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Police probe into university student clash

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COLOMBO (News 1st) – Sri Lanka Police launched an investigation into a brawl that took place between two student groups at the University of Kelaniya.Police said that statements were recorded from five injured students on Thursday (3) night.The altercation had taken place on Wednesday (2) early morning urging a group of students to withdraw their complaint against ragging filed with the Kiribathgoda Police.Fourth-year students attached to the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Kelaniya had assaulted a group of second-year students from the same faculty.The injured students obtained treatment from the Homagama Base Hospital and discharged themselves, and Sri Lanka Police launched an investigation based on the notification made by the hospital..

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COP27: Sri Lanka proposes for world’s first International Climate Change University
COLOMBO (News 1st) – Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe proposed to establish an International Climate Change University in Sri Lanka with an ancillary institute in the Maldives to counter obstacles in implementing climate action plans.He was speaking at the COP-27 Conference in Egypt on Tuesday (8), and noted that the institution would be the first of its kind in the world."This seat of learning can be a global centre for green and blue studies, for scientists, environmentalists, researchers, policymakers, development practitioners, and students the world over to inter-change knowledge, transcending national and disciplinary boundaries," said the President.He went on to note that the envisaged climate change university will offer both short-term courses, and post-graduate academic awards to build capabilities on mitigating and adapting to climate change and stressed on the collaboration of multilateral institutions and organizations such as the Commonwealth, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank amongst others needs to be sought for the establishment of the institute of higher learning making it a multi-stakeholder partnership transcending national boundaries. "It is my hope that Sri Lanka's proposal will receive extensive support and endorsement from the international community.
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COLOMBO (News 1st) – The National Child Protection Authority has launched a separate investigation into an incident where grade 5 students from a school in Millaniya were brutally beaten for allegedly stealing money from a school teacher.Several Grade Five students from the Millaniya Primary School in Horana were accused of stealing money from the bag of a school teacher and were punished by the school teachers, and the teachers themselves handed over the students to the local police.Parents allege that students were taken away by police intimidated by electric shock treatment inside the Police Jeep, and dropped back at the school.Two boys told News 1st that the police officers took them away in a jeep and threatened them with electric shocks to reveal the truth, and thereafter dropped them back at school.News 1st contacted the Chairman of the National Child Protection Authority Udaya Kumara over these allegations he said the local Judicial Medical Officer confirmed the boys were tortured."Based on the facts, the National Child Protection Authority has considered this a serious offence. Any wrong committed by a child below the age of 12, according to Sri Lankan law, cannot be considered a crime," he said.The NCPA Chairman also told News 1st that on Tuesday (8) the police officers in question, the principal and the teachers have been summoned to the National Child Protection Authority to record their statements. "We will also produce them in court on Tuesday (8).
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COLOMBO (News 1st) – 201 detainees at the Kandakadu Treatment and Rehabilitation Center were arrested for unruly behaviour, said Police Spokesperson & Attorney SSP Nihal Thalduwa on Monday (7).The detainees who occupied a building at the facility surrendered to Sri Lanka Police on Monday evening.Military Spokesperson Brigadier Ravi Herath told News 1st that 514 detainees were under the control of the security forces by 4 PM on Monday.In addition, a manhunt is underway to locate 33 other detainees who escaped from the facility.Sri Lankan authorities said on Monday (7) that scores of detainees held at the Kandakadu Treatment and Rehabilitation Center had fled the premises following Sunday (6) night's brawl.According to reports the cause of the brawl was a dispute over the use of a bucket used for bathing at the premises.547 detainees were at the Kandakadu Treatment and Rehabilitation Center at the time of the brawl.A dispute had arisen between a detainee from Galle, and a detainee from Colombo over the bucket at the bathing area.Thereafter, detainees banded together as the Galle Group and Colombo Group.One of the groups thereafter attempted to approach the armoury at the premises, and that escalated the brawl. Sri Lanka Army personnel attached to the 9th Field Regiment Sri Lanka Artillery who were assigned to the security detail of the armoury had foiled the attempt, and shots were fired into the air to control the situation.One group of detainees, around 200 of them, occupied one of the buildings at the facility and defied orders to surrender.At the same time, around 300 other detainees surrendered to the security forces, while another group fled the premises.Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe has called for a full