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French’s unveils Canada’s next favorite summer treat: Ketchup-flavored ice pops

French’s® Celebrates First Week of Summer Launching Limited-Edition Ketchup Popsicle: The ‘Frenchsicle (CNW Group/French’s) LOS ANGELES - French’s, known for its iconic tomato ketchup has unveiled the most questionable summer treat — unless, maybe, you’re Canadian. "Frenchsicle," a ketchup-flavored ice pop created by French’s, the condiment maker, will be releasing the new summer snack for a limited time only. If this sounds appealing to you, there’s a catch. You’ll have to trek to the Great White North to get your hands on the polarizing treat. The ice-treat is currently only available in Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario and Leamington, Ontario at various popups until June 24. "Hey Canadian friends, your favorite condiment just got a whole lot cooler," French’s wrote in a social media post. It’s well known that ketchup chips are already a staple in a Canuck’s kitchen.

In fact, a survey commissioned by French's found a majority of Canadians (79 percent) say they like or love ketchup.The popularity of the condiment in the world’s most polite nation is the reason ketchup ice pops will soon be the next big thing. "I love creating innovative treats that appeal to Canada's diverse tastes," says Happy Pops founder Leila Keshavjee. "I started Happy Pops to bring all-natural, handcrafted flavour to Canadians, so French's locally-grown ketchup is a perfect pairing.

