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Don’t leave Western Province before Quarantine Curfew is in effect

Colombo (News 1st); Army Commander requests the general public to refrain from leaving the western province before the quarantine curfew comes into effect.A quarantine curfew will be imposed in the Western province from 12:00 midnight on Thursday (29) until 5.00 am on Monday, the 2nd November upon the recommendation of the Director-General of Health Services.The curfew will be lifted at 5.00 Am on the 2nd November with regard to areas where no curfew has been imposed at the time of issuing the said notice.

(1400 hours)In areas where curfew is currently in effect, the curfew will continue even after 5.00 am on Monday, November 2nd.As the curfew has been imposed in the Western Province on Friday, essential food outlets and pharmacies in the

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