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Senators file bill to keep U.S. on Daylight Saving Time until next fall


TAMPA, Fla. - The two U.S. Senators from Florida say the nation has endured so much in 2020 that we shouldn’t have to deal with changing our clocks this fall.Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott on Wednesday announced fast-tracked legislation that would keep the U.S.

on Daylight Saving Time through November of 2021, preventing the country from “falling back” in a few weeks. That would also prevent the “spring forward” time change in March of 2021 when the country typically returns to Daylight Saving Time.The pair says it would provide “stability” for families amid the disruptions of COVID-19.“Keeping the nation on Daylight Saving Time is just one small step we can take to help ease the burden,” Rubio said in a press release announcing the.

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