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Philly social worker, foster mom opens home to help girls in need reach their full potential

PHILADELPHIA - What started as a passion for one Philadelphia woman, has given promise to dozens of girls in need of a loving, supportive home.Naima Powell has worked to change the lives of young people in Philadelphia for 20 years, and Saturday she unveiled her first center - a home for girls ages 10 to 17.The 3-bedroom house on Regent Street in Southwest Philadelphia will soon be home to six children whose families are unable to care for them.Powell, the found and director of Lighthouse Family Youth Agency, is determined to provide young girls with the comfort and security of knowing they are loved and supported. "Youth will come in through the welfare system, and our goal is to teach them and advocate with them to be the best versions of themselves," Powell said.She's been a foster mom for 20 years, providing a loving home for 15 years."My mom raised me since I was two months old after my biological mother wasn't really there for me, and built me into the person I am," said Divine Cannedy, Powell's daughter.As a social worker, Powell says her lifelong goal is to help children reach their full potential."Children between the ages of 10 to 17 need the guidance, need the support, they need people who are accepting of them," she said.

"People who believe in them, people who are committed to their dreams, desires and goals."She is looking forward to the next few weeks to see this house become a home for these children."I know this was her passion and seeing it develop and seeing the person she became and the business she built, I'm very proud of her," Powell's daughter said.If you would like to volunteer, visit the Lighthouse Family Youth Agency website.

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Paddy farmers helpless as rice plants turn yellow - newsfirst.lk - Sri Lanka
Paddy farmers helpless as rice plants turn yellow
COLOMBO (News 1st) – Sri Lankan rice farmers who feed the nation are in a situation where they cannot even afford their own meals.This can be attributed to the diseases that is turning rice plants yellow, which is spreading across a plethora of paddy lands in the country.Farmers from Henkola Wewa that falls under the Mahasen Bedum Ela Agrarian Organization in Polonnaruwa commenced the Maha Season cultivation with high hopes.However, their dreams of a rich harvest were shattered by the disease that is turning rice plants to yellow.Farmers claim that around 800 acres of rice fields have been affected, leaving the farmers at a massive loss.Farmers also said that they immediately informed the authorities when they noticed the disease in the initial stages, however, the relevant officials turned a blind eye to the issue.In addition, over 100 acres of rice fields in the Weligepola area in Ratnapura have also been affected  by the disease that is turning rice plants to yellow.Another 6,000 acres of paddy land in the Rajanganaya Agrarian Settlement have been destroyed by the same disease.The same fate had befallen many other rice cultivations across the country.The Rice Research and Development Institute (RRDI) in Bathalagoda said that tests have revealed that organic fertilizer was NOT a cause for rice plants to turn yellow.Director of the Rice Research and Development Institute (RRDI) Dr. Jayantha Senanayake told News 1st that the samples obtained from paddy lands and organic fertilizer samples obtained from the possession of farmers, are being subject to tests.He added that remedies are available to address the situation.
Kellogg's Rice Krispies gets 'spooky season' makeover with orange-colored cereal - fox29.com - France - county Orange
Kellogg's Rice Krispies gets 'spooky season' makeover with orange-colored cereal
New Kellogg's® Rice Krispies® Shocking Orange Colored Cereal makes seasonal treat making fun, festive and easier than ever. (Credit: Kellogg’s Rice Krispies) Orange in autumn represents the color of pumpkins, fallen leaves … and now Rice Krispies.Kellogg’s new Rice Krispies Shocking Orange Colored Cereal is hitting the supermarket shelves this August, according to a press release.In the spirit of the spooky season, Kellogg's is encouraging consumers to make the most of the new orange-colored cereal by creating fun and unique fall-themed treats.WENDY'S NEW FRENCH TOAST STICKS AIM TO SWEETEN BACK-TO-SCHOOL SEASONSadie Garcia, director of brand marketing at Kellogg Company, said in a statement that the new product makes it "easier" for families to embrace the popular treat-making season of Halloween."We love seeing the scary-delicious treats families dream up with Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal for the Halloween season and beyond," she said in the same statement."Our new Shocking Orange cereal offers the classic flavor and crispy crunch of Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal, plus, the festive color of the fall.""From breakfast creations to treats and tricks, we cannot wait to see what kind of creativity this product will inspire."New Kellogg's® Rice Krispies® Shocking Orange Colored Cereal makes seasonal treat making fun, festive and easier than ever.
City Hall art exhibit displays stories of “co-victims” of Philadelphia gun violence - fox29.com - county Hall
City Hall art exhibit displays stories of “co-victims” of Philadelphia gun violence
PHILADELPHIA - A powerful new art exhibit in City Hall highlights the survivors of gun violence by telling the stories of those left to carry the trauma after a loved one’s murder.Dozens are now on display, some positioned directly across from the offices of the mayor and Councilmembers."When you transition to being a co-victim and life as you know it is over, so this should be the first thing that people see," says Zarinah Lomax, who organized the "Apologues Exhibit," "We Are Here," as a co-victim herself."I simply want them to listen to these stories, hear their hearts and reach out to them and ask them what do they need, because they’ll tell you."MORE LOCAL HEADLINESAmong a temporary display of murder victims’ portraits, by Lost Dreams on Canvas Lomax, brought the families’ together for a press conference Thursday as an opportunity to show them they are not alone and to channel their grief into action. Cherisse Pearson spoke with her five-year-old twins by her side about the murder of her 17-year-old, Theodore "Trae" Crawford, earlier this year."I don’t want them having false expectations and false hopes that their brother is coming home one day," she says. "It’s everyone’s problem, you don’t want to wait until the last minute when you’re the one on this end."Lomax is already in talks of where the display can move to next and wants to connect with additional families impacted by violence in the city.