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British Columbians could be fined $230 for not wearing a mask in indoor, public spaces

COVID-19 and 10 new deaths.As of Nov.

19, masks are required to be worn in almost all indoor public places.A fine can also be issued if someone refuses to leave a public place or responds with abusive or belligerent behaviour when asked to wear a mask where required.“This new order under the EPA will ensure we have the tools necessary to enforce the mask mandate,” Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said.The law requires people to wear masks in the following places:[ Sign up for our Health IQ newsletter for the latest coronavirus updates ]

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ordered masks to be worn in all indoor public spaces last week, staff at the Kootenay Co-op in Nelson said they have seen an uptick in people refusing to wear a mask and becoming combative when told to do so.The Co-op made masks mandatory for staff back in June in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19, but they left it up to customers to decide whether they wanted to wear one. B.C.

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