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Nor'easter batters New Jersey shore town raising concerns about ongoing beach erosion

PHILADELPHIA - The New Jersey coast was hammered by a powerful nor'easter that battered beaches dealing with erosion issues that have undergone multi-million dollar replenishment projects. Ocean City recently wrapped up a $24.5M project that added over a million cubic yards of sand to the beach from 14th street to Seaview Avenue. Locals believe this week's storm that brought everything from tropical storm force winds to rain and snow to areas along mid-Atlantic coast wreaked havoc on the recently finished project. "All of that sand hasn't really set yet, so it just gets wiped away when we get bigger storms," said local surfer Cooper Lysinger, who enjoyed the large swells produced by the late-winter noreaster.

"It was the craziest thing I've seen in a long time." MORE LOCAL HEADLINESKimberly McKenna, from Stockton University's Coastal Research Center, says higher global temperatures bring higher tides. And while big storms churning sand isn't uncommon for this time of year, it's not desirable for shore towns to constantly require beach replenishment work. "When they design those beach fills, they add that into their design – these brief storms, there minor storms, this passage of low pressure systems," McKenna said.

"So they tend to put more sand in areas such as northern Ocean City – that area from 6th Street to about 20th – where you see more damage is, because it's influenced by the inlets."McKenna called Ocean City a dynamic island of beachfront property that's always influx since it's separated by two inlets. Meanwhile, municipal efforts are being placed on monitoring and resisting the offshore wind farms that are planned for about 15 miles offshore.

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Eddie Kadhim - Residents voice concerns about spate of Philadelphia shootings involving teens, car thefts - - city Philadelphia
Residents voice concerns about spate of Philadelphia shootings involving teens, car thefts
PHILADELPHIA - Concerns about gun violence are mounting for residents in two Philadelphia neighborhoods where police say teens were injured in shootings that involved attempted car thefts. Carlian Burns lives near the intersection of 24th Street and Ridge Avenue where police say a 16-year-old old and an 18-year-old were shot during a suspected car theft Friday morning."It’s wild because something is always happening," Burns said. Both shooting victims were found by police and taken to Temple University Hospital where the 18-year-old who suffered multiple gunshot wounds was placed in critical condition. MORE LOCAL HEADLINESHours earlier, police in Philadelphia's Tacony section said a shootout erupted in broad daylight when the owner of a Toyota sedan caught two teens attempting to steal the car.An 18-year-old was shot multiple times in the exchange of gunfire with the vehicle's owner, who police say is licensed to carry a firearm and is cooperating with the investigation. The second suspect who was inside the driver's seat when the gunfight erupted managed to drive the stolen car about a block before he crashed and fled on foot, according to police. "I feel like we're living in the Wild, Wild, West right now, with no laws and no honor," Sherron Weeks said. A Philadelphia neighborhood is left shaken after police say a gun battle erupted in broad daylight between a car thief and the owner of the vehicle.She's experienced the violence plaguing North Philadelphia first-hand, telling FOX 29's Eddie Kadhim that she was attacked in her neighborhood over a month ago."They're hurting us around here, I just got stabbed in my head and my arm by a woman who took my coat right there on 23rd and Ridge," Weeks said. Rita Henderson from
Ranil Wickremesinghe - Sri Lanka will not risk offering debt treatment outside IMF program – President - - China - Japan - India - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka will not risk offering debt treatment outside IMF program – President
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe has expressed gratitude to the Paris Club, Japan, India, and China for enabling cooperation required to reach an IMF facility for the country.In an open letter to Sri Lanka's Official Bilateral Creditors, President Wickremesinghe noted that the government deployed all efforts to demonstrate our commitment to the EFF program and relentlessly engage on the path to reforms. He said the administration has already implemented major reforms by way of prior actions agreed with the IMF.The President said his government introduced a robust  reform agenda aimed at achieving debt sustainability, strengthening governance, widening the social safety nets supporting the most vulnerable and ensuring we can grow an inclusive  economy attractive to international business. He said this is how Sri Lanka will improve the lives of its people and ensure they are first in line to benefit from improvements in our economic conditions.The President has requested creditors to maintain and even enlarge and strengthen official bilateral creditor coordination in the context of Sri Lanka's forthcoming engagement. He called on the Paris Club  bilateral partners, in particular Japan, together with all our other official bilateral partners,  including India and China, to garner and foster coordination as you best see fit.The Presidnet noted that Sri Lanka is committed to communicate transparently with all on any debt treatment terms that are agreed with any creditor or group of creditors, before being formalized. The President in his letter has also committed not to resume debt service to any creditor unless that creditor agrees on a comprehensive debt treatment in line with IMF-supported
Sinopec and China Merchant delegates in Colombo to enhance cooperation, investments - - China - Sri Lanka - Hong Kong
Sinopec and China Merchant delegates in Colombo to enhance cooperation, investments
COLOMBO (News 1st); Top delegations from the Sinopec Group (Ranking 5th in the Fortune Global 500 list of 2022) and the China Merchants Group (152nd) are currently visiting Sri Lanka.The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka tweeted that the delegates are in the country to enhance cooperation and further investment on petroleum & chemicals, trade, and port & industrial park operation.China Merchants Group: China Merchants Group (CMG) is a state-owned backbone enterprise headquartered in Hong Kong. CMG was founded in the Self-strengthening Movement in the late Qing Dynasty in 1872. As the first joint-stock company in modern China, it established the first merchant fleet, the first bank and the first insurance company in China, pioneering China's modern national shipping industry and driving the development of many other modern industries, and occupying an important position in the history of China's modern economic and social development. China Merchants Group is also the parent company of the Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG).Sinopec Corp:China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec Corp) is a listed company on domestic and international stock exchanges with integrated upstream, midstream and downstream operations, strong oil & petrochemical core businesses and a complete marketing network. Sinopec Corp.
