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Won’t recreate a beggar nation – President

COLOMBO (News 1st) –  Sri Lankan president Ranil Wickremesinghe said that as a policy it is accepted that a government should not be running businesses, except that the government will stay in the financial sector.He said on Thursday (23) that the government will build the state-owned banks and make them stronger, however, they will be operated as commercial banks."We won't mind giving a part of the minority shares to the deposit holders,' said the President adding that it will bring some discipline.He said the future digital economy will be export oriented with social protection, which is also environmentally friendly for a Blue-Green economy."We need to go ahead. We can't be begging anymore and we can't be asking for countries for loans any more.

We have to learn to stand on our own feet. I certainly don't like to recreate a beggar nation," said the President. 

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Kamal Gunaratne - Children work together without discrimination – Sec. Def. -
Children work together without discrimination – Sec. Def.
COLOMBO (News 1st) – The need for peaceful co-existence and unity among the races is felt more strongly than at any time in history, in our country where different races live together and children in all parts of the island are working together without discrimination, Defence Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne said on Wednesday (26).The National Cadet Corps (NCC), including in the North and Eastern Provinces, is doing silent service to build harmony among nationalities supporting the government's program after lasting peace was restored in the country.The Defence Secretary made these remarks while gracing as the Chief Guest of the passing out parade of NCC Hermann Loos & De Soyza Championship – 2022 held at the NCC Training Centre at Rantembe.The Defence Secretary also said there is an opinion in society that children who are engaged in cadet activities during school period acquire leadership qualities, discipline, the persistent performance of their duties, the ability to face challenges and live with self-confidence when socializing as adults and it reflects well through them.He congratulated the cadets who won the national championship as well as all the other cadet platoons who competed very well in the competition. He also paid his gratitude to their parents for directing their children to the training activities of the NCC and for being a great strength to them.General Gunaratne in his address said that our children should be prepared to face the emerging world as future employment sector is undergoing a massive transformation and accordingly, digital technology methods such as artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, robotics etc.
Dinesh Gunawardena - PM wants ILO to help setup digital database for labor - - Sri Lanka
PM wants ILO to help setup digital database for labor
COLOMBO (News 1st) – Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena requested the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to assist the government’s initiative to establish a digital database of the labor workforce in Sri Lanka. He pointed out that the Ministry of Labour has taken steps to establish a comprehensive digitalized database of the workforce and urged the ILO to assist in expediting the process.This was discussed when ILO Country Director Simrin C Singh and Senior Employment Specialist of ILO Headquarters, Sher Verick called on him at the prime Minister’s Office yesterday (13).The Prime Minister briefed them on the impact of the Covid pandemic and economic crisis on the labor workforce and the short-term and long-term steps taken by the government to recover the economy and to help the workers, especially the low-income labor force.Simrin Singh said despite some signs of positive trends, most developing countries including Sri Lanka are faced with difficulties due to the global recession, limited fiscal space, debt sustainability challenges, and rising inflation. She pointed out that these issues have resulted in a labor market crisis.Prime Minister Gunawardena stressed that the government was very keen to make the labor workforce upwardly mobile and explained the multitude of training programs launched for skill development. Increasing the quality and quantity of jobs is the surest way of moving people out of poverty, he said. Employment Specialist Sher Verick said that the founding principles of the ILO are concerned not only with ensuring sources of income, but also as a means for people to live a self-determined life, and for participating fully as citizens in their communities.Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment
Jimmy Carter - Jimmy Carter to celebrate 98th birthday with family, baseball in Georgia hometown - - Georgia - city Atlanta, Georgia
Jimmy Carter to celebrate 98th birthday with family, baseball in Georgia hometown
PLAINS, Ga. - It's a special day for the oldest-living former U.S. president and Georgia native Jimmy Carter.Carter is celebrating yet another milestone Saturday - his 98th birthday.The former president will celebrate his birthday with family and friends in Plains, the tiny Georgia town where he and his wife, 95-year-old Rosalynn, were born in the years between World War I and the Great Depression.HERE'S HOW YOU CAN WISH JIMMY CARTER A HAPPY 98TH BIRTHDAYJason Carter, the former president’s grandson now leading the Carter Center board, described his grandfather, an outspoken Christian, as content with his life and legacy."He is looking at his 98th birthday with faith in God’s plan for him," the younger Carter, 47, said, "and that’s just a beautiful blessing for all of us to know, personally, that he is at peace and happy with where he has been and where he’s going."Jason Carter said his grandfather is mostly looking forward to a simple day that includes watching his favorite Major League Baseball team, the Atlanta Braves, on television.CEO OF CARTER CENTER REFLECTS ON JIMMY CARTER'S LEGACY ON 98TH BIRTHDAYIf you'd like to wish the Georgia native a happy birthday, the Carter Center has set up a digital board for people to post heartfelt birthday messages on its website.Former President Jimmy Carter interviewed for "The Presidents' Gatekeepers" project at the Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia, September 14, 2011.
First Mexican Pizza. Could Taco Bell bring back the Double Decker or Enchirito? - - Mexico
First Mexican Pizza. Could Taco Bell bring back the Double Decker or Enchirito?
The Double Decker Taco and the Enchirito. (Credit: Taco Bell Corp.) IRVINE, Calif. - After bringing back the Mexican Pizza, Taco Bell is now deciding whether the Double Decker Taco or the Enchirito should return.The fast-food chain has launched a contest for customers to vote on which discontinued food item should be added back to the menu.Voting ends October 6, and the winner will be announced on October 7. RELATED: Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza returning (for good this time) Sept. 15"One is handheld, the other is jaw-dropping," the company said on its website.The website said the Double Decker Taco first made its menu debut in 1995 but was discontinued in 2019.The company described the taco as a "hybrid taco is made up of a soft flour tortilla layered with beans, then wrapped around a traditional crunchy taco shell filled with seasoned beef, crispy lettuce, and cheddar cheese."Sam Reid talks with FOX Television Stations about his health experiment and love for Taco Bell.The Enchirito was unveiled in 1970, but its run ended in 2013. "The Enchirito is made up of a soft flour tortilla, loaded with seasoned beef, beans and diced onions all rolled up and smothered with its classic red sauce before being topped with melted shredded cheddar cheese," the company said. In order to vote, participants must download the app. "On the heels of the love and passion we saw for Mexican Pizza, we wanted to continue elevating the voices of our most loyal fans by giving them exclusive access to a uniquely digital experience that fosters brand love," Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell's Chief Brand Officer, said in a news release. RELATED: Taco Bell opens first restaurant with high-tech drive-thru experienceTaco Bell put the Mexican Pizza back on the