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Sri Lanka: Woman abducted for Ransom, Police swoop in to arrest abductors

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COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka Police arrested four men for abducting a woman from Puwarasankulam and demanding ransom for her release.Police said an investigation was launched after a complaint was received that a woman was forcefully taken away on Monday (13) morning and was held against her will at a house.The abductors had contacted the woman’s daughter via telephone and demanded Rs.

500,000/- for her mother’s release.They had claimed that they would shoot her if the ransom was NOT paid.Sri Lanka Police said that they used the complainant to lead them to the abductors under the guise of paying the ransom money and made the arrests.The abducted woman was also rescued by Sri Lanka Police personnel.The suspects were identified as those between the ages of 26 & 49 and from Vavunia, Killinochchi, and Mullaithivu.The suspects will be produced in court on Tuesday (14).

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