyalgia symptoms.The busy mum-of-one has recently turned her hand to modelling, after being signed to Elite model agency.The agency has also represented modelling icons such as Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford.She posed for photographs during a photoshoot with the magazine and looked incredible.Madonna, 63, spreads her legs in latest risqué snapsWhen it comes to finding the right diet, this isn’t something that has always been easy for The Masked Singer star.However, the star highlighted the importance of just being “the best version” of herself.She said: “I think it takes a long time to work out what your own recipe is."It's taken me such a long time to look through all the stuff that's out there, and do just what works for me."So it's not as simple as just going on a crazy diet."I just feel it's really important to encourage women to just be the best version of themselves.”Giving more details about her diet, she added: “The 80/20 rule is what works for me.
'Stop blaming Covid for everything' Gino D'Acampo fumes at 'excuse' of failing businesses - - Italy - city Manchester - city Newcastle - city Birmingham
'Stop blaming Covid for everything' Gino D'Acampo fumes at 'excuse' of failing businesses
ITV.The TV chef has spoken out in a new interview about many "blaming" Covid for their failures, as his businesses go from success to success.Gino has insisted for many to "stop blaming Covid for everything" as he looks to a bright future in his business ventures.Speaking to The Mirror at his restaurant in Newcastle, he said: "It's becoming such a lousy and annoying excuse to say because of Covid I couldn’t do my job properly, or because of Covid we couldn’t do this and couldn't do that."He sympathises, however, admitting that he knows the restaurant industry has had to go through many changes but he has remained positive and adapted to the situation.He continued: "Throughout the pandemic at some points we had the chance to have guests sitting outside and the councils around us were extremely generous to give us the space to put tables."And we then realised, 'Wow, we should have done this from day one'."So, [let's stay] positive and let’s keep smiling, keep positive."Gino, listening to what his Covid customers need, now has a new terrace overlooking the river Tyne at his Newcastle restaurant.As well as this, the TV chef plans to open more restaurants across the country this year.These include restaurants in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.This comes after Gino had to speak out last month following reports his My Pasta Bar chain had gone into liquidation.Sharing a video from his kitchen at home, the Italian chef began: "When I got back I saw a lot of c**p about my restaurant."Apparently, my restaurant had gone into liquidation."Now, I don’t usually do stuff like this, but I thought, let me set the record straight here."About 10 years ago, I opened a business called Pasta Bar, which serves Italian food very fast