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Ax-murdering husband James Krauseneck convicted 4 decades after 1982 crime

A combination of economist James Krauseneck's booking photo and a family portrait of his slain wife Cathleen Krauseneck and their daughter, Sara. Krauseneck's trial is underway for the alleged ax murder of his wife in 1982. (Facebook/Brighton Police A New York man has finally been convicted of the murder of his wife approximately four decades after the crime occurred. In 1982, James Krauseneck Jr., now 69, bashed Cathleen Krauseneck, 29, in the head with an ax after she discovered that he had not completed his Ph.D.

as he had claimed, according to local newspaper The Democrat & Chronicle.Cathleen’s murder had remained unsolved for years. The slaying, known as "the Brighton Ax Murder," inspired the 2021 Netflix horror film, "Things Heard & Seen."The couple had a 3-year-old daughter, Sara, at the time, and Krauseneck had been working at the Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, New York, a city near the Canadian border.On the day of his sentencing, Sept. 26, 2022, Krauseneck was led away in handcuffs following the verdict.

Being deemed a flight risk, he will be held until sentencing on Nov. 7 in front of New York State Supreme Court Justice Charles Schiano.Krauseneck, who previously taught economics at Lynchburg College in Virginia, initially told police that when he arrived home from work on Feb. 19, 1982, he found the garage door open, glass on the floor and his wife dead with an ax sticking out of her head.

