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Tamar Braxton On Her Mental Breakdown: My Son ‘Deserved Better’

In a raw and compelling interview on “Peace of Mind with Taraji” television personality Tamar Braxton opened up further about her mental health struggles and suicide attempt, saying her son Logan “deserved better.”

Sitting down with co-hosts Taraji P. Henson and best friend Tracie Jade, Henson told their guest she was “in a safe place” before asking her when she first felt like she was losing control of her life.

“The first time I knew things weren’t normal is when everything went down with ‘The Real,’” she revealed. “I was in my bedroom, it was completely dark. You don’t shower, you don’t eat and you don’t know what day of the week it is. I was able to hide it enough to pull myself, barely, out of there.”

“And then, I go back to the same

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