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SeaBus Memes: How B.C.’s COVID-19 pandemic is being reflected in social media satire

SeaBus Memes.The popular Instagram account could be considered the 21st century equivalent of a political cartoon page, blending satirical B.C.-focused content with the meme format that’s become one of the younger generations’ favourite ways of sharing ideas.It’s the brainchild of a millennial tech worker from the North Shore, who started the account as a gag three years ago based on his daily commutes on the SeaBus.

Why social media is a ‘missed opportunity’ as coronavirus spreads among young people Since the pandemic started, it’s surged in popularity — growing to more than 86,000 followers as the focus of its barbs shifted from gags about things like ICBC, Vancouverites driving in the snow and girls posting cherry blossom pictures to.

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