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SLFP tells President to appoint caretaker government

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COLOMBO (News 1st); The Sri Lanka Freedom Party in a letter to the President has called for a caretaker government to be appointed to address the crises that have plagued the country.The Sri Lanka Freedom Party has informed the President that if the necessary steps are not taken to appoint a caretaker government, all 14 SLFP MPs in government will resign from their positions and remain independent in Parliament.SLFPs Chandima Weerakkody told reporters on Sunday (3) that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party does NOT agree with imposing a Public Emergency.The country is not facing a terror threat, therefore imposing a public emergency for the sole protection of public representatives from the people cannot be accepted, he said. .

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It is time to abolish Executive Presidency: Sajith
COLOMBO (News 1st); It is time to abolish the Executive Presidency, says the Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa. Making a statement at the Parliament today (05), the Opposition Leader said that although many are calling for the abolishment of the 20th amendment, however time has arrived to amend the Executive Presidency.He further stated that although the Executive Presidency may be abolished, an Executive Prime Minister who is able to do things according to his wishes is also unnecessary. Emphasizing that there should be a checks and balances system, the Opposition Leader said that a large amount of executive power should not be centralized on any person. Citing an incident which took place at the Parliament mere moments earlier, the Opposition Leader stated that with such acts, Premadasa said that such methods of bribery were used to gain allegiance with the 20th Amendment at Parliament. Therefore, he added, the entire Government, starting from the President, must resign.Proposal to abolish Executive Presidency must be brought to Parliament this week.Will not accept any ministerial position, and power will ONLY be obtained with the blessings of the people.– #Opposition Leader #Sajith Premadasa#lka #SriLanka #SLnews #News1st #Parliament— Sri Lanka (@NewsfirstSL) April 5, 2022There should be no voice in Parliament, apart from the voice heard from the streets.The people want a change in government, the Parliament must understand it.– #Opposition Leader #Sajith Premadasa#lka #SriLanka #SLnews #News1st #Parliament— Sri Lanka (@NewsfirstSL) April 5, 2022
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TISL calls for President & administration to bow to the will of the people
The people’s power can no longer be contained by the chains of corruption(COLOMBO); Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) strongly condemns the attempts of the President and the administration to stifle the constitutionally enshrined freedoms of expression and lawful assembly of the citizens through the use of emergency regulations, curfew and social media blackouts.TISL said that as an independent local organization that has been working in Sri Lanka for the past two decades with the mission to fight corruption, it stands in solidarity with the people across the country who are mobilizing independently against the corrupt in a non-violent manner.TISL notes that the current situation in the country has been caused by decades of misuse and mismanagement of public resources on a large scale, systemic corruption coupled with kleptocracy, and an overall lack of transparency and accountability in both governance as well as in the public service sector.The people have now delivered their message loud and clear. The dormant voices of the people of this country have joined in unison to create a powerful shockwave that might have taken most of those in power by surprise.Sri Lankans should be vigilant at this point as chaos at the highest levels affords the opportunity for political maneuvering and for those with ulterior motives to rise to power.
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Protests erupt across Sri Lanka; Protestors refuse to accept interim solution
COLOMBO (News 1st); Protests have erupted across Sri Lanka since the weekend against the government’s failure to properly manage the economy and over the shortage of essentials.These protestors have been demanding that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa leave and that his government also resign.On Monday (4), Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had offered to award ministerial positions to all political parties, urging them to come together to solve the crisis that has plagued the nation.His offer came a day after one of his former ministers, Wimal Weerawansa, proposed to form an all-party interim government to solve the crisis.On Sunday (3), one of the main political parties in the ruling coalition, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party warned that if a caretaker government is not appointed, all SLFP MPs would resign from their posts and remain independent in Parliament.However, late Sunday (3) night, Sri Lanka’s cabinet ministers resigned en masse after protests over the government’s handling of the worst economic crisis in decades.Massive nationwide protests were planned via social media with ZERO political affiliation or support, and the government on Saturday (2) imposed a social media blackout that was lifted on Sunday (3) evening.However, the Public Emergency proclamation made by the President is still in effect.President Gotabaya Rajapaksa even issued an extraordinary gazette declaring that no person shall be on any public road, railway, public park, public recreation ground, or other public ground or the seashore in such areas, during the period of the curfew.However, protestors defied the curfew and took the streets on Sunday (3) to voice their anger and frustrations.Sunday (3) saw massive protests in several parts of the