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Army Troops in Mali awarded Special Service Medal for defusing IEDs - - Sri Lanka - Mali
Army Troops in Mali awarded Special Service Medal for defusing IEDs
COLOMBO (News 1st) – Alertness, coupled with battle-hardened experience and professionalism of Sri Lanka Combat Convoy Company (CCC) troops, practiced in Mali under life-threatening circumstances resulted in the award of a special service medal to Major R.A.D.M.D Senevirathna of 12 Sri Lanka Engineers (SLE) in the CCC during an appreciative meeting.During a recent logistics convoy from Gao to Kidal in Mali, the Sri Lanka Search and Detection team of the CCC uncovered two Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and effectively defused both of them before they caused a bloodbath. Mali-based CCC under the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) has been engaged in convoy protection duties in Mali since the year 2017.Lieutenant General Cornelis Johannes Matthijssen, the Force Commander, MINUSMA upon arrival at the CCC camp, highly appreciated the professional competence of the troops of the 4th Combat Convoy Company of Sri Lanka Army and awarded a Service Appreciation Medal to the senior officer, Major R.A.D.M.D Senevirathna of 12 Sri Lanka Engineers (SLE) who discovered both landmines, buried near the roadside.The MINUSMA Force Commander spoke highly of the CCC’s professional management of the defusion, alertness, attention, and diligence after their exclusive detection by the said Officer and the CCC troops, responsible for search and detection operations.In the past 2-3 months, tribal terrorist groups in Mali have intensified their fierce internecine violent acts targeting their rivals as well as UN troops serving the landlocked country. Similarly, their brutal terrorist attacks have posed a formidable threat to all UN troops, deployed for UN peacekeeping assignments.
Foreign Ministry in contact with Ukrainian Govt to ensure welfare of Lankan students - - city New Delhi - Sri Lanka - Ukraine - city Ankara
Foreign Ministry in contact with Ukrainian Govt to ensure welfare of Lankan students
COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that it has ascertained with regard to veracity of information of the seven Sri Lankan medical students who were discovered in the recaptured region of Kharkiv, Ukraine.The Ministry also stated that it has requested to provide more information on it as a matter of priority, given the need to ensure the welfare of Sri Lankan nationals in Ukraine, and assures that it is in contact with Ukrainian Government through the Embassy in Ankara.A briefing by the Ukrainian President Voldomyr Zelenskyy on Saturday (17) revealed that seven Sri Lankan students, who were attending Kupyansk Medical College, were discovered in a basement in the recaptured area. The students were being held in the area since last March, and were being directed for medical attention, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said.The full release is as follows;The attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been drawn to a news item which has appeared in the local print and electronic media and is circulating on social media on 17 September, with regard to the rescue of seven (07) Sri Lankan students from Kupyansk Medical College in the Kharkiv region in Ukraine.The Ministry has requested the Ukrainian Government to ascertain the veracity of the news item, as well as to provide more information on it as a matter of priority, given the need to ensure the welfare of Sri Lankan nationals in Ukraine. The Ministry is in close communication with the Ukrainian Government through the Sri Lanka Embassy in Ankara which is concurrently accredited to Ukraine, as well as through the Ukrainian Embassy in New Delhi, in order to obtain further information on this matter.
Norristown dance instructor arrested after woman finds hidden camera in studio bathroom, police say - - state Pennsylvania - city Norristown, state Pennsylvania
Norristown dance instructor arrested after woman finds hidden camera in studio bathroom, police say
NORRISTOWN, Pa. - A Norristown dance instructor has been arrested after a woman discovered a hidden camera in the studio bathroom. Authorities say the Norristown Police Department took a report from a woman who attended a private dance lesson at Frankie G Dance Academy, located at 1705 Kendrick Lane. According to police, the woman said the instructor gave her clothes from the dance studio and asked her to try them on. The woman went into the studio's bathroom and noticed a cell phone charging block in the wall while changing, officials say. MORE LOCAL HEADLINESPolice say the woman recalled seeing a video on TikTok warning about charging blocks that can be disguised as hidden cameras and she inspected it, learning it was a pinhole camera. According to authorities, the woman removed the data card from the camera, which contained video of her changing and she turned it over to Norristown police. After interviewing several people, a search warrant was obtained for the location along with an arrest warrant for the owner, 37-year-old Francis Gerarn Laurenzi, who is also known as "Frankie G," authorities say. During a search of the property, police confirmed that the studio was unlicensed and operating in the basement of the property on Kendrick Lane, according to officials. Police say Laurenzi was taken into custody and multiple electronic devices, including media storage items, were taken from the property. Authorities are working to process the files to identify victims. In a Thursday afternoon press conference, police said Laurenzi was charged with invasion of privacy and related offenses. Police are asking anyone who has taken dance lessons at the FG Dance Academy on Kendrick Lane to contact Norristown Police at
New long-fingered bat species discovered in India, Sri Lanka - - India - Sri Lanka
New long-fingered bat species discovered in India, Sri Lanka
An international team of researchers has found a new species of long-fingered bats in India and Sri Lanka, close on the heels of the discovery of a thick-thumbed bat species in Meghalaya.The team led by Tharaka Kusuminda of University of Ruhuna in the island country named the new species of long-fingered bats as Miniopterus phillipsi.It was named after W W A Philips (1892-1981) in recognition of his contributions to studies on the mammals of Sri Lanka and South Asia.The specimens for this species were collected from Idulgashinna cave in Uva Province in Sri Lanka and are now deposited in the Natural History Museum of the neighbouring country.The initial research was carried out in Sri Lanka in 2019 and it took three years to be completed in both Sri Lanka and India.The discovery has been published in Acta Chiropterologica, an international scientific journal.Researchers found that the population of long-fingered bats in Robber's cave in Mahabaleshwar in the Western Ghats of India also belongs to this species which was earlier mistaken as Eastern bent-winged bats.The long-fingered bats belonging to the family Miniopteridae are part of a large group comprising at least 40 species worldwide.They have similar morphology and overlapping dimensions rendering species identification problematic.To describe this new species, researchers have DNA barcoded the specimens from India and Sri Lanka and compared them with all other Asian members of this group and found strong evidence for these specimens as belonging to a distinct species.Besides, researchers also analysed the morphological and anatomical features of the new species with the congeners occurring in India and Sri Lanka and found that the new species is indeed distinct,