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More than $100,000 raised for 'brave' officer wounded in deadly Deptford shooting

DEPTFORD, N.J. - Answering the call. Friends, fellow law enforcement, local residents and beyond have rallied behind a hero police officer injured in the line-of-duty last week.A GoFundMe has surpassed its $100,000 goal in just four days to raise donations for Deptford Township Officer Bobby Shisler.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the running total has reached $101,458.Shisler was struck when a pedestrian stop escalated into a foot pursuit, struggle and shooting that left the officer injured and the suspect dead.RELATED COVERAGE: 'Brave' officer has 'long recovery ahead' after being shot in deadly Deptford shootingThe officer is still recovering after being rushed to a local hospital for emergency surgery, then placed in stable condition.The NJSPBA said the 4-year veteran has a "long recovery" ahead of him a day after the shooting."This brave 4-year veteran was in the fight of his life yesterday. He suffered critical life-threatening injuries."In addition to the skyrocketing donation page, a local shop also raised significant funds with a custom T-shirts just for Officer Shisler.RELATED COVERAGE: Support for Deptford officer shot grows beyond Gloucester County, reaching across the U.S."The shirt sales have exploded and it’s amazing," exclaimed Nikki Foreman, co-designer at In Stitches Monogramming.

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Samantha Power - Julie Chung - Free TSP fertilizer for North & East farmers; Distribution for other areas to commence soon - - Usa - Sri Lanka
Free TSP fertilizer for North & East farmers; Distribution for other areas to commence soon
COLOMBO (News 1st);Sri Lanka's Agriculture Ministry said that 1.2 million local farmers will be given Triple Super Phosphate or TSP Fertilizer free of charge from Monday (20), after three harvesting seasons.The shipment of 36,000 metric tons  Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and procured by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for distribution free-of-charge to farmers.Accordingly, 11,537 MT of TSP fertilizer will be issued to farmers in the Northern, and Eastern Provinces.TSP Fertilizer will be issued via all Agrarian Services Centers in the country.The Ministry of Agriculture said that TSP Fertilizer will be issued to other areas to commence harvesting.According to the ministry, 55 kg of fertilizer is recommended for one hectare of paddy cultivation.More than a million Sri Lankan paddy farmers in all 25 districts will get vital assistance through a shipment of over 36,000 metric tons of fertilizer handed over by the United States to the Ministry of Agriculture. This second shipment of USAID-supported fertilizer is delivered on a promise USAID Administrator Samantha Power made last September in response to Sri Lanka’s food security challenges. It brings the total of USAID-supported TSP and urea fertilizer to more than 45,000MT over the last year.U.S.
'We are global changers': Imhotep Institute Charter students solve real world problems with technology - - state Mississippi - Ghana - county Wilson - city Germantown - Jackson, state Mississippi
'We are global changers': Imhotep Institute Charter students solve real world problems with technology
EAST GERMANTOWN - Students at Imhotep Charter High School are changing lives through their stem program. Through the use of 3D printers, they are bringing clean water everywhere from Mississippi to Ghana."I am one of the first people in my family to be doing something this big," student JaNiece Watters said.Five months ago, STEM ambassadors from Imhotep Institute Charter High School traveled to Jackson, Mississippi to aid in the city’s water crisis.RELATED COVERAGE:Student Musa Wilson stated, "Knowing that we changed lives down in Jackson, Mississippi is really monumental for us, especially as young, Black kids."Now the students will be taking 3D printed water filters overseas to a town in Ghana, called Kheta, where the water can’t even be used to wash hands."We’re going to be helping over 3,000 students across 10 different schools in Ghana," Watters continued.From water filter design and 3D printing, to product testing and research, each of the students has a fundamental role in the life-changing project."We’re trying to produce 200 and it probably takes around seven to eight hours to make one, so we’re getting ahead early," student Cyril Woodland said.Shirley Posey is the director of STEM at Imhotep and says being proud is an understatement."We’re trying to cultivate our scholars to be critical thinkers, to be problem solvers.
Local cancer survivor raising funds to find less toxic cancer treatments after experiencing heart failure - - county Chester
Local cancer survivor raising funds to find less toxic cancer treatments after experiencing heart failure
Chester County teen Matthew Hauser survived cancer, but chemotherapy treatments have damaged his heart.  (Bill Hauser)PHILADELPHIA - A local teen who survived cancer is now raising funds to help other patients avoid devastating outcomes after treatment. Matthew Hauser of Chester County was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, when he was two years old. Chemotherapy treatments helped him beat cancer, but they also caused damage to his heart. Matthew had no problems keeping up with his family's active lifestyle until the summer of 2022, when he began to experience heart failure. Doctors put in a heart pump to help, but later said the teen would need a heart transplant. Despite his personal battles, Matthew is on a mission to help others. The teen is one of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Student Visionaries of the Year for the Greater Philadelphia area. He aims to raise $200,000 to create less toxic treatments for childhood cancer. Matthew and his dad joined Good Day Philadelphia to discuss his mission. He told FOX 29's Karen Hepp that his goal is to find therapies that will allow cancer patients "live a safer and more normal and controlled life" FOX 29's Karen Hepp speaks with Matthew Hauser, a local cancer survivor who is suffering from heart failure as a result of cancer treatment. The teen is now raising money to help find less toxic therapies to treat childhood cancer.Hauser's fundraiser ends on Thursday night at 7 p.m.
