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Police says NO to protests in Colombo on Wednesday (2)

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COLOMBO (News 1st) – Sri Lanka Police has issued a letter informing the various protest groups – including students, trade, and political bodies – who planned to protest in Colombo on Tuesday (2), stating that permission will not be granted to protest opposite the Fort Railway Station or in close proximity.The letter bears the signature of Colombo Central Division 1 Police Superintendent K.

A. E. N Dilruk and police officers visited the offices and residences of the protest groups early on Tuesday (2) to hand over the letter.Sri Lanka Police confirmed that such a letter was dispatched.The letter goes on to state that during the period of the planned protest roads in Colombo may be blocked, and therefore it may pose obstructions to the public and private office staff who are heading home after work, and the wholesale trading in Fort, and Pettah.It added that traffic congestion caused by the protest would also delay the shipping of freight containers expected to reach Colombo from the Biyagama, Wathupitiwala, and Kandy Economic Zones and thus impacting the country's economy as well.The letter from the Police Superintendent also added that the protest would lead to traffic congestion affecting the movement of tourists as well.It added that in order to use a gramophone, loud-speaker, megaphone, amplifier or any other device to generate sound permission needs to be obtained from a Superintendent of Police under Section 80 of the Police Ordinance, and such permission has not been obtained.It further notes that if there is any traffic congestion or obstruction, necessary measures will have to be taken as per the Police Ordinance and other laws to remove such inconveniences caused to the public..

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