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Tastykake product recalled over undeclared ingredient

Butterscotch krimpet, cream filled buttercream iced chocolate cupcake, and peanut butter kandy kake in the studio.Tastykake celebrates 100 years for Life.

Photo by Jeremy Drey 3/10/2014 (Photo By Jeremy Drey/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Im Flower Foods, the parent company that makes Tastykake products, has recalled an item due to an undeclared ingredient. According to a company announcement, the chocolate Kandy Kakes have been recalled due to undeclared peanuts, posing a significant threat to consumers with peanut allergies. The products being recalled were distributed on May 11, 2023, to customers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia. The enjoy-by date on the product is June 5, 2023, and the UPC number is 0 25600 00225 4. Flower Foods says no illnesses or incidents were reported to date. Anyone with affected products should get rid of them or return them to the store where they were purchased for a full refund. 

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'It's given her a voice': Local musician fundraises for Autism communication tools - fox29.com - Ireland - state Delaware - county Montgomery
'It's given her a voice': Local musician fundraises for Autism communication tools
TELFORD, Pa. - April is Autism Awareness Month, and a local musician is using his performances to fundraise in different ways, including for sensory toys and devices at his five-year-old daughter’s school."Their way of thinking is normal to them, it just looks different to us," says Ray Coleman, an Irish musician and father to Céilí, who was diagnosed with autism at age two."She wasn’t answering her name when we would say her name, not much eye contact, wasn’t playing with toys properly just wasn’t meeting her milestones," says Jaclyn Coleman, Céilí’s mom.Currently, Céilí is non-verbal, but early intervention, most recently at the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, is teaching her other ways to voice her wants and needs.She started with using pictures, and is now moving to an AAC device, which looks like an iPad. Through apps, Céilí can communicate about almost anything."What she wants to play with, what she wants to eat , it’s allowing her to identify colors that she may not be able to identify," says Ali Melman, Céilí’s Early Intervention Autistic Support Teacher at MCIU.Céilí’s parents say she started to use the device at home and it’s a game changer."We could tell that she wasn’t feeling good, and she started hitting ‘My belly hurts, my belly hurts,’ on her iPad," says Jaclyn.However, these devices are not readily available.The Coleman’s say they quickly learned that they are not only expensive, but Céilí’s took nine months to come in.
Group saved from snowy trail thanks to rescuer's six-wheel drive Pinzgauer - fox29.com - state California - state Arizona - state Utah - city Moab, state Utah
Group saved from snowy trail thanks to rescuer's six-wheel drive Pinzgauer
Search and rescue workers personal six-wheel drive Pinzgauer military utility vehicle (Grand County Sheriffs Office) A group of Arizona residents and their dog have a search and rescue worker’s personal six-wheel drive military utility vehicle to thank for rescuing them from a snowy Utah trail.According to the Grand County Sheriff’s Office in Moab, Utah, the group accessed the Thompson Canyon/Polar Mesa trail at about 4,300 feet up while it was raining and snowing. Their vehicles got stuck in the mud as they tried to get up the trail.The sheriff’s office said one of the men called his wife in Arizona and asked her to call for help, but the group still continued up the trail by "winching the lead vehicle forward, with the other vehicles following in its path.""They eventually got stuck in three feet of deep snow … and were unable to move," the sheriff’s office said.READ MORE: Bullfrogs for dinner? Utah wildlife officials want you to catch – and eat – this invasive speciesAs search and rescue crews set up on both ends of the trail to start the rescue mission, one of the rescuers offered to use his personal vehicle –  a six-wheel-drive Pinzgauer all-terrain military utility vehicle – instead.He was able to reach the group at 8,500 feet up "after pushing through over a foot of sloppy mud for many miles." Snow levels had dropped to about 6,000 feet.Named Liberty and Guardian, the bald eagles were filmed shielding their only egg from the elements during a snowstorm in California.
Additional suspects sought by police after unruly crowd vandalized cars near Temple University Sunday - fox29.com
Additional suspects sought by police after unruly crowd vandalized cars near Temple University Sunday
Police are looking to identify two additional suspects they say were seen standing on a car that was vandalized by an unruly crowd near Temple's campus on Sunday.  PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia police are searching for more vandalism suspects after a large, rowdy crowd damaged multiple vehicles near Temple University on Super Bowl Sunday. Earlier this week, police released images of nine people who they wanted to speak to after a car was overturned on the 1700 block of Arlington Street Sunday afternoon. Friday morning, police released video of two additional suspects they say vandalized another car on the same block. The Philadelphia Police Department shared images of nine people who they believe helped overturn someone's vehicle on the 1700 block of Arlington Street Sunday afternoon.Police say the individuals depicted in the new video released Friday were seen standing on the hood of the second car that was parked on the 1700 block of Arlington Street. In the mayhem, that vehicle sustained damage to the body, paint, windshield, and mirrors that totaled about $5,700. Police say the two suspects shown in Friday’s video are just two of several people they are working to identify in that incident at this time. RELATED HEADLINES: FOX 29 has spoken with the owners of two cars that were damaged in the mayhem, including the silver Volvo that was flipped over onto its roof. "I looked out the window, I just saw my car upside down. It was in shambles.