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India's Q2 GDP growth slows to 6.3% as Covid effect fades

₹65.31 lakh crore, as against ₹56.20 lakh crore in Q2 FY22, showing a growth of 16.2% as compared to 19.0% in Q2 FY22. Shares closed at record highs for a fifth straight day today, extending their daily rally to seven days and logging a second straight month of gains, as investors cautiously awaited gross domestic product data. Many analysts believed that the Indian economy will expand at a single-digit rate mainly due to the waning base effect.

Rating agency ICRA expected the GDP to grow at 6.5%, while the State Bank of India in its report pegged the growth rate at 5.8%. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in its bulletin pegged the GDP growth at 6.1 to 6.3% in the second quarter of this fiscal year. The various GDP growth projections for the second quarter are either half or less than half of the 13.5% recorded in the April-June quarter this fiscal.

The country's gross domestic product or GDP is derived from the sum of the gross value added (GVA) at basic prices, plus all taxes on products, less all subsidies on products. The total tax revenue used for GDP compilation includes non-GST revenue as well as GST revenue. Meanwhile, the growth rate in the production of eight key sectors slowed down to 0.1% in October against 8.7% in the same month last year, as per the official data.

In September, the core sectors' output growth stood at 7.8%. The production growth of eight infrastructure sectors – coal, crude oil, natural gas, refinery products, fertiliser, steel, cement and electricity – was 8.2% during April-October this fiscal, compared to 15.6% a year ago. In October, crude oil, natural gas, refinery products, and cement output recorded negative growth rate.

