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Simon Cowell reveals mental health issues during Covid pandemic led him to him therapy

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Simon Cowell has spoken candidly about his mental health struggles after discovering therapy for the first time at the age of 63.The star revealed how therapy has had a "super positive effect" on his life.Speaking candidly, he told the Mirror: "When I see my friends, the first thing I talk about is how therapy has had this super positive effect on my life.

I wish I had done this 10 or 20 years’s like a weight has lifted off my shoulders.”The star is so passionate about his new weekly therapy sessions, that he was the first star to agree to be on the new podcast Men in Mind.The mini-series - in association with mental health charity Mind - is set to see some of the country’s biggest male stars open up about their mental health.

Mind’s research found that a quarter of men said that feeling embarrassed was the main reason stopping them from seeking help, reports the Mirror.In light of agreeing to appear on the podcast, Simon revealed he wished he hadn't left it so late to talk about his own feelings.“If you’d said to me, ‘Simon, we’re going to be sitting down..

In your garden, talking about mental health,’ I’d be going, ‘Have I lost my mind or something’,” he added.“I’m not a doctor, I’m not an expert, but in my own way, I’ve started to understand it more and done things myself for my mental health in a positive way.“Now I am happy to talk about it to encourage others too.”Simon reflects back to 'the catalyst' in which his mental health deteriorated - the beginning of the Covid pandemic.“I’ve suffered from depression over the years...but that was just something I just thought, ‘Well, that’s my character trait.

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