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‘Relatively bleak:’ Students face rising debt, fewer summer jobs amid COVID-19

COVID-19.“I felt like I should increase my personal skills to give myself a better shot in the labour market — and now I’ve graduated to the worst job market in my lifetime,” said Benz, who’s turning 31.

COVID-19 burnout is real — and your employer is worried about it, too Benz is working part time at a shoe store and part time at a brewery.She plans to go back to university to get a master’s degree, but says she can’t afford to do that until next year.

Plus, she will soon have to start repaying her student loans.“I’m staring down the barrel six months from now,” said Benz. “Those payments are going to be added to my expenses and I don’t know how I’m going to carry that.“If I could defer payments — if you could give me 18 months (grace).

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