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'I was in survival mom mode': Woman rescues son and dogs from fire in Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. - You can hear the panic in this Eagleville mom’s voice as she rushes home to her son—amid explosions and a fire at her neighbor’s home following a standoff with police.Kelly, a resident and mother, says she opened the front door to get to her 15-year-old son and dogs who were home alone after hearing about the chaos. The street behind her was smokey popping with explosions."I was like in survival mom mode, my nerves, I didn’t even think about getting anything else.

It was just getting them out and making sure we were all protected and all safe," she said.Kelly’s camera caught pieces of the moments before she ran home to address the inferno. She says it captured her neighbor, 66-year-old Thomas Razzi, walking around

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