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Arkansas to allow anti-abortion monument to be built near state Capitol

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, governor of Arkansas, speaks while unveiling the Arkansas LEARNS education bill at the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock, Arkansas, US, on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2023. Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Arkansas Gov.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has signed a new law that will allow a monument near the state Capitol marking the number of abortions performed in Arkansas before the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade.Sanders' office said Friday night that the Republican governor signed the bill that will allow the creation of a privately funded "monument to the unborn" on the Capitol grounds.

The bill, approved by lawmakers last week, requires the secretary of state to permit and arrange the placement of the monument.It also requires the Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission to oversee the selection of the artist and the design of the monument, with input from anti-abortion groups.More LiveNOW from FOX streaming videoA law Arkansas approved in 2019 banning nearly all abortions took effect last year when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the 1973 Roe decision. Arkansas’ ban only allows abortions to save the life of the mother in a medical emergency.RELATED: Wyoming governor signs bill banning abortion pillsTennessee lawmakers approved legislation in 2018 allowing a similar privately funded monument on its Capitol grounds.


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Joe Biden - John Thune - Bank failures, bailouts divide Congress on next steps - - Usa - Washington - state Ohio - city Washington - state South Dakota
Bank failures, bailouts divide Congress on next steps
WASHINGTON (AP) - Bills were filed, hearings were planned and blame was cast as Congress reacted this past week to the abrupt failure of two banks. A look at what lawmakers are saying and planning as the fallout continues from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.While President Joe Biden called Monday on Congress to strengthen the rules for banks to prevent future failures, lawmakers are divided on whether any legislation is needed.Some congressional leaders are skeptical that a closely divided Congress will act at all."There’s people who are going to choose bills, but I cannot imagine that, with the hold banks have on Republican members of Congress, that we can pass anything significant," said Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.Republicans say the laws already in place were sufficient to prevent the bank failures, if only regulators had done their job by spotting obvious problems and directing the banks to take steps that would reduce their risk."If there are ideas out there that people have, you know, at some point, we would be willing to entertain those, but I think it would be premature to start talking about solutions before we fully define the problem and ultimately get answers from the regulators about why they were asleep at the job," said Sen.
Joe Biden - Xavier Becerra - Mario Tama - Biden to put issue of lowering drug costs at center of political agenda - - Usa - state California - city Las Vegas - county Monterey - county Park - state Virginia - city San Gabriel
Biden to put issue of lowering drug costs at center of political agenda
FILE - President Joe Biden delivers remarks on reducing gun violence at the Boys and Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley on March 14, 2023, in Monterey Park, California. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) LAS VEGAS - President Joe Biden will highlight the stark differences in how Democrats are tackling skyrocketing drug prices compared to their Republican counterparts as he gears up for an expected reelection announcement.In a speech on Wednesday in Las Vegas that could serve as a preview of the campaign ahead, Biden planned to put the issue of lowering drug costs at the center of his policy and political agenda.The White House thinks it has a winning message in showcasing legislation passed last year that is expected to save taxpayers billions of dollars and lower the cost of drugs for the roughly 84 million Americans who rely on Medicare."These kind of savings will give people a little bit more breathing room, more comfort as they decide to go to the grocery store to buy their food, more ability to pay their rent, or maybe it’s just to do something decent for their families," Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra told reporters on Tuesday as he previewed the Democratic president's remarks.Biden plans to talk up how his administration is rolling out several parts of that law, passed in a Democratic-controlled Congress last year, that cap the price of insulin, make most vaccines free and allow the federal government to negotiate deals on a handful of pharmaceutical drugs for Medicare enrollees.President Joe Biden appeared in Virginia on Feb.
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Vintage cookbooks may be worth thousands of dollars: Here's 6 reasons why
An old recipe atop a cookbook from 1894 dusted with flour with vintage sifter and measuring cup in background. via Getty Images Old cookbooks could be worth a small fortune.Listings on eBay — a popular multinational auction website — show that some vintage cookbooks have been priced at hundreds or thousands of dollars.The cookbook that’s currently commanding the highest price on eBay is a 142-page spiral cookbook that’s entitled, "Arizona Cook Book: Indian, Mexican, Western, Arizona Products, Backpacking-Camping, Patio Barbecue," which has been listed for sale at $6,850.20 (original listing price: $9,786).$2 BILLS FROM 1890 COULD BE WORTH OVER $4,500: REPORTThe book was written by Al Fischer and was published in 1983 by Golden West Publishers.Other sellers on eBay and similar e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon and Etsy, have listed the book for under $20.The seller who’s hoping to sell the 40-year-old cookbook on southwestern cuisine has noted that the book is in "very good" condition and doesn’t have any "known wear or writing."Three other cookbooks that have a four-figure price tag on eBay at the time of publication include "The Australian Women’s Weekly: Great Ways with Steaks & Chops" from 1974 ($1,010.85), "Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book" from 1950 ($1,000) and a first-edition "La Methode Jacques Pepin: An Illustrated Guide to The Fundamental Techniques of Cooking" from 1976 ($1,000).Betty Crocker old cookbooks.
