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Son who battered mum to death with hammer hid mental health relapse in pandemic

A son who beat his mum to death managed to hide signs that his schizophrenia was getting worse in the weeks before he killed her.

And a court heard that changes to appointments as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic had made it harder for doctors to assess patients like Andrew Tinton.

The 55-year-old used a lump hammer to kill 82-year-old mum Rose Marie Tinton at their home.

Pathologists said she had been struck at least 30 times during the frenzied January 2021 attack.

He was detained in hospital under the mental health act earlier this week after admitting his guilt over the killing.

Our sister title the Liverpool Echo reports he later tried to take his own life.

Liverpool Crown Court heard on Thursday how Tinton had lived with mental health problems for almost 30 years and was receiving treatment for paranoid schizophrenia for much of that time.

Psychiatrists treating him said he appeared to be largely compliant with the medication and appointment regime set out for him by doctors and was coping with the condition.

That changed rapidly against the backdrop of the pandemic, as well as the death of his dad, who doctors said was a central figure in his life.

Nigel Power, QC, prosecuting, said Covid restrictions meant the appointments he normally would have attended in person were only held remotely.

Despite this, psychiatrists continued to monitor him over the phone, checking on his mental state and whether he was taking his medication.

At first, it appeared that he was coping fairly well but he told them he found lockdown restrictions difficult.

Then, in the summer, his dad was admitted to hospital with cancer. He was later discharged but died in August.

His death affected Tinton and his mum deeply, with a judge saying his dad

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A son who beat his mum to death managed to hide signs that his schizophrenia was getting worse in the weeks before he killed her.
Ukraine invasion, an independent investigation has found that he has been ill for five years. Independent Russian media outlet Proekt looked into Vladimir Putin's lengthy public absences and medical visits from 2017, surmising that he has been ill since then.

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