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Delilah Hamlin has IV inserted in her arm as she updates fans on her health

Delilah Hamlin gave her fans an update on her ongoing health issues in an Instagram post published Tuesday.'I haven't really spoken on my health lately & if you're new here you're probably confused but for the past few years I've been struggling with autoimmune/ chronic illness issues that I've been silently battling and overcoming,' penned the model-turned-singer, 22.She included a photo of herself with an IV inserted into her arm courtesy of Dripp IV Therapy, which offers drips for immunity support and overall hydration. Update: Delilah Hamlin gave her fans an update on her ongoing health issues in an Instagram post published Tuesday; seen in 2022 She continued, 'It's definitely been tough mentally alongside physically.

I've kind of kept quiet because I don't want to be put in a 'sick' role.'I've faced a lot, overcome a lot, and I know that I'm going through this for a reason and that reason is to share what I've gone through and what I've learned with you.'  The daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin then focused more specifically on her faith and included a quote from televangelist Joel Osteen. ''When you feel as though the pressure is too much, it's because you're stronger than you think,'' she wrote. ''You'll never discover how strong you really are until you face pressure that you've never faced.

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Sajith Premadasa - Ranil Wickremesinghe - Dinesh Gunawardena - Sri Lanka’s President and PM issues statements to mark the 75th Independence Day - newsfirst.lk - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s President and PM issues statements to mark the 75th Independence Day
Sri Lanka's President and Prime Minister issued statements to mark the 75th Independence Day.In his message, President Ranil Wickremesinghe says there is a new economic and social reform agenda before the country with the objectives focusing first on recovery and then on renewed development. The Head of State stated it is imperative for us to unite in its implementation so that we can emerge with a high level of economic prosperity. He pledged to make the extremely difficult though vital decisions to achieve this goal with courage and determination. Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena in his message to mark the 75th Independence Day said "today, we not only celebrate our freedom, but also pay tribute to the ones who fought for it, to the ones who held a vision for our country, and to the ones who sacrificed themselves for the same." The Premier says the bravery, heroic acts as well as untold miseries suffered by our forefathers during their struggle for freedom of the Motherland must not be allowed to fade away from our memories.The Prime Minister adds the government has taken a series of measures to ensure recovery of the economy, and increase agricultural production to attain self-sufficiency and food security. Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa also issued a statement to mark the 75th Independence Day. He stated "despite the fact that Sri Lanka has been independent for 75 years, we have failed to make that independence meaningful on national, social, educational, and religious levels."The Opposition Leader stated being trapped in "narrow chauvinism and communalism" is not the way to experience true freedom.
Lisa Snowdon - Lisa Snowdon, 50, discusses her health woes as she wards off 'wellness fads' in new year - express.co.uk
Lisa Snowdon, 50, discusses her health woes as she wards off 'wellness fads' in new year
Express.co.uk about how new year's resolutions push people to pursue “unachievable” goals through “wellness fads”.Lisa explained: “I want to speak out about wellness fads because, in most cases, they are adopted as part of a January ‘new year, new me’ resolution.“Most people set these extreme resolutions, which have good intentions, but are more often than not unachievable and therefore nobody can stick to them.”In a bid to help people understand the inefficacy of some wellness fads, Lisa has partnered with gut health supplement Symprove to design three spoof health fads - The Bowel Counsellor, The Anal Crystal and ‘Bougie Poo-fumée’ candles.The fake methods aim to highlight just how ludicrous some “wellness fads” can be and why it is important to look after your gut and keep a healthy balanced lifestyle.Lisa elaborated: “This is why I wanted to work with Symprove again as they have such a great way of talking openly about our tummies, guts and bowel movements.“In our partnership, we wanted to spoof some of the funny and more extreme wellness fads that are out there to show that you don't have to go to extreme lengths to look after your gut.”The former Strictly Come Dancing star went on: “Although I personally love crystals, candles and counselling - it’s obvious that counselling for your bowel doesn’t exist, poo candles are simply just hilarious and putting crystals in any body orifice is definitely not recommended.“Symprove and I created these health fads to prove that nobody needs to go that far.“Instead, I believe that making smaller, more realistic changes to your daily routine, can have a bigger impact on your general wellbeing.”Elsewhere in the interview, Lisa opened up about her own gut health and how exercise
China’s achievements an inspiration for Sri Lanka: Ambassador Kohona - newsfirst.lk - China - Sri Lanka
China’s achievements an inspiration for Sri Lanka: Ambassador Kohona
COLOMBO (News 1st); The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to China, Palitha Kohona said that Sri Lanka has been inspired by China's achievements, and have to find its own strengths and work on them to become a country like China in the future.In an interview to Global Times, the Ambassador said that Sri Lanka currently is facing a myriad of challenges, and has many lessons to learn from China.Ambassador Kohona also pointed out that within the last decade, China has developed rapidly and has become the biggest source of foreign direct investment and the second biggest economy in the world, during which time, Sri Lanka's bilateral relations with China have expanded substantially and have prospered."Today, we hope that we can use these bonds to advance Sri Lanka's development," he said.According to the Ambassador, official and civil interaction between Sri Lanka and China over the last decade has covered a range of activities and projects in both countries, and both populations entertain a positive impression of each other.Ambassador Kohona, while mentioning that China has been a strong advocate of globalization, said that Sri Lanka has benefited from and firmly supports globalization, as globalized connectivity allows countries' exports to reach more lucrative markets easier."What China has done under the dedicated leadership for the Communist Party of China (CPC) is remarkable. It's unique.