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Scammers swindle New Jersey grandmother out of thousands of dollars by posing as her grandson

GLOUCESTER, N.J. - An 82-year-old woman in Gloucester County, NJ said half of her savings are now gone after scammers pulled on her heartstrings.Libby Maurer of Deptford Township said she received a phone call on September 16. She believed it was her grandson on the line."I was so emotional that I didn’t think straight at all.

This person was hysterical crying on the phone and said I was in a car accident, I broke my nose and I have a split lip," said Maurer. "You need to call my lawyer, you need to get me out, don’t tell anybody."Maurer said the caller explained he was in a car crash with a woman who is eight months pregnant and, as a result, in jail.The caller instructed Maurer to dial a phone number for a public defender.

The man on the other line said bail was $80-thousand and she would need to pay ten percent in cash to bail her grandson out of jail.MORE LOCAL HEADLINES"I had fallen a couple weeks before, I said I haven’t driven in two weeks and I’m on oxygen 24-7, and he said you are the only one that can get it, and I was going to give him my credit card and he said no it has to be cash," said Maurer.Deptford Township Police detectives are investigating and said a key piece of evidence is surveillance video that shows the grandmother handing over the shoebox of cash.Maurer said the scammers told her to put the cash between two magazines and into the box."I mean where is the humanity in this crime. It’s an 82-year-old grandmother who is on oxygen.

She’s home alone. The suspect in this case really worked on her emotions," said Detective Corporal Robert Jones.

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Police warn of new social media challenge that targets certain models of cars - - state Pennsylvania - state Ohio - county Montgomery - Columbus, state Ohio - city Milwaukee
Police warn of new social media challenge that targets certain models of cars
PHILADELPHIA - Owners of certain Hyundai and Kia models are being advised to take special precautions securing their vehicles due to a rash of thefts that has been sweeping cities across the nation.The Lower Moreland Police Department in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania issued a warning Wednesday that a new TikTok challenge "encourages teens and young adults to break into these cars and steal them." Videos shared on social media demonstrated how the ignition systems in mainly 2011-2021 Kias and 2015-2021 Hyundais with physical keys could be easily hacked using a screwdriver, pliers or the end of a USB cable, because the vehicles are not equipped with immobilizers that require the presence of a key fob with a transponder to work.MORE LOCAL HEADLINESNo local cases have been reported, but the Lower Moreland Police Department suggested that owners of the targeted vehicles might consider using a steering wheel locking device. "It’s pretty much just hot-wiring a car with no hot wiring required," said David Young, a Software and Car Analyst.The problem first came to the nation's attention in Milwaukee last year, where over 5,700 of the brands' cars were stolen through November, according to authorities. Additional cities followed, including Columbus, Ohio, where Kias and Hyundais have accounted for 38% of all thefts so far this year.Both Kia and Hyundai released statements about the rash of thefts:"Kia America is aware of the rise in vehicle thefts of a subset of trim levels.
New Mexico woman allegedly stole vehicle with children inside, mother climbs on hood - - city Harlem - state New Mexico - Santa Fe
New Mexico woman allegedly stole vehicle with children inside, mother climbs on hood
HOBBS, N.M. - A woman in New Mexico allegedly stole a car with two children inside on July 4.The Hobbs Police Department said that a woman parked her white Hyundai Santa Fe in front of a store, and when she returned, an unknown female pushed her and got into the vehicle, driving off.Traffic camera video shows the mother attempting to stop the carjacking by getting on the hood of the car, but was unsuccessful at stopping the other woman.Inside the car were the woman's 6-year-old daughter and 11-month-old son.NYC SUBWAY STABBING: POLICE SAY TEEN, 14, KILLED IN HARLEM BROAD DAYLIGHT ATTACKThe suspect was identified as Regina Castillo by police. (Hobbs Police Department) When police officers located the car, they discovered that the suspect left the 6-year-old at an intersection prior to an attempt to flee police, officials say.The suspect, who was identified as Regina Castillo, then abandoned the car and began to run from police officers.Castillo was arrested after being found hiding behind a pickup truck in a residential area.In addition to the charges Castillo will face in relation to the carjacking, she had three active arrest warrants, including failure to appear on the charges of concealing identity, shoplifting and failure to appear for traffic violations, according to police.PHILADELPHIA TEENS BEAT 73-YEAR-OLD MAN TO DEATH WITH TRAFFIC CONE, IN ATTACK CAUGHT ON VIDEO: POLICEA woman in New Mexico allegedly stole a car with two children inside on July 4 in Hobbs, New Mexico.
Steve Keeley - Scott Small - 'A real tragedy': Off-duty Philadelphia police officer killed in Somerton crash, authorities say -
'A real tragedy': Off-duty Philadelphia police officer killed in Somerton crash, authorities say
PHILADELPHIA - The Philadelphia Police Department is grieving the loss of one of their own after an off-duty officer was killed in a crash in Somerton on Thursday. Philadelphia Chief Inspector Scott Small says just before midnight, officers in the 7th District received numerous calls about a crash at the intersection of Bustleton Avenue and Rennard Street. According to authorities, when officers and medics arrived on scene, they found two vehicles involved in the crash. A Philadelphia police officer was killed in a crash while on his way home from work, authorities say. FOX 29's Steve Keeley has the latest.A 50-year-old man driving a Hyundai was transported to Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival, authorities say. The vehicle that struck the officer's car was a BMW with an 18-year-old driver and two teenage passengers, police say. None of the individuals in the BMW were injured and they denied medical treatment, according to officials. MORE LOCAL HEADLINESInvestigators say the Hyundai was traveling west on Rennard Street crossing Bustelon Avenue as the BMW was going south on Bustleton Avenue. The BMW struck the passenger side of the Hyundai, jumped the curb and then struck a tree, per authorities. Police say a witness spoke to accident investigators and say the BMW was traveling at a high rate of speed. Small says through the investigation,  police learned the driver of the Hyundai was an active Philadelphia police officer who had just finished the night shift and was driving home in his personal vehicle. The officer was a 27-year veteran with the Philadelphia Police Department, according to Small. "It's a real tragedy," Small said.
Bodycam shows Delaware officers lift car off woman pinned underneath tire - - state Delaware - county New Castle - county Lane - Santa Fe
Bodycam shows Delaware officers lift car off woman pinned underneath tire
NEW CASTLE, Del. - Video released by police in New Castle County shows officers joining together to lift a car off a woman's arm after she somehow became trapped underneath the vehicle Wednesday morning.The New Castle County Division of Police said officers were called to Fieldstone Lane in the community of Country Creek and found a 70-year-old woman with her left arm pinned underneath the front driver's side tire of a Hyundai Santa Fe.Police explained that a neighbor tried to use a carjack to free the woman before officers arrived, but it did not raise high enough. Bodycam footage shows officers in New Castle County lifting a car off a 70-year-old woman's arm after she somehow became trapped underneath the vehicle. Bodycam footage shows three officers surround the front tire and lift the car, while another officer slides the woman out from underneath the car.Police said the woman was taken to a local hospital for treatment and was admitted in "serious, but stable condition."Investigators have not said what caused the woman to become pinned underneath the tire, but alcohol is not believed to have played a role."The quick thinking and physical actions of the bystander and the officers from the Division of Police played a major role in this patient being protected from further injury, and possibly death," Chief of the New Castle County Emergency Medical Services Division Mark R.