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Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear - Jeremy Clarkson convinced Covid had struck again after waking up 'bathed in sweat' - - Britain
Jeremy Clarkson convinced Covid had struck again after waking up 'bathed in sweat'
Jeremy Clarkson began another day on Diddly Squat Farm only to realise something was horribly wrong after waking up drenched in sweat and with agonising pain crippling his throat.The 61-year-old Top Gear presenter was instantly convinced it was Covid - or, he joked, even "tuberculosis".However the Clarkson's Farm star soon had his fears alleviated after taking multiple Covid tests.By the time of his second lateral flow session, he recalled: "I rammed the probe so far down my throat, I felt like Linda Lovelace."And so far up my nose, I actually collected a few ounces of brain matter."However to his surprise - and relief - both revealed a negative result.Yet, still convinced his symptoms could only be Covid, he then opted for a pricier and more thorough PCR test.By this stage, he revealed in The Sun, he was "coughing up what looked like lumps of coal"."I HAD to have Covid - it was so obvious," he mused."I therefore did two more PCR tests and both were resolute: I didn't."He added: "This worried me because if it wasn't Covid, what was it?"The sports car enthusiast had been left totally exhausted, so he took to a medical book to find answers."I blew away the dust and leafed through the pages, trying to work out what I had," he recounted."And it seems I have an ancient affliction which hasn't been heard of in the UK for years."It's called a cold."Jeremy had already contracted a bad case of Covid previously, leaving him to fear he might "die alone in a plastic tent".He elaborated in the Sunday Times of the horror virus: "Because I am 60 and fat, and because I've smoked half a million cigarettes and had double pneumonia, I [thought I would] probably die."Jeremy quit smoking in 2017, ending a 43-year long habit.He had originally