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Sri Lanka’s treasury bills fall to historic low in recent auction

COLOMBO (News1st): Sri Lanka’s 12-month Treasury bill rate has fallen to 359 basis points so far this year to its historic low of 4.86 percent at Wednesday’s auction, central bank data showed, amidst a raft of measures to boost credit in a low-interest-rate environment to fuel the faltered economy grappled with the coronavirus pandemic.The government debt department sold 12-month bills at 4.86 percent, 5 basis points below last weeks auction while the 6-month bills were sold at 4.69 percent 6 basis points below last week and 3-month bills were sold at 4.60 percent, down 5 basis points.The three month and six months treasury bill rates fell below the June national inflation rate which was recorded at 6.3 percent.Inflation, however, is..

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