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Cameron Diaz' six health and beauty secrets as bombshell actress turns 50

As Cameron Diaz turns 50, one can only wonder how the Hollywood actress maintains her youthful beauty.

The Charlies Angels bombshell, who today marked the milestone birthday, continues to defy aging. So it only makes sense that she's published two books on the subject.

Diaz has has co-written both The Body Book and The Longevity Book - which discuss physical fitness and longevity respectively.

She even speaks openly on her lifestyle, sharing her approach to food, exercise and beauty, as well as maintaining her mental health while living under the limelight.

It’s great news for anyone who wants to find out how the Californian beauty has cracked the key to eternal youth. Diaz, has hardly aged since she began starring in blockbuster movies in the early 1990s.

These are Cameron's top beauty and wellbeing secrets.

Working with trainer Teddy Bass, Diaz tries to go to the gym every day and likes to mix up her workouts, doing weights, strength training, HIIT and pilates.

She’s also known to be a keen golfer, and likes to stay on her feet throughout the day rather than lounging on the sofa – but she doesn’t put too much pressure on herself to stick to a strict fitness schedule.

“Some days I go to the gym for literally 10 minutes,” she told Self. “But the fact that I got up and got there matters to me. Because at the end of all of this, I want to be able to say, ‘I did the best I could.’ It’s not about having a ripped stomach. It’s about taking care of myself.”

Yes, really. Diaz has one breakfast before her morning workout, and one after. They both consist of very healthy choices to fuel her active lifestyle.

“At my first breakfast, I just put something in my stomach before my workout — usually scrambled eggs, toast, an avocado, an

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