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Moragoda meets Indian Petroleum Minister for urgent energy cooperation

COLOMBO (News 1st): High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to India Milinda Moragoda met with the Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Housing and Urban Affairs of India Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, on Monday (27) to discuss urgent matters pertaining to bilateral energy cooperation. The meeting was held at the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs in New Delhi.At the outset, High Commissioner Moragoda briefed Minister Puri on the acute challenges that Sri Lanka is currently facing with regard to the supply and distribution of petroleum products and the severe hardships that the people are undergoing.While thanking India for the assistance that was extended in the form of lines of credit to import fuel, the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka discussed with Minister Puri the possibility of securing petrol and diesel supplies that are required by Sri Lanka at present on an urgent basis.

Minister Puri responded positively in this regard and assured the High Commissioner of all possible support to Sri Lanka at this critical juncture.The High Commissioner and the Minister also discussed modalities through which India and Sri Lanka could further expand cooperation in the petroleum sector to help overcome the immediate crisis and to ensure the energy security in Sri Lanka. In this context, High Commissioner Moragoda and Minister Puri discussed ways and means through which Sri Lanka could establish long-term ties in the petroleum, oil, gas and related logistics sectors.

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Sri Lanka receives 3,500 MT of Gas, new Indian Credit line to support fuel purchasing for another four months – PM - - India - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka receives 3,500 MT of Gas, new Indian Credit line to support fuel purchasing for another four months – PM
COLOMBO (News 1st); Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesighe on Tuesday (14) said that a LP Gas shipment of 3,500 MT has reached Sri Lanka.“The gas from this shipment will be delivered to premises that obtain stocks in bulk like hospitals, hotels, crematoriums, etc,. The next shipment will deliver LP Gas for a period of four months and it will take another 14 days for us to access that shipment,” said the Prime Minister.He said that Sri Lanka is in talks to secure a shipment within those 14 days.Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said the authorities will ensure there is a continuous supply of fuel, but it will only meet 50% of the current demand.“Priority will be given for electricity generation, transportation, and other essential services,” he said.The existing stocks will last for another seven days, said the Prime Minister adding that a shipment of 40,000 MT of fuel will reach Sri Lanka by the 16th of June 2022.In addition, individual Petrol & Diesel shipments will reach Sri Lanka thereafter, completing the requirement of fuel for this month.The Prime Minister said two fuel shipments will be procured for the month of July.He said that a new Credit Line with India will support fuel purchasing for another 4 months from July.The Premier said that the fuel deliver will be available for 50% of the demand in the country.He said that he obtained Cabinet approval to print money in order to make the fuel and gas purchases for the country.The Prime Minister said that Sri Lanka does not have any rupee income, and by the end of the year the rupee crisis will solved with the introduction of taxes.“We are speaking with the IMF to solve the dollar crisis.
Petrol stocks are limited, DO NOT wait in line; New stocks will be distributed by Saturday (21) – Kanchana - - Usa - Sri Lanka
Petrol stocks are limited, DO NOT wait in line; New stocks will be distributed by Saturday (21) – Kanchana
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka’s Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera told Parliament that Sri Lanka has received sufficient stocks of Diesel.“On Tuesday (17) we distributed Super Diesel and Auto Diesel to all the filling stations in the country. We hope to ensure the continuous supply of Diesel from today (18) to all the 1,190 active filling stations in the country, although there are 1,300 filling stations,” he told the house on Wednesday (18).The Minister confirmed that Sri Lanka has an issue with regard to the availability of Petrol, adding that since the 28th of March a vessel with Petrol has been anchored in Sri Lankan waters.“We do not have the US Dollars to make the payment for the vessel with Petrol,” he revealed to the Parliament, adding that another USD 53 Million is due for the same vessel for a previous shipment in January 2022.He said the respective shipping company had refused to release the vessel until both payments are settled, adding that following an assurance by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to make the previous payment from August, the company had agreed to release the vessel after the due payment is made.“We are yet to source the funds for this purpose,” he revealed adding that the Ministry is working towards releasing the vessel either on Wednesday (18) or Thursday (19).“This is why we requested the people NOT to wait in line for fuel.
