Police Sub-Inspector arrested over Matara shooting

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COLOMBO (News 1st) – A Sub-Inspector has been interdicted by the Police and has been arrested by a special Police team which is conducting an investigation into the shooting of a 15-year old boy in Thihagoda, Matara.The Police Spokesperson said that during a scuffle with a police officer, the officer's firearm was accidentally discharged and the 15-year old was injured.

The Police said that steps were taken to inspect a suspicious three-wheeler in Naimbula,​​Thihagoda.Three people had fled while two others were taken into police custody.

It was during this process that one of the suspects had engaged in a scuffle with a police officer.Police said that the shooting occurred at that time.Additionally, Police also mentioned that steps were taken to transfer the injured youth to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital.Angry residents surrounded the Police station demanding action against the Sub-Inspector.  .

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