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Williams - DNA on a discarded cigarette butt helps police solve 52 year murder case - - Thailand - Usa - San Francisco - state Vermont - Burlington, state Vermont
DNA on a discarded cigarette butt helps police solve 52 year murder case
BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) - RELATED: Winter storm updates • State of the State • Decades-old cold case solvedA discarded cigarette found near the body of a 24-year-old Vermont school teacher in her apartment nearly 52 years ago helped lead investigators to an upstairs neighbor who they say strangled her after having a fight with his wife, police said Tuesday.Burlington Police DNA evidence collected from the cigarette butt and dogged investigative work led authorities to the man they say killed Rita Curran within a 70-minute window on a July night in 1971.The suspect, identified as William DeRoos, who was 31 at the time, had left his apartment that night for "a cool down walk." After he returned he told his wife of two weeks not to say that he had been out.Since the investigation was renewed in 2019, detectives re-interviewed DeRoos' former wife, and she told them he had left their apartment for a brief period within a window of time when Curran's roommates were out of her Burlington apartment."We’re all confident that William DeRoos is responsible for the aggravated murder of Rita Curran, but because he died in a hotel room of a drug overdose he will not be held accountable for his actions, but this case will be closed," Burlington Police Detective Lt.
Pennsylvania casinos reach new $5 billion record for gambling revenue - - Usa - state Nevada - state Pennsylvania - state New Jersey - city Harrisburg, state Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania casinos reach new $5 billion record for gambling revenue
HARRISBURG, Pa. - Casinos and other operators in Pennsylvania set a new annual record for gambling revenue, state regulators said Tuesday, rising above $5 billion for the first time amid surging betting on online casino games and a post-pandemic return to the casinos' slot machines and table games.Operators in one of the nation’s largest commercial casino states won more than $5 billion from gamblers in the 12 months through June 30, according to the figures from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control BoardThat was about 30% higher than the $3.9 billion recorded in the previous fiscal year, and slightly above the previous calendar year high of $4.7 billion reported in January.The rebound continues after pandemic-related shutdowns sapped casino revenue in 2020.The casino winnings came from 16 casinos, including four new mini-casinos authorized under a 2017 law, as well as fantasy sports operators and truck stops.Revenue in casinos from slot machines grew to $2.4 billion and from table games to above $1 billion.Online gambling, in just its fourth year, grew again to pass $1.2 billion. Sports betting, in just its fifth year, added $325 million in revenue.Pennsylvania legalized both sports betting and online gambling as part of an aggressive gambling expansion in 2017.Pennsylvania has been neck-and-neck with New Jersey for No.
High gas prices bring demand for fuel to record lows ahead of peak driving season - - Usa - Los Angeles - state California - state Oklahoma - Ukraine
High gas prices bring demand for fuel to record lows ahead of peak driving season
LOS ANGELES - Gas prices are so high that demand for fuel during peak driving season this summer is expected to slump, according to experts.According to data by the Energy Information Administration compiled by Bloomberg, demand for gas has hit its lowest level during this time since 2013, excluding the impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, high gas prices have brought demand down by 5%.Gas prices have been hitting fresh records for the past 11 consecutive days amid the energy supply crunch in the U.S., according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), which noted that the stretch of record-high prices as the pump is "unprecedented."Speaking with Fox News Digital, Andrew Gross, the national spokesman for AAA Inc. revealed that drivers should expect elevated prices throughout the summer, especially if the war in Ukraine rages on.The national average for a gallon of gas was $4.59 last week, a slight increase from the day before and a new record high.Thursday’s record was 16 cents higher than the week before, nearly 50 cents higher than the month before and $1.55 more compared to the same time last year.All 50 states had a national retail price over $4 a gallon on Thursday, according to AAA, with Oklahoma offering the cheapest gas at $4.03 a gallon and California offering the most expensive gas with an average of $6.06.
UNHRC report probing AG’s dept, PTA & Easter Attacks due in March - - Sri Lanka
UNHRC report probing AG’s dept, PTA & Easter Attacks due in March
COLOMBO (News 1st); The report on Sri Lanka compiled by the Human Right’s High Commissioner will be debated at the 49th sessions of the Human Rights Council Sessions  due to be held on 3rd of March.According to an article published on the Sunday Times, the UNHRC report has scrutinized the conduct of the Attorney General’s Department in Sri Lanka.The report was forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday (14).Ministry officials had then studied the reports and sent to Geneva the Government’s observations and explanations on several issues raised.The article on the Sunday Times highlights that this year’s report delves at length with the Government’s failure to make changes to the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) to meet international standards.It adds that the UNHRC is not pleased with the amendments that are now pending before Parliament and is displeased that necessary changes have not been effected despite repeated assurances by the Government.According to the Article, another area dealt with in the report is the April 21st attacks.It also includes a call for the Attorney General’s Department to function independently.There will be no voting at the UNHRC’s 49th sessions which begin on February 28th. However, the meeting is a precursor to another Resolution on Sri Lanka in September, due this year.
The top-selling Valentine’s Day candy by state revealed - - state Illinois - Los Angeles - state California - state Florida - state New York - state Nevada - state Minnesota - state Tennessee - area District Of Columbia - state Pennsylvania - state New Jersey - state Ohio - state Washington - state Massachusets - state Connecticut - state Delaware - state Arizona - state North Carolina - state Vermont - city Washington - state Texas - Washington, area District Of Columbia - state Missouri - state Virginia - state Louisiana - state Maryland - state Mississippi - state Oregon - state South Carolina - state Arkansas - state Alaska - state Indiana - state Iowa - state New Hampshire - Georgia - state Hawaii - state Kansas - state Michigan - state Oklahoma - state Wisconsin - state Colorado - state New Mexico - state North Dakota - state South Dakota - state Idaho
The top-selling Valentine’s Day candy by state revealed
Los Angeles - From a traditional box of chocolates to the resurgence of conversation hearts, has compiled data to determine this year’s most popular Valentine’s Day candy by state — and some of the results are cloyingly surprising.The national candy company used sales data from its online bulk candy stores and industry partners to determine the outcome.Cue the results (and we won’t sugar-coat it).Valentine’s Day candy is a personal choice, but there are two types of candy that seemed to shine in 2022: conversation hearts and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.This year, said conversation hearts have claimed the top spot as Valentine's Day's top-selling candy.Percentage of total Valentine's Day candy sales (Credit: However, the candy retailer also broke down the state-by-state data, which showed slightly different results. Yes, 12 states favored conversation hearts this year (Alaska, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin).However, a whopping 16 states, along with Washington, D.C., still preferred a heart-shaped box of chocolates (Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington and Washington D.C.).In addition, M&M’s continue to gain traction.