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Riley McCusker: The Gold-Medal-Winning Gymnast With a Passion for Mental Health

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Misty Copeland: I read that you were, as a child, full of energy. Did you have dreams of becoming a gymnast before you were put into classes?Riley McCusker: I had no idea what gymnastics really was.

I’d just be running around wanting to flip into the pool when I was doing swimming or when I was doing soccer. I wanted to be doing cartwheels.

My mom put me in a gymnastics class at six years old. I fell in love with it from the first day and it’s been a huge part of my life ever since.Do you feel that you found your power and your voice through gymnastics?Absolutely.

As soon as I started, it just clicked and I was like, “This is what I'm supposed to do.”What’s that thing that makes you say, “This is what I was meant to do”?I love how in gymnastics, there’s always something more you could be doing, another skill you could be working on.

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