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Coronation Street's Summer Spellman's life could be danger, after the Weatherfield resident makes a decision that has a serious impact on her health.The latest spoilers for the ITV soap have revealed that Summer, who has recently been diagnosed with type one diabetes, makes a risky decision that causes her to collapse in school.After Billy Mayhew confronts Summer and accuses her of failing to take her medication regularly in Coronation Street next week, Summer flies into a rage and storms out of the house.Following their confrontation, she then makes a risky decision and pours her insulin down the sink - but continues to reassure Paul and Billy that she is taken her medication.When Paul returns home with a takeaway, Summer assures him that she has taken her insulin - but she begins to panic when she checks her blood sugar and it is far too high.Although her blood sugar has come down when she checks it again, Summer keeps what she has done a secret - leading to life threatening consequences in school.While taking a maths exam, Summer's vision becomes blurred and she begins to have a hyper.However, she has left her diabetic kit at home and having poured her insulin down the sink, she begins to panic.With her blood sugar levels high, Summer requires medical assistance urgently and collapses at school.The school phone an ambulance, and a tearful Summer reveals to Aadi that her blood sugar level is high, but will she reveal what she has done? And will she tell Billy and Paul the truth?More questions are sure to rise following Summer's collapse, including how Billy and Paul will react when they find out that Summer has poured her insulin away.The most important question however is will Summer be ok? And what impact will her
Sri Lankans - Colombo Port - Gamini Lokuge - Sri Lanka’s Fuel Crisis : Despite multiple assurance from Min. Lokuge, people are still in line - - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s Fuel Crisis : Despite multiple assurance from Min. Lokuge, people are still in line
COLOMBO (News 1st); The owners and operators of multiple filling stations across Sri Lanka allege that they are not receiving sufficient stocks of fuel to be sold to the growing number of queues opposite their businesses.“We do not receive the shipments on time. We are compelled to sell fuel based on the delivery of fuel,” said one filling station owner from Colombo.Another filling station owner from Kandy said that though they are sent messages of shipments destined to them, those shipments are never delivered.Similar sentiments were shared by other filling station owners, who are compelled to seek assistance from local authorities to control the crowds as well.Since the 8th of March 2022, Sri Lanka’s new Energy Minister Gamini Lokuge has been making promises on ending the fuel crisis in the country.Yet, there seems to be no immediate end to the fuel shortage in the island nation.At the same time, Sri Lanka’s Ports and Shipping Minister Rohitha Abeygunawardena told reporters on Monday (28) that claims that Sri Lanka will run out of fuel by the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, are baseless and false.He said the necessary fuel shipments have been ordered and the delivery will take place soon at the Colombo Port.However, these comments have not calmed the mindsets of many Sri Lankans who have been waiting in line for hours, as well as days, anticipating the arrival of fuel shipments to filling stations.Among these people are businessmen, farmers, day laborers, office workers, and even transport operators.
Hambantota port responds to fire onboard Drill Ship ‘West Polaris’ -
Hambantota port responds to fire onboard Drill Ship ‘West Polaris’
Hambantota (News 1st); The Hambantota International Port Emergency Response Unit (ERU) together with the port’s Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Dept. (QHSE), and Port Control, responded to a fire that occurred onboard the drillship “West Polaris,” on Tuesday, 15th evening.The ship’s crew had alerted Port Control for assistance in dousing the sudden fire that had broken out in the ship’s emergency generator room.The ERU’s fire trucks arrived on the scene within minutes of being notified, assisting the crew to quickly contain the fire with charged fire hoses. The respective ERU teams brought the fire fully under control within 33 minutes of their arrival. They were able to prevent serious damage to the ship, or its surrounding area.“The joint effort of this venture reflects professionalism and assurance to HIP port users and stakeholders of optimum safety and proactive response to unforeseen events related in maritime operations,” said Tissa Wickramasinghe, COO of HIPG.The 14-year-old “West Polaris” called at the Hambantota Port for a layup on 11th January 2021, and was at Berth 6 when the fire occurred. The ship is expected to remain in port until June 2022.What is vessel Lay-Up?The term ‘Laid-up’ or ‘Lay-up’ of ships technically means ships that have temporarily been taken out of profitable service due to lack of charter or cargo.Sometimes, an increase in the freight costs becomes insufficient to cover the ships’ running costs.
Gotabaya Rajapaksa - Basil Rajapaksa - Forex shortage is short-lived, says Basil while assuring sufficient stocks of many goods - - Sri Lanka
Forex shortage is short-lived, says Basil while assuring sufficient stocks of many goods
COLOMBO (News 1st): The foreign exchange shortage experienced in Sri Lanka will be short-lived, said the country’s Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa.Speaking to officials at the Finance Ministry of Friday (11), Rajapaksa said the government expects to minimize the effects the forex shortage might have on the people.On Monday (7) President Gotabaya Rajapaksa instructed the officials to take steps to immediately release the containers containing essential items at the custody of Customs.The President also appointed a committee headed by Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa to ensure that there is no shortage of essential commodities including food, and this committee met for the first time on Friday (11).A statement from the Finance Ministry noted that though there is a shortage of Milk Powder, Gas, Wheat Flour, and Cement in the local market, there are sufficient stocks of all other essential items and there will be no shortage.In addition, the tax reliefs granted by the government for essential food items not being enjoyed by the people were discussed and it was revealed at the meeting that errant traders abuse the concessions granted by the government and sell goods at exorbitant prices.The implementation of a new mechanism to expedite the release of essential commodities including food to the market, and to regulate and oversee this matter, was also discussed.