Teacher's TikTok plea helps clear thousands of dollars in school lunch debt - - state Utah
Teacher's TikTok plea helps clear thousands of dollars in school lunch debt
HEBER CITY, Utah - A Utah middle school teacher has used the power of TikTok trends to raise more than $31,000 for students who owe lunch debt in his district.Garrett Jones, who teaches seventh and eighth graders in Heber City, Utah, said it all started when he noticed the TikTok trend of people saying, "If someone would Venmo me a dollar I could ________.""A lot of it was like, ‘pay for my wedding,' ‘take my kids to Disneyland,' ‘take six months off of work,'" he told FOX TV Stations in an interview. READ MORE: Family raises over $250,000 for pizza delivery worker who fell on their porchJones, however, asked his followers for $1 donations to pay the outstanding lunch fees for every student at his school, "because the last thing a kid should be worrying about is how much they owe for meals at a place they’re legally obligated to be," his video said."I kind of did it as a joke at first. I just thought it would be cool to put a more meaningful or positive spin on that trend," Jones recalled.When he first had the idea, Jones thought he could raise "$200 or $300 and maybe be able to help a couple of students.""I’d be thrilled with that, just helping a couple," he said.Rocky Mountain Middle School teacher Garrett Jones and his broadcasting class (Garrett Jones) But Jones’ plea resonated with people — by the thousands — and quickly took off.
Philadelphia non-profit trying to replace stolen community fridge -
Philadelphia non-profit trying to replace stolen community fridge
PHILADELPHIA - A local non-profit organization is asking for their community fridge to be returned after they say it was stolen from a North Philadelphia neighborhood. Executive Director of As I Plant This Seed said on Instagram the fridge was stolen from outside their ‘Tree House’ property on the 3500 block of North 9th Street. The community fridge was accessible to anyone in need of food and was stocked by kindhearted people with a little extra to spare."Anybody in the neighborhood could put food in, take food out, it's pretty much a helping type of situation," Mentor Tysheen Wilson told FOX 29. MORE LOCAL HEADLINESAs I Plant This Seed is an organization whose goal is to uplift young people in the community, they set up the community fridge 9 months ago.Program Coordinator Sharen Mackrey said the theft will create a void in the community."We're in a neighborhood where it's food insecure, so this is a food desert neighborhood, and it hurts the community that someone came to steal the entire refrigerator."The organization says it has limited funds and is looking for donations to replace and restock the community fridge. "I'm hoping everyone can collectively come together, just pull together and try to right this wrong," Tiara Blackwell said. Anyone interested in helping As I Plant This Seed replace their community fridge can reach out to the organization on social media.
USD 7 Million worth medicines from US Charity to Sri Lanka - - Usa - Sri Lanka - Washington - state Kansas
USD 7 Million worth medicines from US Charity to Sri Lanka
COLOMBO (News 1st) – Heart to Heart International has obtained all necessary government approvals for the third in-kind donation of urgent medical aid, worth an approximate of $7,270,756.31 USD ( LKR 2.7 billion), to the people of Sri Lanka, said the Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington DC. The latest donation includes an extensive volume of urgent medicines such as: Propranolol Hydrochloride and Labetalol HCL to treat high blood pressure and other heart problems; Potassium Chloride to treat low levels of potassium in the body; Quetiapine Fumarate to treat certain mental/mood conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders etc.; and Allopurinol to decrease high blood uric acid levels and prevent gout (a form of arthritis). In coordination with the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka and the Embassy, the third donation is due to reach Colombo, Sri Lanka, via air on 29 December 2022.Similar to former donations, all expenses will be borne by Heart to Heart International, and the Ministry of Health will receive the donation for immediate distribution at no cost to the people of Sri Lanka. Thus far, the total in-kind donation provided by Heart to Heart International to the people of Sri Lanka is worth an approx. total of $19,915,909.38 USD (i.e., LKR 7.4 billion). Headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, Heart to Heart International (HHI) is a global humanitarian organization focused on improving access to health. Since its inception in 1992, HHI has delivered medical aid and supplies worth $2.5 billion to more than 130 countries, including within the United States.