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Made from crabs: New whiskey comes in unique flavor

The Crab Trapper (Credit: Tamworth Distilling) A new whiskey has a unique ingredient: crabs.Tamworth Distilling of New Hampshire unveiled its "Crab Trapper," a green-crab flavored whiskey.The company said the whiskey is an innovative solution to a problem in the state: invasive: pesky green crabs that are wreaking havoc on coastal areas.

The crustaceans can eat as many as 50 clams and oysters a day. RELATED: Chesapeake Bay blue crab numbers lowest in 33 years, survey saysThe whiskey is made from modified sour mash with green crab stock.Price tag? $65.This story was reported from Los Angeles.  

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Triple threat: Watch as 3 waterspouts swirl off the Alabama coast - - county Bay - state Mississippi - state Alabama - county Mobile
Triple threat: Watch as 3 waterspouts swirl off the Alabama coast
MOBILE, Ala. - It’s like a scene from the movie "Twister" – but only over water.Beachgoers in Alabama watched as not one, not two but three waterspouts danced on Mobile Bay Monday morning.More waterspouts were spotted along the coast, prompting the National Weather Service in Mobile to issue a Special Marine Warning for South Mobile Bay, North Mobile Bay and Mississippi Sound.While there was no threat to land, the fair-weather waterspouts are common this time of year through early fall along the Gulf Coast.WHAT IS A WATERSPOUTThese types of waterspouts usually form during relatively calm weather and are not associated with thunderstorms.A screengrab from a video shows three waterspouts near Mobile Bay, Alabama, on June 20, 2022. (Credit: Kelly Woods via Storyful) The NWS says that the fair-weather waterspouts generally happen during the early to mid-morning and sometimes during the late afternoon and form along dark flat bases of a line of developing cumulus clouds. "Strong temperature gradients between the water and land help create these localized areas of spin (vorticity) at the surface owing to sharp but usually weak changes in wind direction over the bay and adjacent gulf waters," NWS Mobile meteorologists told FOX Weather. The change in wind direction causes rotation. "In most cases like we saw today, we had a thunderstorm that developed over the area of vorticity that helped to stretch that up into the air.
Gotabaya Rajapaksa - Sri Lanka will prevail & engineer rapid economic recovery; President tells BIMSTEC - - Sri Lanka - county Summit
Sri Lanka will prevail & engineer rapid economic recovery; President tells BIMSTEC
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said the loss of tourism and remittances from expatriate workers, alongside the cost of healthcare programs, and provisions of welfare for those whose lives were affected by the pandemic have combined with rising global inflation, and our historic debt servicing obligation created a challenging situation for Sri Lanka today.President Rajapaksa speaking at the fifth Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) Summit in Colombo noted “However, I am confident, together with the remarkable strength and resilience of the people, tried and tested over time, and the cooperation of regional and international partners, Sri Lanka will prevail over these difficulties and engineer rapid economic recovery.”He appreciated the support of several BIMSTEC states in the aforementioned endeavor.“Enhanced cooperation between member states will be necessary not only for economic recovery but also for greater economic prosperity, better public health, and improved regional resilience in the long-term,” said the President noting he is confident of achieving these aspirations.“The signing of the BIMCTEC charter will be a significant step towards increasing the organization’s role, not just within the region, but also as a driving force in global affairs,” he noted.He said that the Bay of Bengal Region is increasingly important for global connectivity and trade, adding that the international shipping lines that navigate through these waters help keep the engines of the global economy running.President Rajapaksa said it is essential for nations to work together to ensure that the threats to these waters and regional states are curtailed.“Such