Protest demanding gas at Nawinna hampers traffic

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COLOMBO (News 1st); Vehicular movement along High Level road (138 route) at Nawinna has been hampered due to a protest launched by area residents demanding gas today (8).Traffic along Armour Street, Colombo was also hampered due to a protest launched by area residents demanding fuel and gas yesterday (7).Our correspondents stated that the people have been blocking the road since last night, demanding for fuel and gas cylinders.Police stated that traffic in the area has been disrupted since yesterday (7).Meanwhile, people have been waiting in long queues to purchase kerosene near the petrol station in the Orugodawatta Medapara area since last night.Public in some areas also staged protests last night demanding gas and fuel.Meanwhile, the release of domestic gas cylinders to the market by Litro Gas has come to a complete standstill. .

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GENEVA – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Tuesday (10) called on the authorities in Sri Lanka to prevent further violence, and urged restraint and meaningful dialogue to address the grievances of the population amid the severe economic crisis in the country.“I am deeply troubled by the escalation of violence in Sri Lanka after supporters of the Prime Minister attacked peaceful protestors in Colombo yesterday (9 May) and the subsequent mob violence against members of the ruling party,” Bachelet said.Seven people have died during the incidents – including a Member of Parliament and two local officials, over 250 were injured, and the properties of others were destroyed by arson throughout the country.“I condemn all violence and call on the authorities to independently, thoroughly and transparently investigate all attacks that have occurred. It is crucial to ensure that those found responsible, including those inciting or organising violence, are held to account.”The High Commissioner also called on the authorities to prevent further violence and to protect the right to peaceful assembly.“Authorities, including military personnel deployed in support of security forces, should exercise restraint in policing the situation and ensure that measures adopted in the context of the state of emergency comply with international human rights norms and are not used to stifle dissent or hinder peaceful protest,” she stressed.The State has a responsibility to ensure the right to life and to exercise due diligence to protect the lives of individuals against violence by private individuals or entities.The severe economic crisis has made daily life a struggle for most Sri Lankans.
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COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lankan protestors opposite the Parliament complex have placed undergarments on the barricades that were set up by Sri Lanka Police to prevent them from moving forward.A large number of underwear were seen placed on the yellow barricades and also the GI pipe barricades set up by Sri Lankan authorities.The world’s most creative people’s protests continued in Sri Lanka, with student protestors tear-gassed and chased away by police, stayed on and within hours, set us a township they called ‘Horu-Go-Gama’.Sri Lankans led by the Inter-University Students Federation, commonly known as Anthare’, set up a protest camp along the road leading to the parliament, and this camp is now known as ‘HoruGoGama’.This protest camp is the latest site set up against President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, and their government.The protestors are demanding that the President, Prime Minister, and their government resign immediately and that the Rajapaksa family return the money they looted from the people over the years.They blame the government for the mismanagement of the economy, which has sent prices of goods skyrocketing and the country’s reserves plummeting to levels reaching a record low.The Inter-University Students Federation, the largest student body in Sri Lanka marched from the University of Sri Jayawardenapura to the Parliament Road on Thursday (5) evening and was confronted by a large police force that fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.However, as word spread of the tear gas attack, more youth joined with the IUSF and decided to occupy the road leading to Parliament and voice their protest.However, all roads leading to Parliament were already closed by Police using GI Pipes and