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Mayfair Pizza vows to reopen after shooting during attempted robbery

PHILADELPHIA - Nearly two weeks after an attempted robbery and shooting of employees, Mayfair Pizza vows to reopen, but says it will take time.Stacy Karasavas says Mayfair Pizza, the family-owned restaurant will remain closed for the unforeseeable future, but vow to reopen as soon as they are able to.The doors shut almost two weeks ago after police say 19-year-old Kaleb Bridges attempted to rob the shop and shot both Stacy and her mother.

Stacy, her father, and others jumped on top of Bridges and subdued him until police arrived.PREVIOUS COVERAGE: DA: Suspect charged after shooting mother, daughter inside Philadelphia pizza shopMiraculously, Stacy is physically okay and says her mom is home from the hospital, but has months of recovery ahead."It’s just horrible, like I said I’ve been here 27 years, I’m ready to move out of here," says Janet Gillich, a neighbor and family friend.Business owners, neighbors and friends of the family stopped by the closed shop on Frankford Avenue Monday as the Interfaith Social Change Movement hosted a community meeting with Councilmember Mike Driscoll and Mayoral Candidate Allan Domb outside the restaurant.MORE HEADLINES Minister Steven Robinson outlined a ten-point action agenda they recently presented to city council to target city violence."We’re calling for parental accountability for every parent and guardian throughout the city to be held accountable for the conduct of their young people," he says.Some even walked away from the brief press conference feeling the same frustration that they felt the night of the crime."This is a public relations stunt that’s all it is, this should’ve been over a week ago, where’s the questions, where’s the outrage?" says Jen Fischer, a neighbor and

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Donald Trump - Alvin Bragg - Indictment vs arrest: What's the difference? - - New York - Usa - city New York
Indictment vs arrest: What's the difference?
NEW YORK - Former President Donald Trump claimed over the weekend that his arrest is imminent and issued an extraordinary call for his supporters to protest as a New York grand jury investigates hush money payments to women who alleged sexual encounters with him. In a post on his social media platform, Trump declared that he expected to be taken into custody on Tuesday – even though Trump's lawyer and spokesperson said there had been no communication from prosecutors.RELATED: Trump's call for protests amid anticipated indictment gets muted reaction by supportersManhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is thought to be eyeing charges in the hush money investigation, and recently offered Trump a chance to testify before the grand jury. Meanwhile, local law enforcement officials are bracing for the public safety ramifications of an unprecedented prosecution of a former American president.What is a grand jury, and what does an indictment mean? What’s the difference between being indicted, being charged, and arrested? Here’s a breakdown:Media cameras sit outside the Manhattan District Attorneys office in New York City on March 20, 2023.(Photo by LEONARDO MUNOZ/AFP via Getty Images) In New York, an indictment is a formal felony charge.Here’s how it works generally: After a prosecutor studies information from investigators in a case, a prosecutor decides whether to present the case to an impartial group of citizens called a grand jury, according to the U.S.
Europe's top spring break destinations eclipse US beaches as travelers flock overseas - - Usa - Italy - Britain - state California - state Florida - San Francisco - city London - county Hall - city Columbia, Britain - city Phoenix - state Hawaii - county Maui - city Rome, Italy
Europe's top spring break destinations eclipse US beaches as travelers flock overseas
View of the Colosseum in 2011 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Santi Visalli/Getty Images) Spring break outings are often defined by parties and trips to beaches in California, Florida and Hawaii — however, new data shows a growing interest in international travel among Americans.Less conventional destinations, particularly in Europe, have replaced longstanding favorite locations such as Orlando, Phoenix and Maui atop many Americans' travel itineraries. Many report lower prices, fairer weather and loosening COVID-19 restrictions across the globe as driving factors in their shift toward the likes of London, Rome and British Columbia.10 SAFETY TIPS TO REMEMBER IF YOU'RE TRAVELING OUT OF THE COUNTRY FOR SPRING BREAKWhat is driving this change?After years of visiting national parks, wide-open nature retreats, and domestic tropical island getaways during the pandemic, Americans are showing renewed interest in travel this spring."Interest in international travel is increasing given the favorable exchange rate for Americans," Philip Ballard, the Florida-based chief communications officer of HotelPlanner, told the Associated Press. "For example, we're seeing about a 20% increase in U.K.-bound bookings because the U.S.
Josh Shapiro - Isaiah Thomas - Leaders stump for funding to address ongoing asbestos problem in Philadelphia public schools - - city Philadelphia - city Harrisburg
Leaders stump for funding to address ongoing asbestos problem in Philadelphia public schools
PHILADELPHIA - State and local leaders gathered Monday to address a growing asbestos problem that's caused Philadelphia public schools to abruptly close and forced students to learn remotely. Simon Gratz middle school reopened Monday after the discovery of asbestos, a cancer-causing material, caused the campus that also houses Simon Gratz High School to close last week. Simon Gratz High School, meanwhile - where the asbestos was found during a district inspection - remained close, but officials say it could reopen on Tuesday.Earlier this month, students at Building 21 in the city's West Oak Lane section were displaced when asbestos was discovered in the stairwells and auditorium. MORE LOCAL HEADLINESThe remediation work forced students to briefly learn virtually and the School District of Philadelphia's plan to relocate students to Strawberry Mansion High School was met with backlash. The asbestos problem in Philadelphia public schools made headlines before the coronavirus pandemic; many of the school buildings are decades old and in dire need of structural upgrades. Philadelphia Councilmember Isaiah Thomas, chairperson of the education committee, called asbestos in schools "one of the most pressing issues we face as a municipality right now." Leaders lauded newly-elected Gov.