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Community Covid testing centres to close nationwide

The HSE has announced that Covid-19 community testing centres will close nationwide from Thursday.

In a statement, the HSE said the online self-referral portal for ordering PCR tests will also be closed.

It said the decision was made following updated public health advice, which states that Covid-19 testing is "no longer recommended for the vast majority of people".

The HSE National Director for Public Health, Dr John Cuddihy, said that the changes are being made "on best available evidence in relation to managing Covid-19".

He said that if people have Covid-19 symptoms or other viral respiratory tract infections, they do not need a Covid-19 test and should instead stay at home and limit their contact with others until 48 hours after the symptoms have resolved.

The HSE said that from this Thursday, health care workers who are close contacts of people with Covid-19 will no longer have to do antigen tests, and therefore the antigen-ordering portal on the HSE's website will close. It said that specific guidance will be issued to health and care workers.

PCR and antigen testing will continue to be used by doctors in hospitals and GP settings, according to the HSE, "for the purpose of diagnosing and deciding on the provision of treatment for Covid-19 to a patient".

Eileen Whelan, HSE Lead for Covid-19 Test and Trace and Vaccination, said: "A reduced contact tracing service will remain and contact tracing will be limited to those who have had a positive test in settings and scenarios (such as hospitals and long term care facilities) where further transmission is likely, and could have serious impact based on Public Health Risk Assessment."


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