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22 Matt Hancock bombshells from shameless Covid diaries as tell-all book lands

Matt Hancock has dropped a number of bombshells in his shameless Covid diaries. The ' I'm a Celebrity ' star discusses a number of topics in his juicy novel including his social distance-busting affair, reports the Mirror.

After missing Parliament for nearly five weeks, the disgraced former Health Secretary is back to promote Pandemic Diaries, giving his account of what happened at the top of government during the pandemic. We have combed through the all 592 pages of Mr Hancock’s diaries and here are the best bits.

During May 2020 the government added a loss of taste/smell to an official list of Covid isolation symptoms. However, Hancock claims he knew of the symptom months before then.

On March 18, 2020, he writes: “Nadine [Dorries], as ever in the vanguard of the epidemic, says she’s lost her sense of smell and taste and everyone she’s infected has got the same thing.

“Strange: that’s not one of the official symptoms. I’ll ask the Prof to see if we need to add it to the list.”

Matt Hancock says he was “torn” over, now Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak ’s ‘Eat Out To Help Out' campaign. The proposal was meant to be drive business to eateries by giving diners a £10 discount.

However, despite being a roaring success on a business level, it was blamed for a spike in infections during July 2020. Hancock wrote: “I did my best to sound supportive and refrained from expressing disapproval at his photo op.

“…but in truth I’m worried that it might backfire and lead to a spike in cases.” Despite his worries over the scheme the day it was announced, he supported the campaign.

At the time, he tweeted: “Fantastic work from Rishi Sunak to support restaurants with the Eat Out To Help Out policy. Our plan for jobs will stimulate the economy and

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