Xi Jinping - Kim Jong Un - Iran, Saudi Arabia to resume diplomatic relations with China's help - - China - Iran - city Beijing - Usa - Saudi Arabia - North Korea - Yemen - county Gulf
Iran, Saudi Arabia to resume diplomatic relations with China's help
China lowers the chance of armed conflict between the Mideast rivals — both directly and in proxy conflicts around the region.The deal, struck in Beijing this week amid its ceremonial National People’s Congress, represents a major diplomatic victory for the Chinese as Gulf Arab states perceive the United States slowly withdrawing from the wider Middle East. It also comes as diplomats have been trying to end a long war in Yemen, a conflict in which both Iran and Saudi Arabia are deeply entrenched.The two countries released a joint communique on the deal with China, which brokered the agreement as President Xi Jinping was awarded a third five-year term as leader earlier Friday.Xi, whose administration in recent days has relaunched a campaign to challenge the U.S.-led Western liberal order with warnings of "conflict and confrontation," was credited in a trilateral statement with facilitating the talks through a "noble initiative" and having personally agreed to sponsor the negotiations that lasted from Monday through Friday.READ MORE: Sister of Kim Jong Un warns North Korea ready to act against US, SouthVideos showed Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, meeting with Saudi national security adviser Musaad bin Mohammed al-Aiban and Wang Yi, China's most senior diplomat.The statement calls for reestablishing ties and reopening embassies to happen "within a maximum period of two months." A meeting by their foreign ministers is also planned.In the video, Wang could be heard offering "wholehearted congratulations" on the two countries' "wisdom.""Both sides have displayed sincerity," he said.
Ali Sabry - Sri Lanka hopes for stronger relations with Saudi Arabia - - Sri Lanka - Saudi Arabia - city Colombo
Sri Lanka hopes for stronger relations with Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka was expecting its long-standing ties with Saudi Arabia to grow stronger, Foreign Minister Ali Sabry said on Monday, after meeting with a delegation from the Saudi Fund for Development.Sabry hosted the Saudi delegation led by Mohammed Almasoud, the SFD’s director of central and west Asia operations, in the capital Colombo and said Sri Lanka was grateful for the fund’s “continuous assistance despite challenges” as well its support on an extension of an International Monetary Fund loan.“The longstanding Sri Lanka-Saudi bilateral relationship will grow from strength to strength,” Sabry said in a tweet.The minister visited the Kingdom last month, discussing with his Saudi counterpart Prince Faisal bin Farhan ways to boost economic and energy cooperation between the two countries.Sabry had then presented Sri Lanka as a gateway to not only south Asia but the rest of the continent – an “ideal place” to do business. His trip followed a series of high-level engagements by Sri Lankan officials with the Kingdom last year.During Monday’s meeting, the Saudi government pledged to continue providing financial assistance for projects in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan lawmaker Mohamed Shariff Thowfeek said after taking part in the talks.“This was a great gesture from the Saudi government at a time when some countries have stopped their aid in the midst of the economic crisis,” Thowfeek told Arab News.The SFD has given at least 15 development loans worth $425 million to Sri Lanka, which have financed various projects in water, energy, health, roads, and education.
Trinco Port commences night operations with state-of-the-art technology - - Japan - Sri Lanka
Trinco Port commences night operations with state-of-the-art technology
COLOMBO (News 1st); The Trinco Night Navigation Operations Project at the Trincomalee Harbour was launched recently, and is now in operation.Trincomalee Harbour, a natural deep-water harbor, is considered the fifth largest natural harbor in the world. Despite its world-class recognition among industrial and tourist ports, the development and operations of the Port of Trincomalee were hampered due to the rapid development of the Port of Colombo and the lack of potential to perform night operations. Vessels calling at the port at night had to enter the port during the daytime of the following day, after anchoring at the out-harbor waters during the previous night, which caused interruptions to port operations and their efficiency.As a result of fruitful discussions between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Government of Japan in 2017, the two governments entered into an agreement to implement a grant aid under the Japanese Non-Project Grant Aid Program 2017, also known as the Economic & Social Development Program. Accordingly, this grant aid of 01 billion Japanese Yen was provided for the Night Navigation Operations Project at the Port of Trincomalee, which included a state-of-the-art Vessel Traffic Management System, Radar Equipment, Lighthouse Equipment, 16 Navigation Buoys, 02 Mooring Buoys, 02 400KV Generators, 14 Fire Pumps with machinery, and a Pilot Vessel provided by the Japan International Cooperation System (JICS) with the assistance of the Government and the People of Japan.The Trinco Night Navigation Operations Project, which includes all of this equipment and facilities, was handed over for operations on February 17, 2023, at a function held at the Port of Trincomalee.
