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Quebecers can get a 3rd COVID vaccine ‘at their own risk’ to travel to a country that requires it

COVID-19 vaccine if they are travelling to a destination that requires it, the provincial government says.The health department announced Saturday that third doses of the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are available but people who wish to get an additional shot can do so at their own risk.“This measure is exceptional and the person should be properly counselled to be informed of the potential risks associated with this additional dose, compared to the benefits of the planned trip,” the statement from the health department reads.Some countries that are currently mulling the recommendation and possible requirement of a third vaccine dose include France, Britain and Finland.The statement adds that the two vaccine doses that the provincial

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Aviation: Aviation turbine fuel forms a huge chunk of the operating costs of airlines and, therefore, stronger crude hurts profitability. In July 2020, Brent crude prices had averaged at $43 per barrel.
online dashboard.17 of the new cases are in the Interlake-Eastern region, six are in Winnipeg, five are in Southern Health-Santé Sud, two are in Prairie Mountain Health, and the Northern region reported none.There have now been 1,172 deaths from the virus, while the number of active cases climbed slightly to 555, compared to 551 Saturday.

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