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Officials: 4 suspects sought in connection with fatal shooting of 15-year-old; $30K reward offered

NICETOWN - Philadelphia Police are searching for four suspects in connection with the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old Simon Gratz High School sophomore.Devin Weedon was shot down in broad daylight while on his way to school Monday morning, just after 7:30 a.m., on North 16th Street and West Hunting Park Avenue, in Philadelphia's Nicetown section.According to officials, no arrests have been made. Police believe the motive may have been robbery.  Anyone that has information regarding the individuals in the photographs or information regarding the shooting is urged to contact the Philadelphia Police Homicide Unit at 215-686-3334.RELATED COVERAGE:There is a $30,000 reward for information that leads to their arrest and conviction, authorities say.___Tips can be submitted by calling 215-686-TIPS (8477) or texting PPD TIP (773847).

Tips can also be submitted anonymously online, here. All tips are confidential.Click here to find resources for victims of violence in Philadelphia.

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Jim Kenney - 'I don't think this is rocket science': Mayor Kenney defends Philadelphia water response that sparked panic - - city Philadelphia
'I don't think this is rocket science': Mayor Kenney defends Philadelphia water response that sparked panic
PHILADELPHIA - Shelves were left empty as Philadelphia residents fled to grocery stores to wait in endless lines for bottled water after news of a chemical spill broke over the weekend.Mayor Jim Kenney was confronted by local reporters Tuesday after the city sent out several contradictory advisories, leaving residents confused and concerned about the city's water quality.Although he admitted to the chemical spill being a "scary" situation, the mayor said he does not regret the city's response."When we weren’t sure, we had to give people some advisory, so people would be safe," he said. "If we had held onto the information you would be asking me why we didn’t say anything."RELATED COVERAGE: Tap water deemed 'safe' to drink, use in Philadelphia at least through Wednesday night, officials sayIn response to panic-buying across Philadelphia and beyond, Kenney said the city didn't set up a water distribution center because they didn't think there would be a run on bottled water."Look we had a run on toilet paper during Covid that didn’t make sense either, and people buy 10 cases of water is pretty selfish," he said.RELATED COVERAGE: Philadelphians panic-buy bottled water despite reassurance from city leaders about tap waterThe mayor went on to confirm that the water supply is safe, and that the bottled-water advisory was merely a suggestion made out of an abundance of safety."I don't think this is rocket science here," the mayor said.As of Tuesday afternoon, Philadelphia officials say tap water is safe to drink until 11:59 p.m.
After their two kids died in a falling tree accident, parents rent billboard 'to save another life' - - India - state Indiana
After their two kids died in a falling tree accident, parents rent billboard 'to save another life'
Crystal and Brian Clark hope they can save a life by sharing their own heartbreaking story of losing their children from a falling tree accident. (Crystal Clark) An Indiana mother and father are alerting people about an overlooked danger after the tragic loss of their two young children last year.On April 23, 2022, Crystal and Brian Clark, along with their son Xander, 9 and daughter, Ziva, 8, went out to Indian Oaks, a nearby campground that the family frequently visited.It had been fairly windy that day but the sun was shining, Crystal Clark told Fox News Digital."I decided after [lunch] we should go for a golf cart ride because it was a beautiful day," Crystal Clark added.After seeing some friends go for a ride, the Clarks decided to do the same and meet up at their favorite fishing spot."Ziva was taking their fish off [the line] 'cause that was one of her favorites things to do, and then she'd kiss it and then she'd toss it back in the water," said Crystal Clark."She loved everything," she added. "She loved every animal, fish or not."Xander was very excited to go fishing that day, but the family decided to instead go for one more ride on the golf cart, with the parents in the front and the kids in the back, before settling down to fish."The trails are always open.