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Students will learn remotely after asbestos discovered in West Oak Lane's Building 21 school
PHILADELPHIA - Students at a Philadelphia high school were abruptly moved to remote learning when the presence of asbestos was found in the building during a Tuesday night inspection. The Building 21 School in the city's West Oak Lane section will remain closed for the rest of the week after asbestos was found in stairwells and the auditorium. The School District of Philadelphia says it's working to clear the hazardous material, but they did not offer a timetable about when the job will be complete.Before the coronavirus pandemic, a dozen Philadelphia schools closed between 2019 and 2020 due to the presence of asbestos. District teachers say it's a health hazard that must be addressed. MORE LOCAL HEADLINES"You come in here, and you try to teach the kids, but you've got to worry about your own health, and their health, and there ain't nothing being done," Robert Smith said. Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President Jerry Jordan says a lack of funding for school maintenance has caused problems like asbestos to keep reoccurring. "Our buildings have been neglected because of the lack of budget to keep them in good repair, this unfortunately happened," Jordan said.A recent court decision in Pennsylvania called state funding of Philadelphia school unconstitutional, but Senator Vincent Hughes has crafted a bill that he believes will provide appropriate funding."It provides $1B to fix up toxic and broken schools, it provides $2.15B – the largest increase in equity and adequacy funding in Pennylvania's history – to make our schools in compliance with the state's constitution," Senator Hughes said. He was optimistic that he could get newly-elected Pennsylvania Gov.
Jakub Porzycki - Instacart delivers after twin daughters almost make an $800 purchase - - Australia
Instacart delivers after twin daughters almost make an $800 purchase
FILE - In this photo illustration, the logo of the food and grocery delivery app Instacart seen displayed on a smartphone screen and on a laptop. (Photo Illustration by Davide Bonaldo/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) A pair of 6-year-old twins almost ordered $800 worth of snacks on a retail app that offers grocery delivery and pickup services.Jessica Aiwuyor shared her experience on Twitter of her twin daughters, Efosa and Esosa, almost purchasing a snack run with a subtotal of $757.57, according to Today."My six-year-old twins almost purchased close to $800 worth of snacks using my Instacart app," the surprised mother tweeted.The twins added a number of food and drink items to their cart including 35 boxes of Capri Sun Fruit Punch—which alone was worth over $300—Smartfood popcorn, and 28 bags of chips, including Lay’s Barbecue, Sour Cream and Doritos.AMAZON SELLING PRODUCTS CONTAINING DONKEY MEAT: LAWSUITThe girl's snack plans were foiled when attempting to navigate through checkout."They almost completed the purchase but couldn’t figure out the last few steps," Aiwuyor continued, writing, "I serve a living God!"AUSTRALIAN TOURIST ON BALI VACATION HAS 'MINI PANIC ATTACK' OVER RESTAURANT BILL: 'VERY COSTLY MISTAKE'The event stirred warm responses from Twitter users that sympathized with the child epicures."The babies went off on the Capri Suns and I understand!!!" wrote one Twitter user.FILE - Instacart logo is seen displayed on a phone screen.
National Contributory Pension Fund for public sector - - Sri Lanka
National Contributory Pension Fund for public sector
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka's Cabinet of Minister granted approval for the establishment of National Contributory Pension Fund.According to a document released by the Department of Government Information, the Cabinet has recognized that is appropriate to establish a fund named National Contributory Pension Fund to ensure an appropriate environment is created for public sector employees to spend their retired life without being a burden to the country as well as to provide a pension with a certain profit for the retired life of the state sector pensioners. Accordingly, 8% from the basic salary of the employee and 12% from the employer should be credited to the proposed fund when a state employee is recruited in the state service, it added.An independent entity governed by a board of management to manage the proposed contributory pension fund will be established and a fund manager with special skills will be appointed for management of the funds. The proposed national contributory pension scheme will be applicable to the individuals newly recruited  to the government service, said Cabinet Spokesperson Minister Bandula Gunwardena on Tuesday (28).Those recruited to government service after the month of January  2016 can contribute to the proposed national contributory pension scheme as per their consent, said the statement from the Departmnet of Government Information."Since 2000, all public sector appointment letters carry the clause that they would be moved to the National Contributory Pension Scheme in the future. Therefore, this National Contributory Pension Scheme applies to all those who were recruited since 2016.