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Love Island's Zara McDermott details health diagnosis as she asks fans for advice

Love Island star Zara McDermott has revealed that she has recently been diagnosed with Raynaud's, which causes her fingers to turn white, as she mused as to whether it was connected to the red flare ups she has been experiencing on her face. The 26 year old, who lives with her Made In Chelsea boyfriend Sam Thompson, 30, took to Instagram to inform her followers that she often suffers from a complete loss of circulation in her hands, which is usually brought on by a change in temperature. Zara told her Instagram followers that the condition is called Reynaud's.

According to the NHS, Raynaud's affects your blood circulation. When you're cold, anxious or stressed, your fingers and toes may change colour. She went on to wonder aloud if the red flushing she experiences in her face could be connected, after initially thinking the redness was due to rosacea, which is when someone experiences red flushing on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin that comes and goes.

In another video, Zara confessed: "I feel really conscious about my facial flushing at the moment. "It's got a little bit worse recently and its showing up a little bit more. A lot of you have suggested about looking into autoimmune conditions.

"Because this can be the two things that come hand in hand the Raynaud's and the facial flushing. "But to be honest I don't have any symptoms at all. I would just be looking for something wrong with me at this point.

"A lot of you are saying you can go on medication for the Raynaud's. I don't think it's that bad I just wondered if there was a cream I could put on my face. "The Raynaud's is not in a good space at the moment.

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Love Island's Zara McDermott updates fans on health scare after suffering 'for weeks'
Love Island star Zara McDermott explained to Instagram fans that she'd suffered a kidney infection for weeks and hadn't even been aware.The 25-year-old TV star was finally diagnosed yesterday (March 7) and was prescribed with antibiotics to help clear up the nasty problem.Zara wasn't feeling like her normal self as she took to the bed she shares with Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson to cuddle up with her beloved cat.The singer told fans she'd was unable to concentrate as she attempted to recover at home.Taking to her Insta story, she penned along with the bedroom snap with her cat: "I have powered through this kidney infection for weeks not knowing what it was and today I finally got some antibiotics."She added: "I feel really spaced out and disorientated and I can't concentrate on anything," followed by a crying emoji.However, Zara did appear to be feeling a tad better on Tuesday as she headed out to meet her best friend for a lavish coffee and shared the snap to her feed.Meanwhile, earlier this week the former X Factor star hit the headlines after she'd opened up about having "forehead botox" in an honest q&a session with her 1.6 million online fans.The social media beauty opened up a candid chat with her followers, with one person asking Zara about her incredible line free skin.They asked: "Have you done anything to your face? You're so lucky you have literally zero lines!"Sharing a makeup free snap of herself, Zara replied: "Yeah I get forehead botox and have done for years."The ITV starlet went on to add: "And I get a crevice in my jaw and chin filled one every two years for symmetry that I have spoken about a few times."As my face is the most unsymmetrical thing you've ever seen (seriously)."On my right side my