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Chiefs' Reid, Bills' McDermott to match wits for AFC title

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Ten years after firing Sean McDermott as his defensive coordinator, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid will stare across the field inside Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday and see his protégé trying to spoil his hopes of a Super Bowl repeat.Funny thing: Even after firing him, Reid suspected deep down that McDermott was destined for big things.“Very organized, very smart and very tough,” he explained this week. “He came from a coaching family — his dad was a heck of a coach.

Sean just kind of picked up right from there. Very solid, very good.”In fact, downright exceptional.McDermott has the long-suffering Buffalo Bills playing in their first AFC championship game since beating Kansas City on Jan.

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ROME – The French doctor who discovered the genetic basis of Down syndrome but spent his career advocating against abortion as a result of prenatal diagnosis has taken his first major step to possible sainthood. Pope Francis on Thursday approved the “heroic virtues” of Dr.

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