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Study: 80% of COVID-19 patients suffer 1 or more long-term effects

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recent study published in the journal "Nature" found that 80% of people who were infected with COVID-19 will experience at least one or more of the long-term effects associated with the virus.

The study, which was published on Sept. 9, defines long-term COVID-19 as any case lasting longer than 14 to 110 days post-infection. "Symptoms, signs, or abnormal clinical parameters persisting two or more weeks after COVID-19 onset that do not return to a healthy baseline can potentially be considered long-term effects of the disease," according to the study.

Researchers observed data from 18,251 publications from all over the world. FILE - A doctor checks on a 34-year-old unvaccinated COVID-19 patient. RELATED: Fully vaccinated people half as.

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