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Ian Beale - Kate Thornton - Adam Woodyatt - EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt quits alcohol and loses three stone amid health issue - express.co.uk
EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt quits alcohol and loses three stone amid health issue
EastEnders and most recently took part in I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! The actor has revealed in a new interview that he was told by doctors he needed to give up drinking after he suffered a stomach issue, which pushed him to shed an incredible three stone.Adam admitted in his interview that due to his drinking habits his "liver was taking a hammering", leading doctors to give him a stern warning.He said: "I went into hospital with a stomach issue and they pointed out my liver was probably taking a bit of a hammering."They said, 'Look, give your liver a rest for six weeks, we’ll do some tests'.Then Covid happened and six weeks became 12 weeks."And I thought, 'Do you know what — I’ve cracked this, I don’t miss it, I'm better off without it'."He continued: "With giving up alcohol, the weight drops off and because the weight drops off it was earlier to cycle, so it was easier to stay fit", Adam told The Sun.The former EastEnders star did however admit that this doesn't mean he will be giving up booze forever, but at the moment he is "quite happy not drinking".Recently, Adam slammed EastEnders bosses for turning Ian Beale into a "sociopath" on the show.He claimed that due to this, his character had become "very unpopular" due to his "rude" ways.Adam joined the soap in 1985 and quit in January last year.Ian hit rock bottom on the soap in 2020 when he split from his long-term wife Jane, played by Laurie Brett.Speaking to Kate Thornton on her podcast White Wine Question Time, Adam admitted: "The character evolved. If you think back in the 80s, he was a spotty, teenage kid."He was getting bullied at school, his dad wanted him to do boxing."It's been a very, very long journey.
Cindy Crawford - Martine Maccutcheon - 'Taken a long time' Martine McCutcheon admits her diet helps her cope with health battle - express.co.uk
'Taken a long time' Martine McCutcheon admits her diet helps her cope with health battle
EastEnders actress, 45, had an honest chat with OK! Magazine about how she copes with her fibromyalgia diagnosis. In the interview, she spoke about how she preferred not to discuss her weight but did reveal that the 80/20 rule diet is the diet which “works for me”.The Love Actually star also shared that a cold shower helps ease her fibromyalgia symptoms.The busy mum-of-one has recently turned her hand to modelling, after being signed to Elite model agency.The agency has also represented modelling icons such as Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford.She posed for photographs during a photoshoot with the magazine and looked incredible.Madonna, 63, spreads her legs in latest risqué snapsWhen it comes to finding the right diet, this isn’t something that has always been easy for The Masked Singer star.However, the star highlighted the importance of just being “the best version” of herself.She said: “I think it takes a long time to work out what your own recipe is."It's taken me such a long time to look through all the stuff that's out there, and do just what works for me."So it's not as simple as just going on a crazy diet."I just feel it's really important to encourage women to just be the best version of themselves.”Giving more details about her diet, she added: “The 80/20 rule is what works for me.
Former Eastenders - Love Actually - Martine Maccutcheon - 'Had no idea' Martine McCutcheon shares health battle as she urges fans to get tested - express.co.uk
'Had no idea' Martine McCutcheon shares health battle as she urges fans to get tested
Former EastEnders actress Martine McCutcheon has admitted she was surprised to discover her family’s history with raised cholesterol.The star went on to explain how these health struggles had led to one member of her family having surgery as a result.Martine, 45, has recently committed to regularly getting her cholesterol levels tested, and has stressed the importance of doing so to her fans. Speaking about health issues in her own family, she said: “I was really shocked when I found out that we had a family history of raised cholesterol because I didn’t think something like that would affect us.”The Love Actually actress went on to reveal that the health issue had led to her grandmother needing a serious operation."My nan needed an operation on her heart because of the complications it caused, which has caused me to be aware,” she admitted to the Daily Star yesterday.“So, being part of this campaign is close to my heart and I’d urge everyone to get their cholesterol tested, to prevent more serious health complications.“It’s quick and easy to get a test, you can pop into your local pharmacy or book an appointment with your GP.”Last year, the Masked Singer star spoke to Express.co.uk about her grandmother’s operation. She explained: “My nan had high cholesterol.