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Rs. 6.2 Bn worth of heroin & ICE seized - - Sri Lanka - county Bureau
Rs. 6.2 Bn worth of heroin & ICE seized
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka Navy, State Intelligence Service, and the Police Narcotic Bureau in a joint operation seized 300kg of heroin and Crystal Meth from a fishing vessel in the Southern Seas on Wednesday (13).According to Sri Lanka Navy, the total value of drugs is Rs. 6.2 Billion.11 suspects were taken into custody by the Navy along with a fishing vessel, a dinghy, a cab, and a three-wheeler.Based on accurate intelligence provided by the State Intelligence Service, the Sri Lanka Navy and the Sri Lanka Coast Guard conducted a two-week continuous search operation covering both local and international seas.Accordingly, on 12 April 2022, a Sri Lankan Navy vessel inspected a Sri Lankan multi-day fishing vessel that was sailing in the seas off Dodanduwa, Galle.The Navy recovered about 300kg of Heroin and 25kg of ICE concealed inside 13 sacks in the multi-day fishing vessel.Sri Lanka Navy seized the multi-day fishing vessel and arrested 6 suspects on board along with the drugs.Investigations into the incident led to the arrest of 5 other suspects along with a dinghy, a cab, and a three-wheeler.The multi-day fishing vessel seized by the Navy with the drugs had left the Beruwala fishing harbor on March 26, 2022, under the guise of conducting fishing activities.Further, it is believed that the gross street value of the drugs seized by the Sri Lanka Navy during this operation is over Rs.
Pluto had volcanoes that spewed “slushy” ice water, new study says - - state Colorado - county Boulder
Pluto had volcanoes that spewed “slushy” ice water, new study says
FILE - Scientists with NASA’s New Horizons mission have assembled this highest-resolution color view of one of two potential cryovolcanoes spotted on the surface of Pluto by the New Horizons spacecraft in July 2015. Slushies anyone? After years of research, scientists now hypothesize that giant dome-like formations that were first photographed by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft in 2015 were recently active icy volcanoes, also known as cryovolcanoes. Scientists guessed these cryovolcanoes expelled "slushy" ice water as opposed to molten lava. These formations could indicate that the interior of the giant space rock was warmer than previously thought, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications on March 29. Researchers believe there may be an insulating layer under Pluto’s surface, kind of like the insulation in a coffee mug that keeps the liquid hot - the same principle applies to Pluto. This built-up heat within Pluto could be how these icy volcanoes produced viscous material and spewed out icy water or slush, Kelsi Singer, senior research scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado and lead author of the study, told FOX TV Stations. This recent theory allows scientists to view Pluto as a far more reactive space body than previously believed. "This area is by far the most numerous and the largest icy volcanoes found so far in the solar system," Singer said. "Besides just being a fun fact, this means that Pluto had to have more heat in its interior than we expected.
Holly Willoughby - Phillip Schofield - Alison Hammond - Holly Willoughby returns to This Morning after Covid battle - and fans are delighted -
Holly Willoughby returns to This Morning after Covid battle - and fans are delighted
Holly Willoughby has returned to This Morning after testing positive for coronavirus.The 41-year-old presenter was back on our screens on Wednesday morning (March 23) alongside Phillip Schofield.Fans were delighted to see Holly on the famous blue sofa after she was forced to take some time off from the ITV daytime show.Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "#ThisMorning so glad holly back she's been missed."Another added: "#ThisMorning Holly's back finally! so so happy xx"A third person posted: "Yay Holly is back."While a fourth social media user said: "So happy to see Holly."The mother of three informed viewers that she had "48 hours of felling rubbish" but has "felt fine" ever since.She explained that she had to wait her lateral flow test to negative and she described waiting for the single line as the "worst advent calendar in the world."Phillip confirmed that Holly would be coming back earlier this week.Alison Hammond and Jose Gibson both filled in for Holly over the past week.At the start of Tuesday's show (March 22), Phillip told viewers: "Alison is obviously here today, we’re pleased to say that she’s negative and she’ll be back tomorrow.”Upon hearing the news, Alison began dancing along to Celebrate Good Times by Kool & The Gang, which made Phillip laugh even more.The television personality joked that she was expecting “confetti and the works” before she addressed Holly and told her that she’s “so glad she’s coming back”.Holly has taken some time off from her usual presenting gigs on This Morning and Dancing On Ice since she tested positive for Covid-19.She has shared updates on Instagram and recently posted a selfie from her back garden, soaking up the sun as it’s “what the doctor ordered”.The news means Holly
Holly Willoughby - Phillip Schofield - Vanessa Feltz - Holly Willoughby breaks silence with fresh-faced snap after Covid-19 forced her off air - - Britain
Holly Willoughby breaks silence with fresh-faced snap after Covid-19 forced her off air
Holly Willoughby has taken to Instagram to update her fans on her health after a recent positive Covid test left the star unable to present on ITV.In the serene snap, Holly can be seen relaxing in front of a lush green hedge as she basked in the sunlight. Her signature blonde locks were styled in a loose up do and she sported a bare face as she soaked up the sun.The presenter wore a white bathrobe and cupped her hand round her face as she closed her eyes, enjoying a moment of peace after her recent illness.Holly wrote in the caption: “Just what the doctor ordered,” and signed off with a sun emoji.Fans and friends alike were stunned by Holly’s natural beauty as she enjoyed the rare British sunshine and took to the comments to boost her confidence.Television personality Vanessa Feltz called her “sweetheart” and told the mother-of-three that she was “glad to see her up and about”.One envious fan asked: “Drop the skincare routine now, please.”Another said: “You are naturally beautiful, hope you’re feeling better,” while one kind follower wrote: “Sunshine is good for the soul, have a great weekend and keep on smiling”.Holly had posted hours before as a plug for her new brand Wylde Moon, but her makeup free snap was the first sign of the ITV star all week.Her bout of Covid left the ITV presenter unable to host both her usual slots, This Morning and the Dancing On Ice semi final, alongside her longtime pal Phillip Schofield.Phillip presented the ice-skating competition by himself and posted a sweet message on his Instagram before he was due on air.
Holly Willoughby - Phillip Schofield - Josie Gibson - This Morning's Holly Willoughby 'annoyed' as she misses ITV show after catching Covid -
This Morning's Holly Willoughby 'annoyed' as she misses ITV show after catching Covid
Holly Willoughby has been forced to miss hosting duties on This Morning and Dancing on Ice after testing positive for coronavirus.Appearing on the This Morning sofa for the second day alongside Holly's temporary replacement Josie Gibson, co-host Phillip Schofield revealed he had reached out the 41-year-old star as she quarantines at home.Holly tested positive for Covid-19 over the weekend, just hours before she was gearing up to go on air to host Dancing on Ice.Phillip, 59, offered a health update to concerned ITV viewers during Tuesday's episode, revealing that Holly was doing "fine", but admitted she was "annoyed" over the situation.Phillip explained: "Holly obviously has still got rona, so sending her massive love and texting her throughout the day, checking she is okay."She's fine, just annoyed, so lots of love and get well soon."Phil addressed her absence from the show on Monday morning, telling fans: "Well we were absolutely convinced,, Holly and I, that having worked all the way through everything, that we might be immune. "And then it got me a few weeks ago, and over the weekend it's got Holly."So she's tested positive and she’s at home watching, and it's the weirdest thing in the world when you can't do it and you're watching it from homeFormer Big Brother winner Josie has previously stepped in for Willoughby at the last minute, back in November last year, when Willoughby came down with a stomach bug.Phillip said to Josie as they opened the show: "'This is a bit of a first! About an hour ago you were on your way to do our live competitions in Surrey.Gibson confessed: "I couldn't believe it...