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Coronation Street's Simon Gregson admits 'it's driving me mad' as he shares health update

Coronation Street and the actor has admitted he been "driven mad" by an injury. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he gave an update on his broken leg, explaining it will be months before he is back to full health. Simon joined Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard to talk about his haunted house and celebrating 34 years on Coronation Street.

However, the hosts were keen to find out how he was coping after he broke his leg. Simon explained: "It hurts, all the time. It's driving me mad.

"I think it's just a case of just having to wait quite a while until it's fully better. "READ MORE: Four in a Bed fans fume owners shouldn't get a score over breakfastKate asked: "So you're out of plaster, you can move about a little bit, you're obviously sitting down but what a problem for you. ""I know yeah it's been driving me mad," Simon replied.

"I can't do the things I usually do but you know, as I said, maybe in a few more months I'll be back to A1 condition. "Simon went on to share details of the first time he saw a ghost in his home. The actor explained: "Friday nights are my nights and Saturday nights are Emma's nights.

"So on the Friday night, I'd gone out and on the Saturday night, Emma had gone out and I rang Emma, it was about half one in the morning and I said, 'Oh have you come home early?'"Emma likes to party and I was like, it's half one this is early. "And I said, 'Have you just walked across the landing?'"And she went, 'No, I haven't but have you just seen a woman in white? I saw her last night. '"So I promptly closed the bedroom door and wedged it shut.

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