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Putin plays down rumours of his bad health in 'impressive' 72-minute speech

Russian leader is in declining health, but Vladimir Putin looked to have great stamina as the 69-year-old delivered an "impressive" 72-minute speech to officials.The Russian President accused Americans of "declaring they are sent by God to Earth with their sacred interests" during the spiel to the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.Rumours that Putin is dangerously ill were boosted by a secret US intelligence report that claimed the Russian leader was treated for an advanced case of cancer last month.

A Kremlin insider even revealed earlier this month that Putin had “no more than two to three years” to live.But today Putin will have been keen to "play down the swirling rumours about his health", Keir Giles, senior fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House, told The Mirror."A 72-minute speech as a test of stamina, even though it doesn't compare with his previous marathon press conferences, is still going to be impressive for those who said he was at death's door", he continued.Putin declared in his speech, which was delayed for an hour by a suspected Ukrainian cyber attack, that Russia has hypersonic missiles that no one else in the world has and that sanctions against Russia were a double-edged sword and would only harm the West.Mr Giles said that Putin is merely demonstrating he is "deep as ever, down the rabbit hole of his own conspiracy theories."While threats of hypersonic missiles may appear of concern, the rhetoric that we heard in the speech, Mr Giles said, is weirdly familiar.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up for one of our free newsletters here .Mr Giles continued: "Threats like this sometimes get an excited reaction in Western countries but

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London has died of Covid-19 in Moscow, according to reports.Dmitri Kovtun was one of two men who a UK inquiry ruled had poisoned Litvinenko’s tea with a rare radioactive substance back in 2006.Reports from state-owned Russian news agency Tass said Kovtun contracted coronavirus before dying in a Moscow hospital.Kovtun, along with Andrei Lugovoi, was accused of being behind Litvinenko’s assassination 16 years ago at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair.Reports said Tass cited Lugovoi, now a member of Russia’s parliament, as saying that he was mourning the death of a “close and faithful friend”.A British public inquiry concluded in 2016 that the killing of the outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin, who died after drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium-210, had “probably” been carried out with the approval of the Russian president.The inquiry found the two Russian men had deliberately poisoned Litvinenko by putting the radioactive substance into his drink at the central London hotel, leading to an agonising death.The European Court of Human Rights also ruled last year, following a case brought by the deceased’s widow, Marina Litvinenko, that Russia was responsible for his killing.Russia has always denied any involvement in the death and had refused to comply with international arrest warrants issued for Kovtun and Lugovoi.
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Vladimir Putin fidgeting his feet has sparked more health fear of the despot's health.The Russian despot was meeting with Tajikistan's President Emomali Rahmon yesterday (Monday, May 16) to discuss the trade and commercial connections between the two countries.During the televised rendezvous as shared by Russian media, the 69-year-old Russian leader is seen erratically moving his left foot and twisting his toes and heels while talking to Rahmon.The unusual behaviour is also spotted by Rahmon, who can be seen looking down at Putin during his odd foot movement. Putin keeps his right arm on the chair while keeping his left hand on his lap.Rumours over Putin's deteriorating health have strengthened in recent months.Last month, the Russian president was seen shaking his hands "uncontrollably" when he met his close ally, Belarus' leader Alexander Lukashenko.During a meeting with his defence minister Sergei Shoigu, Putin also appeared unwell as he gripped the corner of the desk throughout the entire session and appeared to be slightly slumped in his chair.People on social media also noticed a change in Putin's physical appearance, describing him as "ashen and bloated".One Royal Navy admiral claimed the president, 69, may have cancer.Retired Royal Navy Admiral Chris Parry said: "He has been using these very long tables to interview people."I think his immune system might be suppressed at the moment.