Dinesh Gunawardena - JICA to resume projects after IMF deal is finalized - - Japan - Usa - Sri Lanka
JICA to resume projects after IMF deal is finalized
COLOMBO (News 1st); JICA is set to resume its ongoing projects in Sri Lanka no sooner the IMF package on debt restructuring finalized, said the Prime Minister's Media Division.Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena urged the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to recommence all the ongoing projects that are temporarily halted due to fiscal issues.He made this request when Director General of the South Asia Department of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Teruyuki Ito met him on Monday (20).Teruyuki Ito assured the Prime Minister that JICA projects would be resumed no sooner the debt restructuring programme is finalized by the International Monetary Fund.12 JAICA projects worth US$ 2.5 billion have been temporarily halted due to the fiscal crisis. The JICA delegation had expressed satisfaction over the progress in debt restructuring plans, in which Japan also played a major role.The Prime Minister thanked JICA Director General for the continuous assistance provided to Sri Lanka for several decades for water treatment, sewerage, sanitation and solid waste treatment projects in several cities and towns. He also requested JICA to provide assistance in new areas such as renewable energy and electrification of public transport and railways.Prime Minister Gunawardena also briefed the JICA delegation about the steps taken to improve transparency and accountability in project implementation by enacting required legislations as recommended by the Committee appointed by the President. He added that a Budget Act would be passed to ensure continuation of nationally important projects and policies despite change of governments in power.
Piyush Goyal - Sri Lanka and India discuss economic recovery; HC Moragoda meets Piyush Goyal - - India - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka and India discuss economic recovery; HC Moragoda meets Piyush Goyal
Indian Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal on Tuesday (14) met Sri Lanka's High Commissioner Milinda Moragoda and discussed support for economic recovery through bilateral trade expansion.During the discussion between Minister Goyal and High Commissioner Moragoda, which was held in a very cordial manner, a wide range of issues pertaining to the areas of bilateral trade and commerce, particularly aiming at the economic recovery in Sri Lanka, was discussed, read High Commission of Sri Lanka press release.Mechanisms relating to the expansion of bilateral trade, the ways to establish and promote rupee trade between Sri Lanka and India as a means of economic recovery in Sri Lanka, and the possibility of further bilateral integration in the textiles and garment sector were among the key issues discussed between the Indian Commerce Minister and the Sri Lankan High Commissioner.Moragoda thanked India for the unprecedented support that it has extended to Sri Lanka to mitigate the negative impact of the economic crisis.Recalling India's timely issuance of financial assurances to the IMF, the first creditor to do so, High Commissioner Moragoda emphasized the key role that India could play in the recovery phase of the Sri Lankan economy, added the press release.India sent financing assurances to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), becoming the first of Sri Lanka's creditors to officially back the crisis-hit island nation's debt restructuring programme.This takes Sri Lanka one step closer to getting a crucial USD 2.9-billion package from the IMF, made contingent on "receiving financing assurances from Sri Lanka's official creditors and making a good faith effort to reach a collaborative agreement with private
Swiss Govt. to support needs of kids in Sri Lanka though UNICEF - - Sri Lanka - Switzerland - Maldives
Swiss Govt. to support needs of kids in Sri Lanka though UNICEF
The Government of Switzerland has contributed Swiss Francs (CHF) 500,000 through UNICEF to meet the urgent needs of children impacted by the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.With this funding, UNICEF will procure essential medical supplies, including medicines for treatment of illnesses and complications among children and women.In education, the funds will help children in disadvantaged schools continue learning and support catch-up classes to recover learning loss, including by providing transport allowance to teachers and daily snacks to students.UNICEF will also support case management for children facing violence, neglect and family separation, including children with a disability.“UNICEF and partners swiftly responded to the needs of the most vulnerable children from the outset of the economic crisis last year, with thanks to the support of donors. This contribution from the Swiss government and people is crucial in sustaining the response and protecting children from the effects of the crisis as it continues”, said Christian Skoog, Representative, UNICEF Sri LankaThe Swiss contribution will also be used to support data collection and analysis to assess the impact of the on-going crisis on households’ social and economic well-being and vulnerabilities, to help national and development partners put in place effective response strategies.“Switzerland has worked closely with many partners, including UNICEF in addressing the needs of communities during crises such as the one that Sri Lanka faces now.