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Groom-to-be, 25, told of incurable cancer an hour after finding out he has Covid

A 25-year-old groom-to-be has been tragically told he has incurable cancer just an hour after finding out he was infected with coronavirus.

Zach Stockford and his fiancée Katie Davies are racing to get married after he found out he had an aggressive form of cancer just 60 minutes after learning he had Covid, Wales Online reports.

He had been complaining of pains in his side since September last year and made several trips to his GP who initially thought he may have IBS or gallstones.

But, after eventually visiting A&E where he was given a CT scan, a "shadow" was found on his liver and a biopsy then carried out to see whether it was cancerous.

It transpired that Zach was living with an aggressive form of bowel cancer which had spread to

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