Substation fire causes island-wide power outage in Wildwood, police say

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WILDWOOD, N.J. - The island of Wildwood is experiencing a major power outage, according to police. Authorities say a fire at the electric plant substation has caused power disruptions throughout the island.

SKYFOX flew over an electric plant substation in Wildwood, where crews are working to restore power throughout the island.The power outages have caused traffic lights, air conditioners, cash registers and other important functions to go down, according to officials and visitors.

Drivers have been urged to use caution while driving. MORE LOCAL HEADLINESSKYFOX flew over Wildwood, where police officers are directing traffic due to traffic lights being out.

A fire at a substation has caused a major power outage on the island.The major power outage comes as the region is experiencing a third consecutive day of high temperatures and humidity.

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